2016 GNABA All-Star Teams

Congratulations to the 2016 All-Stars…Please have your players arrive
an hour before the game if possible. They should wear their team uniform. There is a 5.00 gate fee for all league events so please let your players know, so they can inform their fans etc.

Game is 7:20pm @WGHS
7innings/No Run Rule and 2hr 30min time limit

We will have a DJ there to play music if there is not rain in the forecast

Thank you

Team Johnny Bench (Reds,Dodgers,Braves)

Manger Enad Haddad-Reds

Klinton Davis-P Reds
Chris Kernen-P Reds
Tyler Boone-P Reds
Jesus Santiago-C Reds
Dillon Cox-1B Reds
Daniel Kennedy-OF/IF Reds
Andre Smith-3B Reds
Robby Hoopes-2B Reds
Jacob Vernon-C/DH/IF Reds

Benard Isreal-2B Dodgers
Luke Guthrie-1B Dodgers
Casey Gentry-SS Dodgers
Jody Donato-3B Dodgers
Nick Corey-OF Dodgers

Warren Hill-OF Braves
Desmond Hargrove-C
Parker Strader-P/IF
Daniel Beal-3B/P
Tyler Priddy-SS

Team Andrew McCutchen( Pirates,Yankees,Orioles)

Manager Bill Ahrens-Pirates

Nin Marrero IF/P Pirates
Nino Marrero OF/P Pirates
Brandon Ahrens C/P Pirates
Keith Anderson 2B Pirates
Darrly Rice OF/P Pirates
Ryan Stoneman-IF Pirates
Hunter Wolfington-P Pirates
Dalton Ashworth-OF/IF Pirates

Sonny Marroquin-IF/P Yankees
Ryan Dickens-OF Yankees
DJ Hayes-SS Yankees
Black Stewart-P Yankees
Daniel Wilson-OF Yankees
Casey Addison-1B Yankees

Christian Griffin-IF Orioles
Will Hicks-P/IF Orioles
Corey Harmon IF/OF Orioles
Nick Chadmon-OFOrioles
Drew Korte-OF/P Orioles