How about these High School Conferences?:Round Two of NCHSAA Realignment is in/Check it out…

******Several questions being raised about the five-team 4-A Conference with our local schools…Too small to handle all of the games these guys will need to play????? The five-team format is on the clock….Look them all over and see what you think/say?????*****

Conference I
High Point Central
Northwest Guilford

Conference G
Ben L. Smith

Mount Tabor
North Forsyth
WS Parkland
Southwest Guilford
Western Guilford

Conference H
Eastern Guilford
Southeast Guilford

Southern Alamance
Southern Guilford
Southwestern Randolph
Burlington Williams

Conference I
Eastern Alamance
Northeast Guilford
Northern Guilford

Rockingham County
Western Alamance

Conference P
Eastern Randolph
Providence Grove
T.W./High Point Andrews


  1. I wonder do the committee really look at demographics of each region? Why have Rockinhgam County teams still playing Eastern Alamance down in Mebane which is about a hour to an hour and twenty minute drive. Why not add another Guilford County team to replace the drive. Looking at the proposed conferences, who else has over an hour drive to play another conference game. Also Person county is a hump also for them to come. Place those schools with schools in their demographics. Put those teams in 3A conference H and replace with EG and SEG.

  2. Person Co is what I would consider a triangle team in terms of culture, area and how they see themselves. The triad is not on their radar. I grow up in the area so I know its true. I also agree that schools in Mebane should not be playing schools as far away as Rockingham Co. Another area that relates more with the triangle than triad. Winter nights are terrible rides to and from a Person Co or Mebane whether you are on the bus or your parents car. High school kids don’t need to be getting home after 10pm on school nights for conference games.

  3. Exactly. Way to far to travel. Demographics are way off. Conference games should be no further than 30-45 minutes.

  4. It almost seems like the NCHSAA wants to avoid putting a large number of our Guilford County 3-A Schools together…The 4-A’S seem to fit with Grimsley, Page, NWG, HP Central and Ragsdale, but for some reason it almost seems like the NCHSAA wants to use our Guilford County 3-A’s to prop up other counties and even out-lying areas of the state….

    Why can’t we have the Guilford County 3-A’s come together?

    Not sure but it does not look like we will get any travel breaks….

    One team that is of interest is Eastern Alamance in Mebane…They might be one of the best overall athletic programs in the state right now…Football, boys and girls basketball, they have been strong as of late…

    The demographics and geographics of Guilford County do not seem to be a consideration in the 3-A category/classification….

  5. SE



    SW Randolph

  6. The NCHSAA has rules about student athletes, yet have no consideration about them traveling 45 minutes on a school night? These kids devote a tremendous amount of time to their schoolwork, their sport & training. Guilford Co is large enough to accommodate these different levels without going to WS, Burlington, etc. I agree with Mike. Keep the conferences within reason with an exception here and there. SE trying to avoid playing Dudley or Smith going to Mt Tabor on a Tuesday night is ridiculous. Then if their grades fall from being tired, it’s the students fault. Not fair NCHSAA! Think of the kids

  7. This 3A conference is perfect. It balances the playing field.

    Conference G
    Ben L. Smith
    Mount Tabor
    North Forsyth
    WS Parkland
    Southwest Guilford
    Western Guilford

    You have the Forsyth County schools who have open enrollment matched with the Dudley Academy recruiting program. The other two 3A conference consist of schools who actually have students who play sports in the school district where they live. I think the committee is spot on with the 3A alignment.

  8. I think these terrible conference lines will help drive the better basketball players into the arms of the private schools. The better Guilford Co basketball players did not want to play a bunch of rural county schools. There simply isn’t any competition in those type of leagues. Those schools may have 1 or 2 good players but very few have 4-5 solid players. Northern proves this point year after year by crushing their conference in the major sports. I would prefer for most of my conference to be made up of Guilford, Forsyth and Alamance Co schools. I would also be willing to bet that the ticket draw for schools such as Western has dropped since joining their current 3A conference full of Randolph Co type of teams. Randolph and Guilford are completely different areas. SE and Eastern will lose at the gate with the new conference.

  9. Rival schools should count for something. Dudley vs Smith, NW vs Western, Page vs Northern, Page vs Grimsley, NW vs Northern, Dudley vs Page, etc will always be matchups that older locals want to see. However these new conferences and the changes every 3 or so years seems to be putting a limit on the ability to develop real rival matchups locally. I don’t think my kids will care about any of these matchups down the line because many of these schools are not having the same impact locally due to the lack of games against each other year after year. Even in my 40’s, I still go see specific matchups each year because of the history and energy these games bring from the fans young and old. I am not getting this same response from my kids. All of these conference changes will destroy the big game feeling of these games within the next 10 years and the community will lose something special.

