Game Report on Southwest Guilford-Northwest Guilford Boys Basketball:Cowboys take top spot in the Triad with their (18-0/4-0) mark[Check out the Photos]

Southwest Guilford 81, Northwest Guilford 69
(Courtesy of Southwest Guilford assistant coach Greg Vlazny)

The Cowboys hit the road for a heavy weight bout against conference foe Northwest Guilford. Both teams came into tonight’s tilt unbeaten in conference play.

The Vikings came into tonight having won 5 in a row, and the Cowboys were still perfect on the year. The gym was near capacity to see this matchup and it did not disappoint.

The teens traded baskets with Northwest taking an early 5-2 lead. Southwest responded with a quick 7–0 spurt of their own to go up 9–5 at 3:30 mark. The Vikings fought back by closing out the quarter on a 6-2 run of their own to end the frame with it 11 apiece.

The second-quarter was a back-and-forth dog fight with neither team able to stop the other as the baskets came in flurries. The lead changed 4 times in first 4 minutes of the quarter. The Cowboys took a 26-24 lead at the 3:00 mark, and then slowly built on it until the margin was at its peak of the half at 32-24. But the Vikings once again responded with made 3 point baskets to make it a three point ball game until an executed set for a deep 3 by the Cowboys just before the buzzer put the tally at 38-32 going into the break.

The third quarter was more dog fight. The defenses for both teams forced turnovers and neither team really got into a flow offensively. Despite that, every time the Vikings got closer, Southwest responded to a dead even frame to keep the margin the same at 51-45.

In the final stanza of this battle, the Cowboys started to assert themselves on both sides of the ball as they pushed the lead out. Southwest maintained a margin around 10. The lead peaked at 70-55 with 2:47 to play. The Vikings would not go out quietly as a flurry of baskets as the game closed out cut the final tally to 81-69.

Southwest remains unbeaten on the year and atop the Piedmont Triad 4A conference.

Northwest was led by Jalen Gore with 17. Southwest was led by Kaymon Mitchell (24, 5 Rebs, 2 Asts), Keyshaun Langley (19, 3 Rebs, 3 Asts), and Kameron Langley’s near triple double of 14, 9 Rebs, 8 Asts.

                   1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
Northwest           11   21   13   24   69
Southwest           11   27   13   30   81

Northwest (13-3, 3-1)
Jalen Spicer 7
Tre Turner 14
Thomas Hennigan 16
Riley Edwards 9
Jalen Gore 17
David Funderburg 4
Reggie Davis 2

Southwest (18-0, 4-0)
Keyshaun Langley 19
Orlando Smith 8, 4 Rebs
Kobe Langley 8, 4 Asts, 2 Rebs, Stl
Kameron Langley 14
Cooper Cunningham 6, 2 Rebs
Andre Jones 2
Kaymon Mitchell 24

Northwest Game Report


–Northwest Guilford was unable to overcome a cold shooting night versus Southwest Guilford as the Cowboys won a tough matchup between previously undefeated conference foes. The Cowboys’ effort on the glass and at the free throw line proved to be the difference in the game. The Vikings amassed 21 assists on 26 made field goals but the Cowboys shot 58% from the field and shot 75% from the free throw line.
–Jaylen Gore led Northwest with 17 points and 7 assists while Thomas Hennigan finished with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Tre Turner contributed 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists for Northwest. The Vikings got 7 points, 8 assists, and 3 steals from Jalen Spicer.
–Kaymon Mitchell led Southwest with 24 points. Keyshaun Langley and Kameron Langley scored 19 and 14 points respectively for the Cowboys.

