High School Basketball Tonight for (1/28/16)

Here are the games that we have been able to find so far for tonight…..

Northwest Guilford girls(16-0/4-0) at East Forsyth(9-6/2-1) 6pm
Northwest Guilford boys(13-3/3-1) at East Forsyth(6-9/1-2) 7:30pm
Northeast Guilford girls(9-7/5-4) at Morehead(6-10/2-8) 6pm
Northeast Guilford boys(4-12/2-7) at Morehead(5-11/3-8) 7:30pm
Rockingham County girls(15-3/8-2) at Northern Guilford(13-6/8-3) 6pm
Rockingham County boys(6-12/3-7) at Northern Guilford(12-7/8-3) 7:30pm

*****There may be some other games and we will be looking for them….*****

+++++Middle School Basketball for today with Mendenhall Middle vs Eastern Middle….Names like Monroe, Frazier and Kargo out there for the girls….+++++