Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Those Final scores are here(Send more)

Here we go with:(Got some upsets rolling in here with NG and SWG girls going to work.)
*****All Guilford County scores are in….*****
+++++All precincts have reported and been recorded….+++++
Northwest Guilford girls 62, Hough 30….NWG girls by 32…
Dudley girls 65, West Forsyth 61 (OT)
Northern Guilford girls 64, Chapel Hill 49
Southwest Guilford girls 59, Mallard Creek 54
High Point Andrews girls 52, Croatan 32
Alexander Central girls 36, Page 23
Erwin girls 73, Southern Guilford 43
Northwood girls 60, Eastern Guilford 43
Dudley boys 70, South Mecklenburg 66
Northwest Guilford boys 67, RJ Reynolds 64 (OT)
Southwest Guilford boys 65, Alexander Central 22….Is this for real(YES), and if so this is what you call really rolling for the Cowboys…In Round One maybe, but in Round Two??
West Brunswick boys 70, Eastern Guilford 63
Terry Sanford boys 86, Northern Guilford 41
Hibriten boys 85, Western Guilford 69
Reidsville Lady Rams 40, Red Springs 24…Congrats to Coach Derrick Johnson and Reidsville really rolling over Red Springs this evening….

Northwest Guilford girls scoring in their 62-30 win tonight over Cornelius Hough…
Cayla King 18…Morgan Pointer 14…Catherine Moore 6…Bria Gibbs 6…Toni Tucker 5…Hayley Barber 5…Elizabeth Kitley 5…Savannah Neas 3…

The Scoring news on High Point Andrews girls:

Game summary              1st.     2nd.   3rd.    4th. 
TWA                       9.       16.    13.     14
Croatan.                  2.       12.     5.     13

Final TW Andrews 52 Croatan 32

#7 seeded TW Andrews advance to the third round to play #2 seeded Kinston Saturday February 27 at Kinston High School…..

Looking for those high school basketball playoff scores on a Thursday night…..

Let’s get those scores in here tonight in the Score Box/Comment Box….We will look for every score that we can find, but if you can send your score our way to the Comment Box on this post, we can turn that Comment Box into the Score Box and we will all then know the outcomes of tonight’s games…Some may be flying around on Twitter, some might be out there on FaceBook, but get them on over here and we will have them in the spot where we know people are coming to find these scores…

Let’s get it rolling again tonight and we will also be scanning because from what we heard the other night, the coaches have to have their scores/final results posted up on MaxPreps by the NCHSAA mandated 11pm deadline….

Get us those scores again tonight and they will be here in one good/safe place for all to see and comments about the games are always welcome too….


  1. For SWG and that game at AC, that is a wild one and what a win and on the road….Cowboys turned on the Heat tonight up there at AC…

  2. I don’t know how they are doing it, but they are finding a way to win. Dudley 70 S.Meck Charlotte 66.

  3. NW again rose from the dead, rallying from 16 down in the 1st half to win in OT against a very tall and talented RJ Reynolds team. Another wild, incredible win for the NW boys.

  4. Some of the scores of these playoffs are indicative of the overall talent level that is in public high school basketball….22 points by Alexander Central? Croatan 32 against Andrews…41 points from Northern Guilford against Fayetteville Terry Sanford….players on ALL levels cannot shoot the basketball anymore….no matter how suffocating any defense is…..I’ll spare the war stories of mine from the 90’s…but even against the tremendous pressure we still scored at least in the 50’s or 60’s….

  5. @ Wow…so! There are low scores, but look at some of the private school scores with “High Majors” scoring consistently under 60 points. Come on Son! Stopping throwing Shade at public school ball. Good luck to the remaining GCS teams!

  6. You are absolutely right….my apologies…..I need to clarify and lump private schools in all “dat shade”….haha! Talent in all public and private high school sports (not just basketball) is WAY down even from just a couple of years ago….we are now seeing the effects of kids not putting down the Xbox….cell phones….and also expecting there to be a juice box and snack during the post game….and oh yeah the trophy for just showing up…and to think these kids and parents think they deserve the aforementioned “prizes” because they pay their money to get it…watching a top 10 high school recruit shoot a free throw for Duke last night was comical….form was ATROCIOUS….skill sets and talents levels don’t involve jumping ability and AND ONE dribbling skills out at the top of the key….

  7. I think we got our headline adjusted…That quick edit button is not what is cracked up to be and the quick editor/me better do a better job of watching his finished products…

    Got the scores in here last night and we able to list the Saturday games on Thursday night and get ready for the Next Round…

    Onward, upward and beyond, I guess….Didn’t Ken Hamblin used to say that, maybe, maybe not….

  8. Problem also lies within this culture that if your kid is cut from a team (especially AAU or travel ball) you go form your own team. Instead of back in the day, you went and practiced and got better so you could make the team next year. Athleticism and talent is up but work ethic, and dedication is waaaay down and it shows by kids not being able to make 50% of mid range jumpers even in warm ups with no one guarding them.

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