Final numbers from Friday’s 2016 Guilford College 7 on 7 Football Tournament:The East Forsyth Eagles are your Champions:(Southern Durham takes the ‘Beast of the East’ at ECU on Saturday)

Championship Game:
East Forsyth 19, Southern Durham 11
East Forsyth Eagles 2016 Guilford College 7 on 7 Passing Game Champions…

*****GREENVILLE, N.C. — Southern Durham claimed the championship at Saturday’s Beast of the East 7-on-7 tournament at East Carolina University. Southern Durham went (7-0) and topped D.H. Conley in the championship game, 48-14 victory.*****
from and the HSOT…*****

Much more from Guilford College on Friday….

East Forsyth 37, Ragsdale 31 (Overtime and it took a few OT’s to settle this one.)
Southern Durham 20, Reidsville 17

More scores from earlier in the day…

Southern Durham 17, Northeast Guilford 15
Ragsdale 24, Western Alamamce 22
East Forsyth 20, Northern Guilford 3
Reidsville 27, Mount Tabor 9

Going into the Quarterfinals the teams stood like this…
#1 Southern Durham(4-0)
#2 Western Alamance(4-0)
#3 East Forsyth(3-1)…NEG best East Forsyth
#4 Reidsville(3-1)
#5 Mount Tabor(3-1)
#6 Northern Guilford(2-2)
#7 Ragsdale(2-2)
#8 Northeast Guilford(2-2)

*****For some reason it was very cold day/night up at Guilford College…Must have been in the lower 60’s with the wind factored in…More video from today’s game due here in the morning…*****

More results from Friday’s football action at Guilford…
Morehead finishes at (2-2)
Pamlico County goes (0-3)
Durham Riverside goes (2-2)
Union Academy goes (0-4)
Statesville Christian goes (1-2)
Western Guilford goes (0-4)…

Earlier Games on Friday:
East Forsyth 23, Morehead 13
Mount Tabor 15, Northeast Guilford 13
Reidsville 30, Statesville Christian 13
Western Alamance 39, Western Guilford 8
Northern Guilford 25, Durham Riverside 2
East Forsyth 25, Pamlico County 8
Morehead 24, Northeast Guilford 20
Western Alamance 30, Ragsdale 0
Statesville Christian 24, Western Guilford 9
Southern Durham 17, Durham Riveside 8
Ragsdale 30, Western Guilford 0
Northern Guilford 21, Union Academy 15
Western Alamance 18, Reidsville 10
Southern Durham 24, Northern Guilford 10
Durham Riverside 20, Union Academy 17
Mount Tabor 31, Morehead 13
Northeast 18, Pamlico County 17
Reidsville 36, Ragsdale 30
Western Alamance 15, Statesville Christian 14
Southern Durham 17, Union Academy 3
Northeast Guilford 14, East Forsyth 12
Mount Tabor 17, Pamlico County 3
Durham Riverside 11, Northern Guilford 10
Southern Durham 21, Union County 6
East Forsyth 24, Mount Tabor 0
Morehead 20, Pamlico County 18
Ragsdale 14, Statesville Christian 11
Reidsville 21, Western Guilford 15

19 thoughts on “Final numbers from Friday’s 2016 Guilford College 7 on 7 Football Tournament:The East Forsyth Eagles are your Champions:(Southern Durham takes the ‘Beast of the East’ at ECU on Saturday)

  1. Northern did a lot better than I expected today. When we played East in the playoffs I thought the one TD on the far corner that East scored was questionable but the refs did call it a TD and that was when we went down hill. I think that was the turning point for us. Now about East Forsyth’s. That Defense looked scary good at times tonight. I was talking to some friends in the crowd and they said that the Defensive Coordinator for East Forsyth was a former NW Guilford coach but I don’t ever remember seeing him at NWG. I will say that the East Offense has some amazing receivers with a lot of speed but their defense was the most well coached squad of the field tonight from all the teams. I know I saw them make at least 7 Ints in the 4 games I watched them play and they were all amazing plays. East will be a tough team to beat this year in that conference. The short DB for East #21 was all over the field. If they stop with the dropped passes and bad QB reads on Offense they could be a State Championship contender again. Still proud of the way Northern played! Not going to be as bad as everyone thinks.

