High Point Christian Academy at Greensboro Day School game SOLD OUT for Friday night:No more tickets will be sold!

This is one of the hottest tickets in town and NO more tickets are available….This one is SOLD OUT!!!

High Point Christian Academy at the Greensboro Day School on Friday night is a sell out and the last time they met, the games was played at Guilford College and GDS won out 60-59 over HPCA…Two outstanding teams and not one ticket left for this one on Friday night….GDS is (24-3) and HPCA sits at like (18-4)….Let’s see Day lost to Providence Day, Huntington Prep and Roman Catholic and HPCA lost to Day, Chino Hills twice and Providence Day….

Game is SOLD OUT and No Coaches Passes will be allowed….


  1. Andy : am one of the LUCKY ones to have a ticket to
    this outstanding basketball game. Will predict
    that Freddy will come up with a defense to stop
    the BIG MAN from HPC& WIN again.

    thanks for all you do in reporting HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS.

  2. Does anyone know if this game will have a live stream option for those that can’t get into the game?

  3. Could be the Coaches Aid broadcast they carried the game last time and the PACIS Conference uses them…

  4. Very selfish of Freddy to not move the game to a bigger venue so more people could see it. HPCA moved their home game to a different city to accommodate fans. It’s a shame GDS wouldn’t give up the home court too. I know GDS fans will call it a smart move but in reality it is a selfish one. Big games deserve bigger venues. The crowd that went to the last game at Guilford proved that.

  5. That’s easy to say but consider the HPC gym only holds about 200 people. HPC going to Guilford College had to be a windfall for their program. I wish GDS had moved to the game also. They could have at least made the game available via a live broadcast on youtube or whatever works for them. Maybe someone can periscope the next game.

  6. @ Jake – there were way more HPCA fans than GDS tonight. Looked like there were some empty seats in GDS section

  7. If your going to make statements – state them correctly. HPCA help around 800 people against Wesleyan!!

  8. People let’s real and get over it. What difference does it make whether HPC holds 200 or 800? That is still a very small number of people. Most middle schools have more seating that HPC. The school did a great service by opening the seating options up to more and I am sure they turned a nice profit as a result.

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