Game Report on Northern Guilford at Southern Guilford Boys Basketball and all we can say is, “This might be the Game of the Night”

“This might be the Game of the Night”(And if this wasn’t I do want to hear about the game that topped this one)….More on this one coming later, but the three-point shot by Kaleel Cathcart for Northern was the Game-Winner….Southern played their hearts out and played their tails off and Northern did the same exact thing…Huge win for NG to go on the road and get one like this…We knew Jack Emerick and Andy Pack were going to big for NG and they were, but NG support too from Jarrett Boyd, Alec Hildreth and Kaleel Cathcart…Southern led throughout the game, End of 1st Quarter it was REAL tight at 16-16, then SG goes up at halftime 35-28 and the Storm lead 43-39 at the end of the third period…Southern led by Rayshawn Knight with 19, Casey Clarkson had 13 and Chris Denning added 12 points…If we had about 10 Casey Clarksons we could start a Basketball Army, that little man plays his heart out and he is a pleasure to watch play….Pack with 23 and Emerick with 18 were those Nighthawk leaders and this game was one of the best Round One games that you will ever see in the NCHSAA Playoffs…It was almost like the “Perfect Storm” until the Nighthawks battled back down the stretch and claimed the game….No fan could have left that gym without feeling like that they had just witnessed and experienced a “gut-wrencher”….Credits to Coach Derrick Hodge from Northern and Coach Evan Fancourt from Southern….They had their men ready and it really is a shame somebody had to lose this game, but that is how sports and life go….What a night at Southern Guilford and Mr. Guffey made sure no player would have to leave that court tonight and not finish what he started when the game began back at around 7:30….I still want some more of that Casey Clarkson energy and if you haven’t seen this young man play, you need to….I knew Andy Pack would have a good game, he was up at CiCi’s Pizza on Sunday night loaded up on the carbs and he never ran out tonight….Three threes for Pack, two for Boyd and two for Cathcart and among for Cathcart that game-winner in the last seconds of the game….Three three’s for Rayshawn Knight from SG, with two out of Casey Clarkson and one each from Garren Dearman, Xavier Walker and Eli Vincent…
One whale of a game and from the girls game with SG winning over AC Reynolds, I saw Jocelyn Ford, Ariyah Wheless, Nokomis Williams, Kristen Roberts, Khayla Miller and Briana Mims all get going for Soutthern and more on them later too…But that Men’s game, those were young boys playing like grown up men out there tonight and kudos to efforts from both the Nighthawks and the Storm on what we like to call a, “Hard Fought Game”…..


Quarterly scores


Player scores
Andy Pack:23
Jack Emerick:18
Jarrett Boyd:8
Kaleel Cathcart:6
Alec Hildreth:6

Rayshawn Knight:19
Casey Clarkson:13
Chris Denning:12
Garren Dearman:5
Xzavier Walker:5
Eli Vincent:5

SCORING Courtesy of Katie Dorrell and Coach Hodge with Northern Guilford basketball