Game Report on Wesleyan Christian Academy-High Point Christian Academy:65-63 Trojans with Bryson Gordon reporting

Wesleyan Christian Academy 65, High Point Christian Academy 63
Bryson Gordon for

Big game tonight in High Point, a face off between cross town rivals High Point Christian against the Wesleyan Trojans. This was a big matchup for both teams, who were trying to establish some momentum going into the State Tournament with a win over another top team in the division.

After HPCA gets up 4-1, Wesleyan goes on a 14-2 run, making the score 15-6, which causes Coach Clifford to call a quick timeout with 2:21 to go in the first quarter. The timeout helped slow the Trojans down for the final 2 minutes, giving them only 3 more points making it 20-6 after one quarter.

After a couple minutes into the quarter with the Trojans up 25-11, things got a little chippy on the sidelines after a Brandon Childress foul, but no techs were given. After a couple quick buckets from High Point, Coach Gatlin was forced to call a timeout with 3 minutes to go before the half, with the score being 30-20. Right out of the timeout Brandon Childress drained another three, which was quickly followed by a Bam Adebayo dunk, and a Michael Hueitt Jr. three ball. With 1:31 left in the half, Coach Gatlin accidentally left six players on the floor, which drew a technical, given HPCA 2 shots which they connected on, and followed it with a layup, bringing it to 33-29. Hueitt hit is second here of the night, bringing it to 33-32, before Jalen Johnson knocked down a couple free throws to make it 35-32 at the half.

Early in the third quarter, HPCA got a dunk from Adebayo, and a a layup from Seals to take the lead 36-35. But immediately after Wesleyan responded with one of their best segments of the night going on an 13-2 run, making it 48-38. HPCA closed the gap and fought back to make it 54-49 and the end of the third.

High Point continued their strong end of the third quarter into the fourth, pulling within 1, which cause some jousting between the two teams for a few minutes until Wesleyan extended their lead to 6 win 1:07 to go in the game. After going back and forth, HPCA was down 5 when Hueitt shot a three from the corner, he missed, but was fouled by Michael Buckland, and proceeded to hit all 3 to pull within two points with 27 seconds to go. Down by 2 with 9 seconds to go, High Point went inside to Adebayo who missed two layups as time expired. Wesleyan knocks of High Point, 65-63!

Wesleyan vs HPCA
Adebayo- 18
Seagers- 10

Johnson- 6
Caraher- 17


  1. Too many of the HPC players are use to scoring an easy 20-30 pts in an AAU setting. Many of them think they are gifts to their school and will all go on to be best player ever at their next college school. All of these things may be true but all we know is what we are seeing today. I think many of these “elite” players that HPC brought in are suddenly finding themselves in situations that they have not faced very often – other teams with great defensive plans or teams with other player equal to them in playing ability. Programs such as GDS, WES, Providence Day, Ravenscroft and others at different times have some of the best talent in the country year after year. Many of the HPC players will go on to college and do well and I am sure this PACIS league will make them far better than they would have been if they had just stayed with their public school.

  2. Adebayo overrated. He pushed and shoved his way around against much smaller players. He was called for four fouls in the 4th quarter but should have had more than that in the first half. Also should have received a technical for slamming ball (went at least 15 feet in the air) when he was not happy.

  3. Private school basketball in this area is a joke….I know because I have been on the inside of what goes on in youth basketball in this area for over 10 years…not currently…but in the past….95% of the players in this area…just like every other area in the country….are overrated….because ratings don’t amount to a hill of beans…..everybody is out to get theirs….well stop spending money thinking your kid is that good and the coaches are that bad….parents are at the root of the problem…PERIOD! Basketball in the Triad used to be competitive and mean something….now its just like everything else in this world….watered down….kids can’t dribble….can’t shoot…because they don’t practice….they think playing on the weekends in AAU events and showcases means something and makes them “better”….gimme a break….Games don’t make you better….it’s where the selfishness of mom and dad comes out yelling and screaming….and if your kid doesn’t look at you for coaching….you as a parent think you’re failing….when the guy over there on the bench is better qualified and educated to teach and coach your kid….just stay at your UPS job and shut your mouth and let your kid be taught by somebody that has actually played the game at a high level instead of noon hoops at the Y….gimme a kid that dives through the scorer’s table….and a parent that teaches this….and I’ll give you a kid that can play anywhere in the country at any level….

  4. What does this have to do specifically with private schools? You clearly have not been too enough public school games. In fact, I will tell you that it’s even worst in a lot of public schools because many of those parents believe that their kid is all world because their school does not play any teams/players that play at a high level. The reality is that many of the private schools in this area such as HPC, WES, GDS and Burlington School have/and are getting a lot of the local talent into their programs. Both public and private schools in the area have some great coaches but often these coaches no longer have the talent that they once had due to the rise in private school options for players. Many of these players/parents have decided to go the private school route because the public schools are handcuffed from playing specific schools or attending out of state tournaments even when invited. AAU has its place but high school should also be a place that players can continue to get recruited for the next level. The previous post sounds more like a parent unhappy with their past experience with their kid at one of these programs. Whether its a public or private school, players just need to find a coach and program with that develops players and does what they say they will do. Most of the programs in this area fit that statement from my experience.

