Upper School Sports Award Ceremony at the Greensboro Day School with Athletes of the Year:Davis Richmond/Pearce Landry

Upper School Sports Award Ceremony

Greensboro Day School recognized Upper School athletes in a ceremony on May 19, 2016 for students participating in spring sports. The spring teams included boys’ baseball, boys’ varsity and junior varsity tennis, boys’ varsity and junior varsity golf, girls’ and boys’ track, girls’ lacrosse, and boys’ lacrosse.

Offensive Player: Davis Shoener ’16
Defensive Player: Jacob Dubs ’16
MVP: Dillon Bowman ’16
Coach’s Award: Davis Leonard ’18
All-Conference Athletes: Dillon Bowman ’16 and Davis Shoener ’16

Boys’ Varsity Tennis
Most Improved: Connor Haggarty ’17
Coach’s Award: Peter Gresens ’17
MVP: Henry Reich ’18
Carlton Harris Award: Michael Trentini ’19
All-Conference Athletes: Henry Reich ’18, Cameron Sherrill ’18, Connor Haggarty ’17, and Michael Trentini ’19

Boys’ Junior Varsity Golf
Most Improved: Robert Landry ’19
MVP: Ben Jordan ’22

Boys’ Varsity Golf
Most Improved: Steven Melson ’16
MVP: Ian McIvor ’18

Girls’ and Boys’ Track
Most Improved: Jenny Rowlett ’19
Coach’s Award: Brooke Sanders ’19 and James Millner ’16
MVP: Jered Henderson ’16
All-Conference Athlete: Jered Henderson ’16

Girls’ Soccer
Coach’s Award: Amanda Peterson ’17 and Kristen Rosenbower ’17
MVP: Caroline Jessup ’16
All Conference Athlete: Caroline Jessup ’16

Girls’ Lacrosse
Coach’s Awards: Ally Majestic ’17 and Davis Richmond ’18
Most Improved: Berit Andersen ’18
All-Conference Athletes: Cynthia Cote ’18 (Player of the Year), Helen Noone ’19, Davis Richmond ’18, Berit Andersen ’18, Ally Majestic ’17, Ellie Baldwin ’18, Jessica Thomas ’16, and Crystal Zhou ’17
This team was named 2016 Conference Champions. Coach Jenna Gilfillan was named the 2016 PACIS Coach of the Year

Boys’ Lacrosse
Most Improved: Tom Hale ’18
Coach’s Award: Mason Pool ’16
Best Defensive Player: Spenser Clapp ’17
Best Offensive Player: Jack Delligatti ’18
FACEOFF Award: Donnie Proper ’16
All-Conference Athletes: Jack Delligatti ’18 (Player of the Year), Spenser Clapp ’17, Donnie Proper ’16 , Tom Hale ’18 , Chris Scerbo ’17, Adam Schner ’16, Jeremy Akin ’16, and Stephen Marullo ’17.
The team was named the 2016 Conference Champions. Coach Ira Vanterpool was named the 2016 PACIS Coach of the Year.

Annual Athletic Awards were also presented to the following coaches and students:

OB Teague Award: Mara Montana
Frank Brenner Award: Jenna Gilfillan
Davis Richmond Award: Mahlon Brady ’18
Molly Brenner Award: Sally Hayes ’16
Jon Woods Award: Zili Huang ’16
Athletes of the Year:
Girl: Davis Richmond ’18
Boy: Pearce Landry ’17