People that we have been hearing about and seeing this Summer:Reggie Jones(Basketball), Don Lineberry’s grandsons(Golf) and Desmond Sturdivant(Football)

We ran into Desmond Sturdivant(Ben L. Smith High School) football last night at the Harris Teeter on Lawndale Drive and these days Desmond Sturdivant is working the Harris Teeter store in the Summer and Desmond/’Chunky’ will be like Virgil Runnels used to say, “funky like a monkey” this coming football season for the Hampton University Pirates….Desmond stands 6-3 and he weighs 280 pounds and he looks to be in great shape…Good to see this local football player again and he said Will Foxx(Page High School/East Carolina) was up there with him at Hampton…Desmond also said Cameron Clark(Ben L. Smith) is doing a great job along with Larry Ogunjobi(Ragsdale HS) down at Charlotte, for the 49ers…You have to be proud of local kids making it good, kids like Desmond Sturdivant, Will Foxx, Cameron Clark and Larry Ogunjobi and especially Desmond Sturdivant, since we just into him last night and if we ran into for real, we might still be tying to get back up….

Have also been hearing, but not necessarily seeing good things about Reggie Jones, the local youth basketball coach, who people tell me, might be the best thing going as a coach for kids playing youth level basketball here in town/Greensboro, for kids in that 9-12 year-old range..Heard Mr. Jones does a lot of work down at the Hayes-Taylor YMCA on Florida Street and he is one of the coaches, that if your kids can get with him, you want them on Reggie Jones’ team….Keep it rolling Reggie Jones and I hope we keep getting these good reports on the work that are doing with youth basketball within the Greensboro community….Reggie Jones, doing it right for the kids in Greensboro….

Finally, I have been hearing a lot about these two young golfers in town that attend Caldwell Academy and they are the grandsons of local dentistry legend and youth baseball and basketball coaching legend, Don Lineberry…Docs two youth golfers, Andrews and Tyler, are the sons of Doc’s daughter Donna and from I have been hearing over the past couple of years, these two kids can really “hit it” and the boys can play a very competitive game of golf and their game has almost allowed them to rise up to the adult level, even though both Andrew and Tyler are just reaching high school…These two youth golfers have made Don/Doc Lineberry proud and maybe they will follow in their grandfather’s footsteps and attend Guilford College and who knows, maybe some day they will enter the Guilford College Sports Hall of Fame and be right beside their granddad Don Lineberry….Donna has done a good raising these two boys/golfers and now we are trying to help them elevate their game and raise awareness about how well Andrew and Tyler are playing….

Desmond Sturdivant, Reggie Jones, plus Andrew and Tyler, just few faces out there in the crowd for this week, at…..