North Carolina vs. South Carolina All-Stars Baseball Series at USA Baseball Complex in Cary, N.C./NC takes game Two vs. SC 11-2/Region 5 over Region 4 in State Games

Game Two:North Carolina Baseball All-Stars 11, South Carolina 2
Luke Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) 2-4/Double/4 RBI…Caleb Webster(Randleman HS) 2-4/RBI…

Game One from the North Carolina vs. South Carolina All-Star Baseball Game at USA Baseball Complex in Cary, N.C.:
North Carolina 4,
South Carolina 2

Caleb Webster(Randleman HS) 2-3/RBI/Run…Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) 1-2/Run/SB…Luke Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) HBP…

Game Two began just a few minutes ago at the USA Baseball Complex, in Cary, N.C.

Final from Baseball Action at today’s Powerade State Games:
Region 5 over Region 4 by a final of 6-2…..Region 5 are the kids from our area/Triad….

Courtesy of D. Robinson

More from the Powerade State Games Baseball:
Region 7 gets Round One Win, 10 – 1 over Region 8
Region 1 takes their game, 7 – 4 over Region 2

Friday State Games Baseball Schedule:

*****10:00 AM Region 5 vs. Region 6*****Region 5 is us....*****
12:45 PM Region 3 vs. Region 4
3:45 PM Region 8 vs. Region 1
6:30 PM Region 2 vs. Region 7

Region 5 Roster
(Just a reminder, this is the Region 5 Team and not the North Carolina All-Star Team.)
Isaiah Finerty(Eastern Guilford HS)
L. Jarosz
Bailey Welch(Randleman HS)
J. Lang
JC Ouzts(Northern Guilford HS)
L. Crabtree
J. Guy(Southeast Guilford HS)
B. Nance
Patrick Bailey(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Kyle Blendinger(Southwest Guilford HS)
Z. Brinkley
J. Bryant
J. Christman
Cameron Cotter(Northern Guilford HS)
T. Hearst
Zack Kemp(Randleman HS)
Brody Lawson(High Point Christian Academy)
Josh Pike(Northern Guilford HS)
Will Sprinkle(WS Reagan)
Angel Zarate(Rockingham County HS)

Need some help on some of the names and schools….


  1. Who is in charge of selecting this team from NC? What is the process? As in how were they selected?

  2. I don’t know who’s in charge. I do know, having watched them quite frequently, that Webster and the Robinson bros are very, very good baseball players. Go NC!

  3. I think the guys with the Powerade State Games might be the masterminds behind the All-Star Games and they have some good baseball people/minds on staff….

  4. North Carolina Amateur Sports is running the North Carolina-South Carolina Baseball All-Star Games…

    All game info is on their site promoting the Powerade State Games at

  5. As far as the NC all star game is concerned. Just curious how the players r selected? Yes those few local kids that made it r good players , but there are some that are as good or better, with much better season stats. Popularity contest it appears. If those r suppose to be best kids from all over NC – a lot of great players left off the team .

  6. Good players left off the list would be an under statement. Definitely a way over rated player in the NC report. Webster well deserved, I will hold the rest of my comment’s.

  7. The NC All Star Team were called by the Coaches of the All Star team about playing. This team consisted of Seniors that agreed to play on short notice, several seniors that were called turned it down due to Senior beach trips or prior engagements and could not make it. So yes someone you may have thought should have been on the team may have not been there but make sure they didn’t have other plans and they choose not to play before you judge the process. The kids that were on the team deserved to play and beat a South Carolina team that had several recruits going to Clemson, South Carolina, Duke, And Wake Forest. All players on both teams are going on to play college ball somewhere so yes this was All Star teams from both NC and SC. Congratulations to the NC team on their win not once but twice against a very good SC team.

  8. @ Baseball Fan . My comments weren’t judging the players , its not the players that I’m speaking about. If someone called and asked them to play and they said yes then that’s great. Yes they did win and its great that NC won and these young men played well. Its more about the selection process than it is anything. If your going to call it an All Star team then it needs to be the best of the best, not just who answers the phone. Sounds like it wasn’t very organized and a last minute thing. That’s the fault of the NCBCA. In the future maybe they should have a tryout like they do for state games? Just would like to see it be more organized and a lot more talented players from West to East have the opportunity to make the team based on skill and not a phone call. You could have an East – West game and after that game is played take the best (12-14 players )selected players from both teams to make a NC All Star team. Just an idea. Its all about a process and apparently this was thrown together at last minute. Congratulations to all the guys that had an opportunity to play in this game.

  9. I think you have to like the guys that are there with the team this week…Those are the guys you want and at least they are willing and wanted to play…If a kid had to think twice about the beach or some other event he was looking toward, you don’t want that kid because his mind is in two different places…Need people/players that are committed and want to do it….And by the results, I would say they got the right guys…

  10. They have been playing this game since 2001 if I’m correct and it switches around each year. This game was played last year at Coastal Carolina and I think SC won both games. The second game was stopped yesterday I think beginning the six inning due to the umpire behind the plate had gotten to hot and was about to pass out so the medical staff came down to check on him. The umpire was going to come back out and continue when the SC coach came out and suggested calling the game due to the heat and the safety to the young men playing. For those that went you got to see some good baseball from the NC-SC game and then the PowerAde Region games. The one thing you couldn’t find there was room under a shade tree for the Region games, that was prime real estate that people didn’t want to give up.

  11. All good points , but if were talking about players that were asked to play but chose to do other things . ie: beach , etc. I’d be curious to see who was originally asked to play or if that is what there just telling . Wonder how you can find out who originally was selected ?

  12. Five of the players listed are playing Senior American Legion Baseball with the Greensboro Red Wings. The Greensboro Red wings are having a great season for a new team. Lots of talent on that squad.

  13. Well that does it. They play Senior Legion. I was looking for the reason.
    Thanks Charlie

  14. Still no one has explained the selection and criteria on how they were chosen? Seems that the same kids from the Eastern part of state as well as the Western Part were all put on this pedistal when they were 10 and no matter what they have done to this point it hasnt changed, even if they aren’t the best players. It’s a good ol boy system! Always had and always will be! Noticed there were some players not listed on the NC roster but actually played in the game. I’m sure most of u are saying this guy has sour grapes- but it’s bs! If u don’t have household name – u r over looked or who your daddy is and what school he coaches at. It’s not just my son but there are kids all over this state that get popped on becuase there not identified as a superstar when they were 10. It’s politics and everyone knows no one wants to admit it! State games same way, if your daddy coaches then your automatically on team. If u aren’t labeled a superstar at 10 no
    Matter what your stats r or how your tryout goes your still screwed. This games are hand picked and it’s about who scratches who’s back! If u read this and u feel same way – then your talented son got screwed too! As far as phone calls being made- they were made to only certain people!!

  15. I know a Randleman Tiger that got screwed. Not saying any kids chosen wasn’t deserving but I know our Catcher should have been on the team.

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