Tempers flare late in Western Guilford’s win at North Iredell and three WG Hornets will miss next game up at Hibriten

+++++This just in department has this news:Getting a bit confusing, but new news from Joe Sirera and the News and Record:Western athletics director Chris Causey confirmed today that Ce’Darius Dockery(Western Guilford) was not suspended…They are saying that after video tape review, Ced Dockery did not leave the bench area on Monday night when the altercation broke out and therefore Dockery is in for WG tonight/Thursday…Might give the team a boost, things looking bad, but now looking better…..+++++

Tuesday, North Iredell’s Justin Myers clanked the first two free throws and intentionally missed the third….All this coming with just three seconds left in Overtime with Western Guilford at North Iredell last evening in Round One of the NCHSAA men’s basketball playoffs…What happened next may have a major bearing on Western Guilford’s next playoff game coming up on Thursday night….

On the subsequent rebound, a fight broke out between the two teams which resulted in a total of five ejections. Western Guilford’s Ce’Darius Dockery, David Young and Tyler Young along with North Iredell’s Trevor Mahler and Tanner Summers were tossed for either being involved in, or leaving the bench area, during the fight.
(Doug Powell from the Statesville Record and Landmark)

Western’s Ce’Darius Dockery, David Young and Tyler Young will now be suspended and they will have to miss #26 seed Western Guilford’s game on Thursday night at #10 Hibriten, in Round Two of the NCHSAA Men’s 3-A Playoffs….

Lots of missed free throws last night, as WG and North Iredell missed a total of 28 FT’s, 14 misses each….But now the big miss for Western will be missing Ce’Darius Dockery, David Young and Tyler Young on Thursday night at Hibriten…

Dockery is averaging at least 10 points a game for the Hornets and Tyler Young is Western’s top rebounder…Dockery is the second leading scorer on the team….

from Joe Sirera at the News and Record:
The NCHSAA Handbook states that players ejected for such altercations must “miss the next two contests at that level (miss the next four contests for fighting).” So, Dockery and the Youngs would be suspended for at least two games and possibly four depending on whether their actions were deemed to be “fighting.”

The good news for Western Guilford is that the Hornets are still in the tournament. If the actions of all three players who were ejected had been considered fighting, Western would be out of the playoffs. The Handbook states that “if a situation occurs where three or more players on one team are ejected during one fighting incident, those three individual ejections will cause the team to lose its playoff privileges.”

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Here is the Box Score from the game….
Western Guilford 67, North Iredell 64

               1st. 2nd.   3rd.  4th. OT   Final.
Western.       11.   16.   16.   15.  9.   67
N. Iredell.    20.   12.   12.   14.  6.   64


Ce’Darius Dockery 8pts
Michael Giles 19pts
Zane Minkins 1pts
Demetrius Butler 11pts
Brett McCraw 3pts
Tyler Young 6pts
David Young 8pts
Raekwon Dean 10pts
Courtesy of WG assistant coach Michael McDuffie
*****Dockery and the two Youngs combined for 22 points in this game on Tuesday night.*****