Round Two of the NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs are going on Tonight:We have 14 Guilford County teams still in the hunt and how many left after Tonight?

We have 8 teams on the girls/women’s side and 6 teams on the boys/men’s side and that gives us 14 Guilford County teams still in the hunt for the NCHSAA Basketball Championships….How many left after Round Two here on Thursday night???
(We have most of the times listed and we will work to get all of those up here for you this morning and in most cases with a solo game at your site, start time will be 7pm and in the case of doubleheaders, start times will be 6pm and 7:30pm and there will be some exceptions and hope to have all of those listed for you….

(All in the West)
#18 Southwest Guilford at #2 Mallard Creek 6:30pm…Monk, Carter, Wilson and Medley must be on…..
#16 Hough at #1 Northwest Guilford 6pm….Just need balanced scoring and total team effort and should be in good shape..
$13 Page at #4 Alexander Central 6pm….Need 30-plus from Bailey Kargo…
#9 Dudley at #8 West Forsyth 7pm….Inside Morris must take over….Johnson outside, and K. Harrison on the slash…

#26 Eastern Guilford at #10 Northwood(East) 7pm…Need to reach in the bag and pull out another upset…
#15 Southern Guilford at #2 Erwin(West) 7pm….SG must run and must get off to a good start, and if not could be finished…Must have that good start to game on the road and vs. a #2 seed…
#12 Northern Guilford at #5 Chapel Hill(East) 7pm….Cunane could be more than Chapel Hill has seen before…The kid can bring it…

#10 Croatan at #7 High Point Andrews 6pm…HP Andrews is like a sleeper team, just waiting to take over and be there when all of the other team are gone….

#24 South Mecklenburg at #8 Dudley 7pm….Dudley’s PG Brion Seagraves having problems with his nose and we are hearing could be broken. Dudley must use that home court and hopefully a large home crowd to their advantage…Might be a good night to get Denorris Best in the huddle before the game and have him do his thing….”You’re in the House”….
#12 WS Reynolds at #5 Northwest Guilford 7:30pm….Separation, that is what NWG needs and the defense must be more on the ball than they were back on Monday…NWG needs a huge game from Spicer and Gore and the other things will take care of themselves….
#11 Southwest Guilford at #6 Alexander Central 7:30pm….AC has not seen the likes of the Cowboys when they get off and running…If the Cowboys find their legs and feet early and the shots are going down, then AC is going down…Quick-moving Cowboy club when they are on….

#18 Northern Guilford at #2 Terry Sanford 7:30pm…Emerick and Pack, Pack and Emerick, plus Boyd, Brothers and Hildreth, then Maynard, Cathcart and Hodge off of the bench….There can not be an off night in any shape, form or fashion from Emerick and Pack, they have to be right on…
#11 Eastern Guilford at #6 East Brunswick 7pm….Alston, Robinson and Venable have been carrying this club and they must be prepared to do the same tonight….
#26 Western Guilford at #10 Hibriten 7pm…WG playing three men short tonight, losing three players after Monday’s Round One. Giles and others must step up and go into carrying the overload tonight….Giles must still play under control and not try to get it all at one time, let the game come to him, until he is forced to go get it….+++++Getting a bit confusing, but new news from Joe Sirera and the News and Record:Western athletics director Chris Causey confirmed today that Ce’Darius Dockery(Western Guilford) was not suspended…They are saying that video tape review, Ced Dockery did not leave the bench area on Monday night when the altercation broke out and therefore Dockery is in for WG tonight…Might give the team a boost, things looking bad, but now looking better…..+++++
Favored teams from what we have been able to find out about and calculate, those teams are in dark print and we hope for some upsets from our Guilford County teams tonight….

+++++Five Guilford County schools with two teams each left in the playoffs, with Northwest boys and girls, Southwest boys and girls, Dudley boys and girls, Northern Guilford girls and boys and Eastern Guilford girls and boys…..Plus one team each from Page(girls), Southern Guilford(girls), High Point Andrews(girls) and Western Guilford(boys)….+++++
*****One Guilford County doubleheader on the road with:Page girls at Alexander Central 6pm on Thursday and Southwest Guilford boys at Alexander Central, 7:30pm on Thursday….Guilford County DH at home with Hough at NWG girls 6pm and WS Reynolds at Northwest Guilford boys, 7:30pm Thursday…..*****

$$$$$CLICK HERE for the complete/full state-wide schedule from the NCHSAA$$$$$