We need to get some high school basketball going again:When will Guilford County go back to school???

or Wednesday???

When will the Guilford County Schools go back to school this week?

Will we have high school basketball on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday(East Davidson girls[17-0] at Northwest Guilford[16-0]), or do we see the Friday games this week and that will be it? Got to get back at it sometime and on Friday due up you have the Dudley Panthers visiting the Smith Golden Eagles….

We do we go back to school and back to the hardwoods???

Are you getting tired of watching TV and surfing the net yet?


  1. Will return on Thursday and play that day. Makeup games on Thursday and play again on Friday and Saturday if need be. That is how I see that it will happen this week. Warm today and more warm and then rain on the way.

  2. The coaches and athletic directors will be telling you now and on Tuesday that their first priority is now getting in the conference games…

    The key deal as of today is, “We have to get in those conference games and if that means cancelling other non-conference games to get them in, that is what we have to do”….

    I just spoke to an AD, me….And that is what I see and I think this is the route you will see things traveling over the next couple of days….

    Got to get in the conference games and as soon as possible in the event that other games might get lost…

    Remember last year, everyone lost their conference tournaments due to the inclement/bad weather and after this week, there are only two weeks left in the regular season and that translates to roughly or smoothly, about 4 more regular season conference games left after this week, the last week in January…..

    That is how we see it on this Monday….Any thoughts on the week/days ahead?????

  3. Our new bet is this, 2-hour Delay for the start of school on Wednesday and games on Wednesday night…

    Sounds like a good plan and keeping it safe with the two-hour delayed start at 10:45 am for high school and 10am for the lower schools and then games that night…

    Can you hang on for a second, I think I have a phone call coming in from Mo Green…

    Be right back…..

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