High School Basketball Tonight with two Unbeaten teams remaining as we hit the last week of the Regular Season

Big games tonight and those two Unbeaten teams will be on the same court with the Northwest Guilford girls(20-0/8-0) at Southwest Guilford(15-7/5-3) 6pm…The boys game at Southwest Guilford with feature the Unbeaten Cowboys(22-0) hosting the Northwest Guilford Vikings(17-3/7-1) at 7:30pm…It was 81-69 when SWG met NWG at Northwest in the Thursday night game on January 21(Girls game NWG won it 74-62)…Both of Tonight’s games, the girls and boys will be broadcast here at GreensboroSports.com on Greensboro Sports Radio with our air time right around 6pm for the girls and then the boys will follow…Both games here on the site tonight…We will have Wyatt Smith reporting from the Dudley-Page games tonight….

Also tonight we have:
Dudley girls(13-7/7-1) at Page(13-6/6-2) 6pm
Dudley boys(13-5/6-2) at Page(9-10/5-3) 7:30pm
Grimsley girls(4-14/1-7) at Southeast Guilford(18-4/6-2) 6pm
Grimsley boys(13-6/6-2) at Southeast Guilford(4-18/1-7) 7:30pm
Southern Alamance girls((5-14/1-7) at Smith(8-14/2-6) 6pm
Southern Alamance boys(5-14/1-7) at Smith(11-11/5-3) 7:30pm
East Forsyth girls(12-8/5-3) at Ragsdale(6-16/2-6) 6pm
East Forsyth boys(7-13/2-6) at Ragsdale(12-10/2-6) 7:30pm
High Point Central girls(1-18/0-8) at Glenn(13-9/4-4) 6pm
High Point Central boys(10-11/2-6) at Glenn(7-14/3-5) 7:30pm
Southern Guilford girls(13-7/6-3) at Western Guilford(6-16/3-7) 6pm
Southern Guilford boys(12-8/6-3) at Western Guilford(10-12/4-6) 7:30pm
Morehead girls(8-12/4-10) at Northern Guilford(16-7/11-4) 6pm
Morehead boys(6-13/4-10) at Northern Guilford(15-8/11-4) 7:30pm
Eastern Guilford girls(10-11/5-10) at Rockingham County(2-3/13-2) 6:30pm
Eastern Guilford boys(15-6/11-4) at Rockingham County(7-16/4-11) 8pm
Northeast Guilford girls(11-10/7-7) at Eastern Alamance(21-2/13-2) 6pm
Northeast Guilford boys(6-15/4-10) at Eastern Alamance(21-1/15-0) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews girls(15-6/8-0) at Wheatmore(15-6/7-1) 6pm
High Point Andrews boys(9-11/5-3) at Wheatmore(6-16/2-6) 7:30pm
High Point Christian Academy girls(0-12/0-7) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(18-9/5-2) 5:30pm
High Point Christian Academy boys(21-4/5-1) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(18-8/4-3) 7pm
Alamance Christian girls(13-9/6-3) at Vandalia Christian School(8-10/4-5) 5:30pm
Alamance Christian boys(18-5/8-1) at Vandalia Christian School(23-6/9-0) 7pm
New Garden Friends School(11-7) at Mount Zion(10-8) 7:30pm
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill(6-13/4-9) at Westchester Country Day(18-9/13-3) 5pm

Greensboro Day School/Caldwell Academy/Oak Ridge Military Academy all OFF tonight…….

13 thoughts on “High School Basketball Tonight with two Unbeaten teams remaining as we hit the last week of the Regular Season

  1. Girls first meeting with NWG-SWG you had Hayley Barber with 33 points for NWG and Lashonda Monk had 24 for SWG…Toni Tucker with 12 for Vikings, while Lauren Carter and Faith Price had 12 each for SWG…In that first meeting at NWG, Hayley Barber with 15 made free throws for NWG…

    Boys game 11-11 end of the first quarter, 38-32 SWG at the half…51-45 SWG end of three and then you had the 81-69 SWG final(30-24 SWG in the 4th period, BUT game was even, 11-11 first Q and 13-13 in the third)…

    Kaymon Mitchell with 24 for SWG, Keyshaun Langley with 20, Kam Langley with 16 for Cowboys….Thomas Hennigan led NWG with 16 points coming off of the bench….Jaylen Gore and Tre Turner each for 14 points for NWG in that first meeting at NWG…

    Big Battles brewing at “The Ranch” for tonight…..

  2. Dudley men’s basketball is the equivalent of Lewis Center and Mendenhall football programs, no passing whatsoever.

  3. Wesleyan has a lot of talent and came out hot tonight. Might want to ease up on Clifford a bit. He is a good coach and something was wrong tonight and he left bench for what appeared to be a medical issue.

  4. On the radio you said Toni Tucker is going to Lenior Rhyne but Toni actually is going to Catawba College.

  5. Yes it seemed Clifford was sick tonight. Hope he feels better. This has nothing to do with him as a person but as a bball coach.

  6. I think it was just a week or so ago that I was reading at this very site that public schools can’t keep top tier players because the publics are all coached by “English teachers” and have to go private to get good coaching. But tonight, I’m reading that HPCA’s coach is the worst ever, and should be coaching Upward Basketball. Good grief.

  7. @anwar alston No matter what team it is at Dudley,or the season, your comments toward them are ALWAYS derogatory. I wish you would keep all of that to yourself sometimes & appreciate the effort those kids make. Clearly you went to page or something to consistently hate on Dudley.

  8. I’ve got to get that in order for Toni Tucker…Catawba and not Lenior-Rhyne…I was always thinking LR but I do think I heard Catawba last week…Catawba it is and will be…Good kid and deserves her due and like I have always said, has one of the best left-handed shots around…Hard to stop that left…

    We don’t need to make this the “Kill the Coach” post tonight….No team as to win them all to be a success….HPCA is having success and they are still getting to some of the new players…Hey perfection only happened once and that will not happen again…So nobody is perfect and give them a chance….Some of our key coaches are still young and you have to get used to that…

  9. There is pressure with great expectations. When you bring in players with the talent that HPC has this year there is not going to be an cut cards. WES has dealt with this for the last 4 years with all of their high level talent and now it’s HPC’s opportunity. GDS has been the biggest issue for all of these programs. GDS has had “mid level” talent beating “high level” talent. The reality is that GDS has made “mid level” talent play like “high level” talent and now his players look more like the “high level” talent on the floor. The PACIS playoffs will be outstanding this year.

  10. You have to remember this is high school basketball and you have to be able to enjoy it too….Has to be some fun here and not so much pressure on the kids and the coaches too for that matter…Why so much pressure to win, this high school basketball and the kids are not in college yet…Give them some time to enjoy their high school years and let the coaches do what they have to do and run their programs….High Point Christian is working to be a Christian school and they have to protect that standard too…

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