  2. The Former NW Guilford coach at East is Coach Aaron Beal. He’s a great coach. My son played DB for Coach Beal for 4 years and he loves him. To this day he tells me him and Coach still text and he’s been out of HS for 5 years. He Coached with Coach Woodruff and I think 1 year with the new NW HC but not 100% sure about that. The kids at NW that played for him that I know loved him. He’s a players coach and really does a great job with the secondary. I wish he was still at NW. I hope East and Coach Beal have a ton of success that is until they play NW. Go Vikings!

  3. Ragsdale looked really good tonight too. Their QB is HUGE and the RB is very good plus I think they played East Forsyth to 4 OTs. Southern Durham had some monsters at WR. I think they had 3 guys that were 6’4″ or taller. I also loved the fact that it was nice and cool all night. The weather made it almost feel like Football season. I wish more Guilford County schools would go to this event since its right in our own backyard.

  4. Andy,
    What were your thoughts on this event? Who were some of the best looking teams out there? Thank the Lord its almost Football season!

  5. I agree! It would be great if every team from Guilford County would go to this event. That way we could figure out who the best 7v7 team in the County is. Andy you should put on a Greensboro Sports 7 on 7 tournament and get every HS team in Guilford County to show up. Could you imagine the crowd that would bring with Page, Dudley, HPC, NW Guilford Northern and others there. Play it at Guilford College or NC A&T.

  6. 7 on 7 football is unrealistic and IMO causes more bad habits than it helps. Who cares if East and their stud D won the fake football title. They’ll lose to Mallard Creek or Butler again this year. Better yet they’ll lose to NWG this year too!

  7. Dudle was at UNC 7 on 7 Tournament. They went 4-0 in their pool. And they lost in the semi. They will be at NC State 7 on 7 tournament this Friday.

  8. It might be hard to get all of the Guilford County teams together at the same time, but I wish we could do it…Ragsdale was a pleasant surprise…They lost to Western Alamance 30-0 and then came back and WA 24-22 and took East Forsyth to an All Night Long OT session..That OT was probably the best action you would see there on Friday, very good back and forth, what do we do next on the fly football…

    Agree with what was said about Coach Beal…Spoke to me and a very engaging coach on the field…I like the way he coaches and he’s very much about keeping the players in the game, in a positive way…

    Met Coach Westberg from Northern and the Nighthawks looked OK, but have some work to do, but I think that they will be set at RB…A good one on hand….Two QB’s right now for NG with Cody Knight and Flippin…It was good to meet with Coach Westberg, a nice young coach with a good feel for the game…

    Northeast pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the day when they topped East Forsyth 14-12 and they had #1 seed Southern Durham beat in the quarterfinals, but the referee threw an offsides flag on the NEG Ram receiver and Coach Lippard had just lined up the WR and the slot man where they should be and Coach Lippard did it hands on and the ref still threw the flag..Good upfield passing from junior QB Gerald Simpson from NEG…

    Eric Williams from Ragsdale is the real deal and I think it was the Watkins kid either Cole or Kyle, I believe they are both on board, had some nice receptions for the Tigers that caught my eye and Williams is a big QB, he can stand back there and see the field and should be able to take a hit..

    Overall I think the Guilford College 7 on 7’s were a hit on Friday and the Guilford College staff with Coach R., Mitch Ferrick and Coach Davis did a great job running the show…Just to keep that OT flowing like they did was a major task and they pulled that off, nicely…

    The day was a little long, but by the time you got to the end of the day and you/we were in the 9:00 hour, it was sort of like being in Friday Night football time or mode and it pretty much made sense…

    Hope we have given you some good fuel for thought and that was a “Good Football Day” on Friday….

  9. Some things that stood out to me.

    -NE Guilford was a surprise! Where did they get all that talent? Their QB has a cannon for an arm. Give the new HC another year or two and they’ll be a playoff contender

    -Northern Guilford will finish 3rd or 4th in their conference and lose to NW Guilford this year. Northern is not as bad as people think they are but they don’t have the big time player like they’ve had the last 6 years.

    -Ragsdale QB is a heck of a player. Average receivers on offense but the RB #7 will be one of the top backs in the area this year.

    -Western Alamance QB has amazing accuracy. The Big WR that was wearing the red shirt is a great player. He doesn’t seem like a very good teammate. Once the fell behind you could hear him using some nasty 4 letter words about his teammates. Coaches need to get on top of that quick or they could have big problems. They will be a top team in their conference.

