Miranda Jenkins(Eastern Guilford HS/Stony Brook U) now excels beyond the basketball court

Miranda Jenkins was a very good girls basketball player for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats making All-Conference, All-County/Area and she led her team in scoring during her senior year…Miranda went on to play at Stony Brook University up in New York and she has had success there too, but her real success these days can be found with a camera in hand and she has written/produced a video that has really caught the eye of many basketball fans across/around the country…

Miranda has written, directed and produced this video about Jovan Booker, an amputee basketball player from New York, who played high school basketball on a championship team….

As a senior on the 2011 Mattituck High School basketball team, Jovan Booker was a part of history when the Tuckers won the Class B Long Island Championship.

It was a storybook season, one the players will never forget.

Basketball remains a big part of Booker’s life and his inspiring story can be viewed in a recently released 13-minute video on YouTube. When Booker was three months old, it was discovered that he had a birth defect: He was missing a tibia in his right leg. Seven months later, the leg was amputated, and Booker has had a prosthesis ever since.

Learn more about Jovan or Amp1 Basketball in the video below:

CLICK HERE for Jovan Booker:A True Story of Defying the Odds(Written, directed and produced by Miranda Jenkins, from Eastern Guilford High School.)
You will enjoy seeing little Jovan, when he was just a few months old moving around with his just his one good leg…It never slowed this little fella down, even though he lost a limb when he was just three months old….This kid has defied all odds and Miranda Jenkins has done a very good job of telling and sharing his story….Be sure to check it out, it will be worth your time…Spread the word around Eastern Guilford, to Coach Gunn over at Grimsley(she coached Miranda in high school at Eastern) and pass the word on to anyone who needs a little inspiration today….

2 thoughts on “Miranda Jenkins(Eastern Guilford HS/Stony Brook U) now excels beyond the basketball court

  1. That was a great video and it’s excellent to see what many of these kids have gone on to do in their life beyond Greensboro. Considering that she produced and edited this story really shows the depth of her skill set and such a great thought process for someone so young. I hope she shares other works with us locally assuming that she will stay in the NY area. Does anyone know if she has a website or something that she houses any other completed work/videos?

  2. Its nice to see student athletes that excel at other things other than the sport that they are in. Super job and a well put together documentary. Very professionally done.

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