Alamance County couple arrested for trafficking student-athletes into Eastern Alamance High School:Update from the Burlington Times-News

Aris Lamont Hines, 37, and his fiance, Brandi Thomason, 35, both of 718 Blue Lake Drive in Mebane are charged in the alleged crime….
[Now in the Alamance County Detention Center and I guess that is the same thing as the jail, being held under a $3 million dollar bond]…

“They presented a student to the Alamance-Burlington School System for the purpose of enrollment and participation in athletics,” Alamance County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kirk Puckett said Monday. “Neither were legal guardians of the student and didn’t possess the authority to enroll the student in the school.”
*****Interesting note, Mr. Puckett is also the play-by-play voice for Eastern Alamance football on the internet through WBAB radio in Burlington…He, Mr. Puckett, knows the territory/area well…*****

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+++++Puckett stressed the student involved, a boy, did nothing wrong or illegal. The News & Record is withholding his name because of the age of the student.
A point also made in the News and Record post mentioned Hines and Thomason also tried to get girls enrolled at Eastern Alamance High School, but
“at some point after the girls were denied admission, a school administrator noticed the male freshman’s visa and brought it to the school resource officer’s attention. That launched the investigation.” The male freshman, who played on the football and basketball teams at Eastern Alamance, was named to the Freshman All-America Team in 2015 by CBS/….The young man from Nigeria was definitely an impact player for Eastern Alamance…..And being from Nigeria, I’m not sure how he got that good, that quick, but he was that good and to do what he did on the football field in the ninth grade, that’s impressive….Big kid none the less, but still real good, real quick….Name has now been posted on most sites and that is:15-year-old Jonathan Kingsley, 6’5/230…..

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**********Current headline/UPDATE from the Burlington Times-News on-line edition:
Breaking: Human trafficking investigation involving Eastern Alamance student widens
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+++++Authorities are now saying there may be over 100 students involved in what has been uncovered as a wide-range/broad-based human trafficking ring…+++++