                      1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
SOUTHWEST GUILFORD    11   27   13   30    81
NORTHWEST GUILFORD    11   21   13   24    69

SOUTHWEST 18-0; 4-0: Kaymon Mitchell 24; Keyshaun Langley 19; Kameron Langley 14;Orlando Smith 8; Kobe
Langley 8; Cooper Cunningham 6; Andre Jones 2

NORTHWEST GUILFORD 13-3; 3-1: Jaylen Gore 17; Thomas Hennigan 16; Tre Turner 14; Riley Edwards 9; Jalen Spicer 7; David Funderburg 4; Reggie Davis 2;

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff

Photos by Andy Gore
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  1. what is going on with the NW girls bigs? Has the offense changed? If they cannot score vs smaller weaker teams, how does this group think they can win states? Guards can only carry them so far??

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the NW bigs. They are a product of the offense and coaching style. Trust me when the time comes this year and they are really needed, Pointer will be there.

  3. So they didn’t need the bigs vs. page, north rowan, or any other game that was competitive? Seems to be same system/style as last year when bigs were key? I’ve only watched 3-4 games this year but they are still getting the touches to be productive, just not making shots, just saying NW has 2-3 girls that are waaaay bigger than most teams they play and they are not able to score vs smaller, shorter, weaker girls? Pretty sure I’m right by looking at box scores but the further this team went in states last year the numbers for the bigs shrunk as well. Seems to be an issue and in my opinion will cost them the states. NW has strong guard play and average bigs, at least for the last two years, from the box scores I see, the numbers don’t lie. #underachieving

  4. Just seeing the comment cracks me up, not to single anyone out, but the “observer” notes Pointer will show up when needed?? Was she not needed vs SW (this game write up)? I’m no NW fan or follow them much but in basketball you cant pick and chose when you want to “be needed and show up”. Seems a silly response and not sure where it is coming from but EVERY TIME you lace them up you “are needed” and SHOULD play hard. I watched two Haeco games this year that NW played in, and I agree with ball nut, their bigs should dominate every time they touch the ball, instead I saw poor shot selection and not finishing on close to the basket shots. Charlotte teams with bigs will be licking their chops, like they did last year when NW bigs were exposed.

  5. You’ll know when you go…Go to the NWG(16-0) vs. East Davidson(17-0) on Wednesday at Northwest…6pm start..

    Morgan Pointer can shoot the 3-point shot as good as she shoots the inside shots and you do want to get her to the foul line because we know she can shoot the free throws too..

    Morgan has to get used to playing with more big around her and in the game with her this year too…It takes some role adjustment….Last year Hunter Newman was more of a high post/elbow passer as one of the NWG bigs and this year you have Gibbs who is 6’0 tall and plays inside on the blocks and you have Kitley who is 6’4 and mans the low post…

    This is a different look team and you have to bring your bigger players along together gradually or you will lose the scoring attack that your guards have to bring night-in/night-out…

    Bottom line it takes some work and it becomes that good old work in progress and there may come a day or night when you tell Morgan Pointer she has to take over down low and I think she can do it….She is much stronger that she was last year and she doesn’t mind using her strength and you’ll have to hang in there and they will do it….

    If you are pulling for them, then you have to believe….Always much easier said than done coaching from from the the comment box instead of the coach’s box and we are all guilty of this….

  6. First of all, Pointer does show up, her numbers don’t lie. Leading scorer two years in a row. If you’ve watched many games you will see that other teams and coaches know exactly who to guard on that team as they have their defense collapse in on the big in the paint. Let anyone try to get a successful shot off with 3 defenders on them. The guards don’t face that, just the bigs. NW coaching style is guard oriented, they don’t look for their bigs inside. Watch a game and you’ll see they ignore the bigs. And, to set the record straight, no Charlotte team had anything against the NW bigs in playoffs last year. It was the guards who were shut down. A double double in the Haeco championship pretty much indicates that Pointer showed up. The younger girls are learning and have been productive too. Bashing these players is immature. Y’all should be ashamed.

  7. Point taken, but as someone who has seen this team play several times this year I don’t see many opportunities for the bigs as most shots and plays seem to be run for the guards. All I’m saying is their bigs are good players, especially Pointer and they will step up. Just a supporter not wanting to see kids being griped about on a website where we should be building kids up, especially a great kid like Pointer who is just a good team player.

