Top Ten Scorers Girls and Boys from Friday night’s high school basketball games:New Top Ten Polls for January 30

*****Eastern Guilford at Burlington Williams today/Saturday:JV men start time- 3:00 pm, varsity women- 4:30 pm and varsity men- 6:00 pm.*****

Girls Top Ten Scorers from Friday night’s games:(A detailed list, to a certain degree)
22:Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford HS)
18:Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
17:Bailey Kargo(Page HS)
17:Tia Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness HS)
16:Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School)
15:Kiara Harrison(Dudley HS)
15:Elizabeth Kitley(Northwest Guilford HS)
14:Harmony Fletcher(Smith HS)
13:Jocelyn Ford(Southern Guilford HS)
13:Katie Lewis(Southeast Guilford HS)
13:Hailey Dias-Allen(Southeast Guilford HS)
+++++Just outside our area:Macy Boler(Rockingham County HS) with 24 points on Friday night…+++++
*****Honorable Mention:Bria Gibbs(Northwest Guilford HS) 12…Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford HS) 11…Teara Johnson(Dudley HS) 11…Cameron Martin(Northeast Guilford HS) 11…Elizabeth Knox(Bishop McGuinness) 10…Emily Elliot(Bishop McGuinness) 10…

Boys Top Ten Scorers from Friday night’s games:
25:Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford HS)
23:Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS)
23:Keyshaun Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
22:Diondre Overton(Page HS)
21:Ramon Pratt(Smith HS)
21:Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
20:Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS)
20:Tyrece Cheeks(Smith HS)
19:Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS)
18:Orlando Smith(Southwest Guilford HS)
18:Judah Watkins(Southeast Guilford HS)
Honorable Mention:Edrice Adebayo(High Point Christian Academy) 17…Brandon Lambeth(Dudley HS) 17…Montez Venable(Eastern Guilford HS) 17…Jordan Twyman(High Point Central) 17…Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS) 16…Kyle Watkins(Ragsdale HS) 16…John Newman(Greensboro Day School) 15…Jayme Williams(Grimsley HS) 14…Chris Denning(Southern Guilford HS) 14…Casey Clarkson(Southern Guilford HS) 14…Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley HS) 13…Andy Pack(Northern Guilford HS) 13…Eli Vincent(Southern Guilford HS) 13…

*****Top Ten Polls….*****

Public School Top Ten Polls
Girls Top Ten Poll:
1)Northwest Guilford(18-0)…..(46-1) over the past two seasons…
2)Southeast Guilford(14-4)
3)Northern Guilford(14-7)
6)Southwest Guilford(13-7)
7)Southern Guilford(13-6)
8)High Point Andrews(12-5)
9)Northeast Guilford(10-8)
10)Eastern Guilford(9-8)

Boys Top Ten Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(20-0)
2)Northwest Guilford(15-3)
4)Eastern Guilford(13-4)
6)Northern Guilford(13-8)
7)Southern Guilford(12-7)

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(24-4)/High Point Christian Academy(19-4)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-7)
4)The Burlington School(27-0)
5)Forsyth Country Day(19-6)
6)Vandalia Christian(20-6)
7)New Garden Friends(11-5)
8)Westchester Country Day(16-8)
9)Bishop McGuinness(11-9)
10)Caldwell Academy(4-12)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)Forest Trail(16-4)
2)Bishop McGuinness(9-10)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-9)
4)Greensboro Day School(14-12)
5)Caldwell Academy(14-4)
6)Forsyth Country Day(10-10)
7)Vandalia Christian School(7-8)
8)Greensboro Home School(3-5)
9)Calvary Baptist(4-16)
10)TIE:Oak Ridge Military Academy(1-5)/High Point Christian Academy(0-12)

Boys Combined High School Top Ten Basketball Poll:
1)TIE:Greensboro Day School(24-4)/High Point Christian Academy(19-4)
3)Southwest Guilford(20-0)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-7)
5)Northwest Guilford(15-3)
6)The Burlington School(27-0)
8)Eastern Guilford(13-4)
10)Northern Guilford(13-8)


  1. How can we get HPCA & Wesleyan matched up with SW Guilford? Think it would be great for community and the city of High Point. Someone with power that reads this see if someone can add a non conference game before playoffs.

  2. Talk to Ed Price, he used to good at getting things like this done….

    He was on the school representing the High Point area and he ought to have some pull for a game like this to come about….

