Appalachian State falls to Georgia Southern 101-100 on Monday night, but Frank Eaves(Page HS) has 37 points for Mountaineers/Sam Hunt(Dudley HS) goes 13-14 at FT line with 19 points for A&T

Rough loss by Wake Forest to UVA tonight/Tuesday and back on Monday night in Boone, it was the “Frankie Eaves Show”, but…..

Very disappointing loss for the Appalachian State Mountaineers on Monday night…App lad late, but Georgia Southern hit the last shot to win the game 101-100…

Frank Eaves(Page High School) did his part for Appalachian State hitting for a huge 37 points
The Frankie Eaves line went
#21 Eaves, Frank g/10-23 FG’s/9-16 3 pt. range/8-9 FT’s and a crazy 37 points….Frankie Eaves ought to be getting a shot at the NBA, what do you say….

+++++Sam Hunt(Dudley HS) with 19 points for N.C. A&T Aggies on Monday night and Sam went 13-14 at the free throw line on Monday night in the Aggies’ loss at Delaware State….57-55 Hornets and the Delaware State PA man would have driven you into the nutt house on Monday night…That man was wayyyyy out there….+++++