  10. The 4a conf “I” is the issue 5 teams I realize logic does not apply but why not keep Dudley or Sw in the mix they both have the athletic programs to compete…. If Dudley goes 3a in football “yawn” who cares if the school is 75 -100 students under 4a classification

  11. Too much bad blood between SE and Dudley right now especially with the SE football coach being petty using News-Record as a sounding board. Not to mention the racial tensions that have existed from the past between these programs. Other than that, the conferences look great!

  12. The tensions have nothing to do with race. The tensions are because you have Dudley coaches constantly recruiting SE middle school kids for both basketball and football. It is against the rules yet nothing is ever done about it.

  13. In decades past when these 2 programs met up the tension has absolutely been racial and maybe things have finally come to a head with the football programs. I doubt seriously the Dudley coaches are out there recruiting anyone away from SEG, otherwise they wouldn’t win any games. Top notch programs like Mallard Creek, Dudley, Shelby Crest etc. don’t have to recruit. SE girls basketball team is always competitive so you can throw that recruiting theory right out the window.

  14. Sorry, but that is BS. The two feeder middle schools to Dudley the last few years have had two of the worst girl’s basketball teams in the county. Let me know how many of those current Dudley girl’s players live in Dudley’s district. One of their best players is from SE and she is not there for the academics.

    I also have no idea how those “open gyms” on Sunday are legal where all of the good middle school girls from the eastern side of the county are invited. It is blatant recruiting.

    Take away the Academy and the Dudley girls are mediocre. I just wish someone would step up and put a stop to it.

  15. Tom, you’re clueless buddy. Page, Smith, Dudley and Grimsley all have similar programs in place. Page just played in the 4AA state title game for football with a couple of kids formerly at Dudley and 1 kid that lives in High Point.
    You can’t blame the parents for wanting their children connected with the best programs.

    Just sayin…

  16. If someone is upset about programs like Dudley opening up their gyms on the weekend for open gym or aau tournaments, why can’t you get your AD to open your SE gyms for kids on the weekend. There are very few gyms available in the city of Greensboro on the weekend that kids can have open play or tournaments. Most of the ymca gyms are full with league play or practices thru out the weekend. I don’t live in the Dudley or Smith district but I take my kids to those gyms for training and open gym at least once a month. The AD’s at these schools are providing a great service to the general community. If schools such as SE, Northern, or the NW gyms were available, then they would get the same response from kids wanting to play.

  17. When a kid leaves their district school people often say they were “recruited”. The reality is that a player that leaves their district school for another school is often involved in that same school on the AAU or off season league level. The kids that are leaving are often the best of the best type of players. The players and their parents often are aware of the different program options, know or have spoken to the different set of coaches at either program, have attended games at either program, and understand what the different options offer for their kid. The coaches at these programs are not knocking on the front door of these kids asking for them to come to their school. Instead these coaches follow up on request for information, show up for AAU type games, open their doors for programs to practice/play, and allow players/teams to come watch them play via their guest list. None of the kids/parents simply wake up one day an say “let’s go to school xyz instead”. These decisions happen over a period time within a season or a couple of years of being apart of the community. Also don’t over look the power of having a bad coaching staff or a staff that does not reach out to a kid in middle school, never goes to a middle school game to show their face or never goes to AAU related events. The better players will follow programs that develop their players best, the coaches show up for AAU programs or middle school games and coaches that are around the game outside of their season or 8am-4pm work schedule Mon-Friday.

  18. Hey all, I’m not a dudley or southeast supporter. Middle school kids aren’t allowed to do anything on a high school campus unless it’s aau, aau practice or a camp. If they are having open gyms then that completely breaks the nchsaa rules and should be reported. Secondly, If Southeast cared about their program they would recruit their own kids to stay at Southeast. They have lost their best basketball players to private schools and they don’t invest much in their basketball program. It’s basically a football, wrestling, baseball and women’s sports schools. As for Dudley, yes they recruit and anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t know. Guilford County could make all these schools follow the rules by firing one AD that allows recruiting. Fire one person and the rest of the AD’s would start putting an end to their coaches doing shady stuff. Most AD’s in Guilford are reputable and do follow the rules. It almost always seems like it’s the eastern part of the county that has issues. BTW, if parents are moving their kids from schools just to play a sport then they are out of their minds. The NCHSAA should level the playing field by saying open enrollment for all schools or no recruiting for all schools. jmo

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