  5. Bottom line is private school is not meant for everybody. Every kid is not built for that level of play. Private school offers so much more. No limit on the time you can be with your players, better facilities, tougher schedules and most of all college coaches come to private school games and practices. Coaches are not in public school gyms and if they are, it’s because they’ve seen a kid on the AAU circuit. AAU is not all bad. Many people are quick to put down AAU, but at the end of the day all kids want 1 thing and that’s exposure. Is every kid cut out to play at the next level….NO. There are programs out there that work on skill development and coach kids the right way but there are many that bad programs and bad coaches out there also. But I find it comical public school coaches steer kids away from going to AAU events to go to some high school jamboree where there are no coaches or to save themselves on weekends for HS workouts. There are good public school coaches out there. But clearly there are some that just don’t know what they are talking about and kids are not being taught the right way. Kids suffer because of it, thus kids look elsewhere. The dynamics of HS basketball has changed extremely. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is. Kids want exposure, kids want to play at the next level. College coaches take notice on the AAU scene first and preferably in a private school setting. Not in public school.

  6. College coaches go where the good players are. It doesn’t matter if they are in private school or public, if there is a good player the college coaches will be there. Too many people are fooled by the aura of private schools. TRUTH made the comment private schools have better facilities. What a joke. Have you been to any private school gyms? HPCA has to move big games to other gyms because their gym is terrible. GDS only has seating on one side and is also too small for big games. Wesleyan is similar. Just because you sell out a small gym doesn’t make it good. None of those schools have good weight rooms. TRUTH is correct the dynamics of high school basketball has change, for the worse, and AAU has been a big factor in that change. AAU and bad parents.

  7. In my eyes, private school ball is starting to turn into NBA ball. The similarities are crazy. A lot of times it’s a one man show. College remains an anomaly!

  8. One of the key problems with a lot of these statements is that most people making a statement only had a kid in either public or private but not both or part of one and then the other. I have had kids in both. Most private schools are above 95% of the high schools from an educational view. The private school programs have an absolute advantage in terms of the time they can and do spend working out with their players. The private schools also have far more freedom to play quality competition outside of conference games. The statement about where college coaches go is correct. Coaches will find any good player but they will far more often show up at a private school game than the average public school game. Unless it’s a game vs NW, Dudley or SW, college coaches are not coming to see just one above average player. When you go see a GDS, WES, HPC, or even a FCD game against each other you will find at least 5-8 future college players on all of these teams. This brings far more college coaches out because they have limited time in season so they will select games with 10+ college players on the floor over 1 or 2 such players. Otherwise if a college coach shows up for a public school game they are sitting a specific player and just showing their face for recruiting purposes of that kid only. Recruiting has changed and anyone that follows the process knows this to be true.

  9. How many of those 10 collegiate level players are community college guys? 8? 9? Its comical to think that anywhere in the country at any time at any game….there are 10 collegiate level players on any court….you parents live in la la land 99% of the time…newsflash….your kid most likely isn’t good enough….but keep wasting that retirement money….

  10. Clearly “hahahaha” you have not been to a GDS vs WES vs HPC game in the past 4 or 5 years. GDS class 2 years ago had 4 of 5 starters signed D1 offers, last year 3 of 4 starters signed D1 offers and the 4th went D3, this years starters 3 of the 5 already have D1 offers (such as Boston College, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest) but 5 out of 5 have at least 1 D1 offer. WES class 2 years ago had 5 out 5 starters sign D1 offers (such as Carolina, Duke, College of Charleston), last year class 5 out of 5 starters signed D1 and this year 4 of 5 starters have signed D1 (such as Tennessee). HPC – I don’t remember where all of their players went but this years class 5 out of 5 starters have signed or will sign D1 offers (such as Kentucky, Boston College, Virginia Tech). When these schools play each other you will and do see 8-10 future D1 players on the floor at any point in time. You are crazy if you don’t think the private school are producing or getting the best talent in the area when it comes to basketball. College coaches prefer going to these type of games over chasing 1 or 2 players at a public school team. It is the way the world works today and the private schools have the advantage on the basketball court.

  11. Truth- The education piece is a myth. You can get a great education in public school if you are qualified. Most kids are not in the upper level classes when they transfer to these private schools. Without getting personal, I know this for a fact. If your interest is education, GC Public schools have some of the best programs in the country.

  12. Athlete- If I’m a quality athlete at NW Guilford why would I go to a private school when I can get bumped from my role at any giving moment with a recruit/transfer. At least when your at a public school the chances of this happening doesn’t compare. All athletes want to compete, but look at what happened at HPCA with all the new recruits/transfers. Stay in your own pipeline and earn your way without being over recruited as if your in college. You know every year in college a recruit is coming to try and take your spot in the rotation, but not in HS.

  13. HPCA is riding this kid Bam’s shirt tale, but the school did not grow this young man as a player at all. I find it amusing that we talk about some of these private schools as if they created these players. We know what Oak Hill is, but HPCA claims to be something else. How about these public schools that invest all the time developing these players. Private school is a wonderful thing, but lets not make these coaches out to be more than they are. (other than Freddy Johnson)

  14. What public school in Greensboro is “developing” their players better than the private schools (especially Freddy Johnson)? Most of the public school coaches are in hiding outside of the high school basketball season. I personally can only account for about 30-40% of the local public high school coaches present during the AAU season. Most of the high school coaches never attend AAU events or work with their players beyond some fall workouts. Many of the local high schools may be good/fair coaches but very few of them are actual good trainers in the off season. Some are good but most shut the doors when the season ends. Like it or not – AAU is where many of these players either get better or not. High school coaches are not paid for volunteering their time in the off season and I can understand why they are not in the gym 24/7 because they have bills like anyone else thus they may have competing jobs or requirements outside of the season to make ends meet.

  15. Personally I couldn’t care less if my High School coach was at every AAU event. I’m trying to get better during the off-season without my High School coach. If my coach attended one AAU event, that is more than enough.

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