Basketball in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace 6pm

We get going at 6pm tonight as we look back at the high school basketball season and our first guest will be Joe Sirera from the News and Record and Joe will let go with his look back at 2015-2016 and the big look ahead to 2016-2017…..

Joe was with Northern Guilford in Chapel Hill so he can give us the look back at how the Nighthawks played and how they might fare next season with all of that returning talent….

JS will also have his full overview about how this past season went and where it all might be going now that the season is over….

Next up we talk to Josh Williams who has his football combines coming up soon and he has some info that the local football players, both on the high school and college level need to be looking at and hearing about….Lots of kids have been falling through the cracks, but Josh is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen as he builds his Janesh support group….

Following our talk with Josh we swing the ball back to the basketball court and we talk to Coach Kim Furlough and her Northern Guilford Nighthawks and learn more about their great run/journey they had this season…..

Kassie Robakiewicz, Mercedes Wampler, Sami Furlough, Kelly Lomax and Elissa Cunane will be with us from Northern Guilford and we will get the word on their season of 2015-2016….

Shane’s Rib Shack tonight at 6pm for Basketball in Focus and a little Football in Focus too…..