  8. I’ve only seen NW play at the Haeco this year and I would say that in the finals vs Page the bigs were the difference and I believe that was a big game. Pointer and the Kitley girl, who is a freshman, were very good that game.

  9. For NWG girls it is good to be the team people are talking about and to be (44-1) over the past two years that is something to proud of and excited about….

    Come see the Vikings vs. East Davidson this coming Wednesday night at NWG at 6pm…

    Over the past 10 years we have had Dudley and SWG win girls state titles, while Grimsley and Page ended up at #2 in the state…

    Good to have this type of talent in our area and NWG is going for it and we need to continue to show them and the SWG boys our support….

    NWG girls at (16-0) and SWG boys at (18-0)….

    We have some good teams and it gives us something good to talk about and let’s support these kids…..

  10. I am really not a SW fan BUT I TRAVEL through two countys to see them play it’s good to watch good basketball played they have my support (ne girls)lol

  11. The big girls for NW are fine and players like Pointer can kill you inside and outside. The problem that NW has is playing against faster guards. The NW system is good because it spreads the floor and allows for individual and will cause opposing teams to make mistakes. The NW guards are good but when they face a team with at least 2 really good guards and at least 1 big that can handle the paint, then they are usually in trouble. The NW guards are not good in 1on1 defensive plays and they don’t chase the ball well. They don’t shot off the dribble well. A team that can zone up on NW, defensive rebound well, get out and run and beat you off the dribble will beat NW. If you let NW play in the half court, get uncontested 3’s and don’t cover the back door cuts, then NW will win 95% of those games. There are only about 2 teams in the entire state that can beat NW (ie Southeast out of Raleigh as an example). This team has 40+ wins and only 1 lost in 2 yrs and desires all of our respect. The SW was only a 12 pt game but that was more about the SW PG getting back on the floor and NW playing a terrible game. They have the tools to win it all and it will come down to which team can establish their style of basketball in the game during the state playoffs.

  12. Hayley Barber and Toni Tucker from NWG girls do a very good job of driving the ball to the basket and they attack hard and both of those guards play very good chase defense….Barber can stay on that ball all day long and Tucker can hit from outside and inside with that dangerous left hand and that can hurt teams with her being able to go left being a nice talent/weapon to have in high school and again on Barber, I would match her defense up against any other guard in the state and if she gets picked or screened out, not much she can do about that except hope that her teammates are calling out those picks that will set against her by the more competitive teams come playoff time….And again Barber and Tucker can take the ball to the basket on a direct dribble drive and they both can finish….Barber with the right and Tucker with the left and that is a good one-two punch to have….

  13. The players that you mentioned Andy are very good players. They do what they do well but against girls with speed both of those players have serious match up issues. Outside of the NW team, there is no team in the city of Greensboro that has more than 1 or 2 D1 level players this year. The drop off in talent locally is dramatic. Northern’s big girl is basically by herself, Grimsley has dropped off the map, Dudley only has 1 D1 player which is so far from their past history, HP
    Central, East Forsyth, Ragsdale & Western have not had any talent for years, and SW has only 2-3 D1 level players. NW has 6 D1 players. This immediate area will not provide any competition for this NW team (we will see about Northern Davidson). There are no local teams that have a great guard and durable big in the paint. The problems will come during the playoffs when NW faces teams with an outside/inside game (especially the outside speedy guards). What we are seeing right now is fools gold with the lack of overall talent locally on any one team. I do believe NW has a real chance to win the states but I am not confirm they can resolve their mismatch against a team with 2 strong guards with speed and a serviceable big. This is what killed them last year and I don’t see anything that suggest that will change.

  14. the players mentioned who can shoot outsid haveby far the worst % from the outside. Guess it obvious why mosty that comment on here, including the media have limited knowledge of bball. Wact the box scores more closely ya’ll, last i checked the three highest % outside shooters are not even mentioned and the ones mentioned are looooooww. This isn’t last year, when your comments may be accurate, its a new year. Again comments are obviously opinions not backed by facts.

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