    -Western Guilford will be lucky to win a couple games. Western has gone down hill very quick. They use to be one of the top teams in the state. They need a coach like Tommy Pursley who could install a Triple Option or Wing T style system. Very undersized and lacking skill position players.

    -Reidsville has some players and will be a 2nd or 3rd rd team again this year in the 2A. Not much depth and size for the Rams. I could see them matching up well against Northern but NW will beat them by as many as they want.

    -Morehead is VERY small. They graduated a lot of players and will struggle this year at QB, WR and DB.

    -East Forsyth will be a top team in their conference again this year. They have big tall WRs and DBs. Lots of speed all over the field. #1 is flat out nothing short of amazing!

  10. I still think that NW will beat East Forsyth by 1-2 TD’s this year. This is the most talented team in NW school history Imo. People will probably talk trash about this but I think NW can win every game this year. Look at our schedule and tell me who could beat NW this year besides East.

  11. I’ve seen NWG schedule and I think there are 4 or more games you could easily lose so calm down talking about beating East. You might want to worry about the rest of the teams you play before them.

  12. Northwest Guilford must obviously be concerned about East Forsyth, they have a lot coming back…

    NWG can also not turn a blind eye on Southwest Guilford, the Cowboys beat NWG last season and the Cowboys will always be a threat to anyone as long as they have Jaren Rainey at QB…

    Ragsdale is the early sleeper in that conference…Ragsdale has their top RB back and he ran for over 1,000 yards last season and Ragsdale has found a quality QB in Eric Williams…Ragsdale is a team that will sneak up on you if you fail to alert the troops that they are coming for you…

    High Point Central will have very good athletes, they always do and Larry McClain, I think it is is the QB and he should be a junior this year with a lot more experience on the firing line from last year to get him in the right frame of mind for this season….

    NWG is right there with East Forsyth going into the early campaign, with the edge to EF based on what they did last season, taking Mallard Creek to brink of elimination, in the NCHSAA 4-A West Finals and NWG had a bit of a disappointing regular season, but the Vikings finished strong in the playoffs and they had that one playoff game where Tre Turner went off for Four TD’s…

    All we can right now is talk about it and in about two months it will be ready to happen for real, until then, the focus will be on who will be “The Boss”….

    One question still on the table is, “Who will be the NWG QB”??? Is it Caleb Homol or are they going to go with Thomas Henningan as a Wildcat???

    Lots of talk until mid-August and let it continue, because it appears to be a real good season shaping with most teams having all of their guys from last year back in place again this year…

  13. I’m willing to bet nwg won’t blow reidsville out of the water.

    Also some teams may not even be whole right now its only June.

  14. Tarheel,

    NW will beat Reidsville by 2 TD’s minimum this season. NW has maybe has the best offensive unit in the area this season. They have 3 big time D-1 receivers. Hennigan is the best player on the team and he had offers to UVA and alot of other schools but he chose App State. Tre Turner our 6’4″ Receiver has offers from just about ever Power 5 Conference team you can think of. Cam our Slot receiver has offers to UVA and UNCC. I saw Reidsville at the 7on7 and they don’t have any DB’s that can match up with any of those guys. I’m not trying to be cocky but I’m telling you NW has never had a team in the schools history with this many big time players. Reidsville isn’t the power they once were they look like a normal 2A school now.

  15. Andy,

    I also forgot to add Homol is no longer at NW Guilford. I think he transferred to a school somewhere in Florida. Hennigan will be the starter I think with Jake Smith taking reps too as long as he can stay healthy. Rolfes seems to like using a 2 QB system. Having Hennigan touch the ball on every play will give a lot of teams big time problems.

  16. We will see. I know nwg will be really good though, maybe a top 10 4a team. Nwg will be the favorite, but don’t sleep on Reidsville based on last year or on 7 on 7 action. This could be the best Reidsville team since the state championship years, but its a long way from playing out.

  17. I also disagree with Reidsville being a average 2a team, had a bad year last year, but other than that has been deep in the playoffs the past few years.

  18. The word I got/received at the end of HS Spring Football practice is that Jake Smith will not play football this upcoming season due to health issues and this is the best move for him and his family…

    That leaves the job full-time to Thomas Hennigan, to be the key NWG QB….

    Vikings working on a backup as we discuss…

  19. Which QB for Western Alamance are you referring to looked accurate? I understand they played 2 and both looked good.

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