Janesh Sports Weekly Star Athlete Blog from Josh Williams(former Guilford College Football RB)

from Josh Williams, former Guilford College Football RB, now the leader of Janesh:

Janesh Sports Weekly Star Athlete Blog

This blog is meant to recognize past participants of our College Exposure program. We hope to encourage other athletes and inspire those that help us pull these programs together.

I keep the names of the athletes we discuss anonymous.

Meeting this athlete was an inspiration. We first met him in our very first college football exposure camp where I felt he was a little over qualified to be with us. He and his family have been to two of our college exposure programs within the past 4 years.

He had already had college scholarship opportunities when I met him. I asked him why he still worked with us and he told me it was because of the faith we showed in the community. I’ll never forget the time I was interviewing him after a game and he spoke to me as a peer. He said “I see you are out here grinding bro. We appreciate seeing you put in work to help us out.” These words are simple but hit all the right spots for me. At the time I was taking kids to college campuses for little to no money. I guess for the love of helping the youth.

Him and his family are Christian believers and not quiet about it at all. After each time he scores a touch down, which is frequently, he taps his chest for “love” and points to the sky to “God”.

He believes that he has been given his talent and he does not own his abilities. He feels that the talent he has been given is God working directly through him. He’s a mentor to his team, he’s a youth leader in his church, and he is a captain in the classroom. He has been given influence and he is aware of it. He made it clear to me that he doesn’t want to take that power for granted.

He received a full ride scholarship to play running back at a major SEC football team. This fall will be his freshman year. I think we have yet to see the power of this kid. Imagine a talented, level headed 18 year old going out into the world. He has the opportunity to bless so many others. I think that is what makes him different. He is persistent in using his athletic gifts to be a positive role model.

As for me, I’m good. I had a productive week. Biggest thing going on with me is my decision to upgrade my apartment situation. I’ve lived in Greensboro for about 5 years now and I’ve gotten comfortable with this lifestyle. I want to venture out to another part of the world. I was talking with my pops today about this. He started asking some serious questions about being able to cover rent, or how moving will affect Janesh. I often get excited about an idea and kind of just take off into action. I guess I have a little more thinking to do.

Long story short, I will be moving soon. Not sure exactly where yet though. This place has been good to me since I graduated from college last May. I just want a little more now.

On another note, this past weekend I saw some friends I went to college with. It was awesome to catch up. It was a real moment for me because some of them I hadn’t seen since graduation but when we met up, the love was the same. They seemed to be doing well which was encouraging to me. Let’s me know that I wasn’t the only one out here working my butt off in the real world.

Overall, I’m well. I look forward to a relaxing weekend then back to work Monday.

Thanks for reading,

– Josh