High Point Andrews Red Raiders make Kinston work and that effort helps TWA end Vikings 23-game winning in “Saturday Night Special” for Coach Shearin

High Point Andrews/T. Wingate Andrews defeated the Kinston Vikings 49-43 on Saturday night in Kinston and in the process the HPA/TWA Red Raiders ended Kinston’s 23-game winning streak and the Red Raiders streaked into the Regionals this week with their next game coming up at Bunn, as Round Four of the NCHSAA 2-A Girls Basketball Tournament looms…

Kinston topped Andrews by 20, 57-37 last year(2015) in the East Regionals at Fayetteville and this year HP Andrews head coach John Shearin said we are not going to be sharin’ that basketball, we are going to make Kinston work and that is exactly what Coach Shearin’s Red Raiders did….

Coach John Shearin High Point Andrews:
“We just wanted to make it tough on (Kinston’s) guards and make sure nothing came easy,” Shearin said. “The girls played great against a team you can’t take lightly — they’re well coached and everyone plays hard. We were just able to make the plays.”
from the Kinston Free Press and like we said the other day, they said it was free and here it is……

High Point Andrews’ Jordan Quick:
“Coach gave us the game plan and told us to make sure we boxed out on every possession.”

High Point Andrews’ Jazlin Taylor said being on the road and away from home was not a major obstacle:
“Last year, we were on the road (against Bertie in the third round), so traveling was nothing new,” Taylor said. “We’ve also played teams who were undefeated, so the streak wasn’t something we focused on — we just wanted to come in and do what we needed to do.”

Quotes and inside new on this game coming in from Junious Smith III from the Kinston Free Press and you can read the entire HP Andrews-Kinston game post from Mr. Smith III when you CLICK HERE….

From reading Mr. Smith/Junious Smith III’s work, I would say the 21 turnovers by the Kinston Vikings were a big factor in the outcome of this game and many of those were forced turnovers caused by Coach John Shearin’s HPA Red Raider defense making the Vikings work….