High School Basketball Tonight with Conference Seasons/Games/Matchups leaving us fast

Some of the “check these out first”, games of the night:
Dudley boys(12-5/5-2) at Grimsley(13-5/6-1) 7:30pm
We will be at Grimsley tonight for the girls and boys games to broadcast on GreensboroSports Radio beginning at 6pm with Dennis White….Wyatt Smith and Cameron Robles at Smith for the Page-Smith games with post/article and photos…
Southwest Guilford boys(21-0/7-0) at East Forsyth(7-12/2-5) 7:30pm
Glenn girls(13-8/4-3) at Northwest Guilford(19-0/7-0) 6pm
Page boys(8-10/4-3) at Smith(11-10/5-2) 7:30pm
Eastern Alamance boys(20-1/14-0) at Eastern Guilford(15-5/11-3) 7:30pm

Dudley girls(12-7/6-1) at Grimsley(4-13/1-6) 6pm
Page girls(12-6/5-2) at Smith(8-13/2-5)
Glenn boys (7-13/3-4) at Northwest Guilford(16-3/3-1) at 7:30pm
Southwest Guilford girls(14-7/4-3) at East Forsyth(11-8/4-3) 6pm
Southeast Guilford girls(17-4/5-2) at Southern Alamance(8-10/2-5) 6pm
Southeast Guilford boys(4-17/1-6) at Southern Alamance(4-14/0-7) 7:30pm
Ragsdale girls(6-15/2-5) at High Point Central(1-17/0-7) 6pm
Ragsdale boys(11-10/1-6) at High Point Central(10-10/2-5) 7:30pm
Northern Guilford girls(15-7/110-4) at McMichael(7-12/3-9) 6pm
Northern Guilford boys(14-8/10-4) at McMichael(8-11/5-7) 7:30pm
Eastern Alamance girls(20-2/13-1) at Eastern Guilford(10-9/5-8) 6pm
Western Alamance girls(1-19/0-14) at Northeast Guilford(10-10/6-7) 6:30pm
Western Alamance boys(8-12/4-10) at Northeast Guilford(6-14/2-9) 8pm
Western Guilford girls(5-16/2-7) at Southwestern Randolph(11-9/3-5) 6pm
Western Guilford boys(10-11/4-5) at Southwestern Randolph(6-14/2-6) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews girls(14-5/7-0) at Eastern Randolph(12-7/4-2) 6pm
High Point Andrews boys(9-10/5-2) at Eastern Randolph(14-5/5-1) 7:30pm
Greensboro Day School girls(14-13/4-2) at Davidson Day(15-1/4-0) 5:30pm
Greensboro Day School boys(25-4/5-1) at Davidson Day(4-20/0-4) 7pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy girls(16-9/3-2) at Forsyth Country Day(11-10/2-2) 5:30pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys(17-8/3-3) at Forsyth Country Day(19-7/0-5) 7pm
High Point Christian Academy boys(20-4/5-1) at Village Christian Academy(Fayetteville, N.C.)[14-3] 7PM
Caldwell Academy girls(15-5/9-3) at Salem Baptist(18-8/9-4) 5:30pm
Caldwell Academy boys(3-14/1-9) at Salem Baptist(7-21/3-11) 7pm
Vandalia Christian School girls(8-9/4-5) at Wilson Christian(17-8/7-0) 6pm
Vandalia Christian School boys(22-6/9-0) at Wilson Christian(3-20/0-9) 7:30pm
New Garden Friends School boys(10-7) at Crossroads Charter(4-21) 6:30pm
Calvary Baptist(19-10/11-4) at Westchester Country Day(18-8/13-2) 7pm

Southern Guilford Storm(OFF)…High Point Christian Academy girls(OFF)

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