Bob Harris to retire from the Duke Blue Devils broadcast booth at the end of the upcoming season

Bob Harris has announced that he will step down as the ‘Voice of the Duke Blue Devils’ at the end of the upcoming 2016-2017 seasons…Bob has been the ‘Voice of the Blue Devils’ for over 40 years and he feels the time has come to hang it up….Bob has been doing it for so long, it is hard to remember who was calling the Duke games before Bob took over the microphone…Might have been Add Penfield…

from Wikipedia:
Add Penfield (Addison Pierce Penfield,1918–2010), a pioneer in North Carolina sports radio, was the original radio “Voice of the Blue Devils”.

He was the “Voice of the Duke Blue Devils” from 1952 to 1976. Bob Harris served as his color commentator and the two broadcast both Duke football and Duke basketball men’s basketball games. Facing health problems, Penfield retired in 1976 and was succeeded by Harris, who became the new “Voice of the Blue Devils”. Harris has become synonymous with the moniker. Still, Harris credits Penfield for leading the way: “He has been a beacon for all of us in the broadcast industry.”

We are losing Bob Harris, we lost Woody Durham(North Carolina), gone are Wally Ausley(N.C. State), Gene Overby(Wake Forest) and where have all the “Good Guys” gone??? They say you have to move on and I guess that is true….But a new era will be ringing in at Duke University and who will and who can replace Bob Harris??? Will Duke go outside, as N.C. State did when they brought in Gary Hahn to replace Ausley or will they stay inside the fold and move up John Roth to call the Duke Blue Devil games…Will be interesting, but with the blast of television, radio is not what it used to be and the internet has made a difference too….

Best of Luck to Bob Harris as he gets set to hit retirement and you can read more on Bob Harris stepping down when you CLICK HERE…..