  3. Public schools like SWG have a limit on the number of games they can play during the regular season. They would have to be below the limit in order to schedule another game. It would be pretty hard to schedule one this time of year. Private schools can play as many games as they want. That’s why GDS has already played 15 or 20 games by Little Four time while the public schools have only played about half that number.

  4. You rank an Alamance County team (Burlington School), but you don’t rank the Rockingham County girls? How exactly does that work? Either you’re all Guilford or you’re not.

  5. It’s a little bit different with Private Schools…There are just simply not enough Guilford County private schools to go around and fill out the poll…Plus this Burlington School is a rare breed, just look at the record(27-0) and they are a quality team…

    We have 15 Guilford County Schools so problem with filling out a 10, but with the private schools that is a different animal..Sometimes you still have to include outside teams, see the girls side that will leave you guessing…

    Probably some more teams out there that we may be missing, but for the Private Schools it can be a dig…

    Teams like The Burlington School and Westchester do give the Private School Poll a lift…Could include Burlington School girls and Forest Trail boys too, but that is a not yet necessary…

    We have had the Forest Trail girls in the poll for the past several years and they were a previous entry as New Hope Christian Academy…

    Always looking for more Private Schools that can help us and even though we have Bishop, they play public, but in reality they are private…Bishop has been with us for a while…

    Probably could talk about this all day long and it is a deep topic and we have been there for many teams and justification may be a stretch, but hey the poll must roll and we do…

    Rockingham County girls got a mention in our top scorers from Friday night and the Cougars do play quite a few of our Guilford County Mid-State 3-A squads and want to mention some, but you just can’t go overboard with it…

    The main focus has to continue to be on the 15 Guilford County boys and girls team, even when you stack up and add in/weigh in the private schools…

    The Guilford County Schools have been with us the longest….The Private Schools are coming on and that is why we have always given them their due too…

    Going with separate polls and then a mixed poll too, since each side needs their own identity and they don’t play each other all that often and for the most part they don’t want to….

    Have it moving as you can tell I love breaking this down and I could go on all day, because I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have a lot of them and fans look this way for this type/sort of info….

    They know where to go and you folks came to the right place and thanks for the question(s) and I hope we have shed some more light on the subject and when you all need more help, you know where to come….

    Great day to get outside and shoot some hoops and I was dunking(with not much authority, but some force) on an 8-foot goal yesterday, but I do think I will go back to the 10-footer today….Perfect day to in the out-of-doors shooting some hoops…

    Again, we are a combination of public and private so we can make and adjust the rules as we go along and I did not say, “Make up the Rules” we follow a very strict code of conduct that is outlined in the 2016 handbook/manual…

  6. Wait till you see our baseball/softball polls…I think last year we had maybe 6 of them(per week)…

  7. Lets get the scoop on high school baseball this year? I’ve seen a lot schedules on max preps already. Lets break them all down – Impact baseball just completed there breakdown of all the public schools and looks this week they are going to break down private schools. That should be interesting . Baseball season is here! Lets GOOOOO!!!

  8. Lets get the baseball info rolling! Baseball is so big in our area and so competitive. There are so many local seniors players that have signed to play baseball at next level and a lot of juniors committed. Look forward to the baseball talk and debates!! I’m going to go out of a limb and say baseball may be bigger than any other sport in our area- neck and neck with basketball

  9. Baseball is just around the corner. Who’s practicing already? SEG, Randleman, Dudley, Page, maybe NEG or Northern? Those schools should do good against those Forsyth county schools.

  10. The beautiful weather over the weekend sure did bring baseball to mind. I think that in Guilford Co, all tryouts/workouts will begin approx 2 wks from today.

    I don’t know many teams in the county very well, but do know that Northern appears poised to have a big year, even though they’re still a relatively young team. Their junior class has some impressive talent.

    Regarding NW, I think they’ll be similar to last spring, in that their pitching will keep them competitive in mose games (dependent upon a couple of kids with some history of arm issues staying healthy). There’s no Aker , but they do have some kids with excellent arms. Their bigger challenge will likely be scoring runs. Sonny looks to have set up a pretty tough non-conference schedule. NW plays Grimsley, NG, NEG, SEG, Randleman, Richmond Co., W Forsyth, DH Conley,Whiteville, N Davidson, W Alamance, Reagan, plus a couple more games in spring break tournament that could also be against some very good teams. That’s going to be challenging.

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