John Fowler has resigned as the head baseball coach at Glenn High School

*****Tonight/Friday:Glenn(6-10/2-3) at Southwest Guilford(13-4/4-1) 7pm*****

After 12 years as the head baseball coach at Glenn High School, Coach John Fowler relinquished/gave up those duties on Tuesday night….The Glenn Bobcats had just finished off a 12-2 victory over the Ragsdale Tigers and at the point, at the end of that ball game, Coach Fowler stepped down and said he would not coach Glenn Bobcat baseball again…..

Here is what Coach Fowler told Jay Spivey with the Winston-Salem Journal at

“I’ve seen a great deal of success, and in the last couple of years that success has not been what it should be, in my opinion,” Fowler said. “I don’t think the job was getting done as far as preparing, motivating the players to be as successful as they could be, especially with a group of 10 seniors, 14 total returners, eight of them starters.

“I just felt like with some different circumstances and reasons this would give the current players and the program the best opportunity, moving forward, to have some success.”

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