Josh Williams Weekly Blog from JANESH:Josh, former running back from Guilford College has the ‘Word of the Week’ on recruiting

from Josh Williams, former football running back for the Guilford College Quakers…

Football season is approaching and that means recruiting season is starting to peak. All summer long coaches have been identifying potential talent. Weather summer camps, 7 on 7’s, or word of mouth. Make sure you are prepared to stay in touch with the coaches you have interacted with.

After every game this season, you need to be sending out a recap of the previous game. Your intentions are to stay fresh in your coaches head. Keep them interested and updated about how you are developing as a player. Maybe they weren’t ready to offer you this summer but with these weekly recaps, you feed their reasons to offer you money.

They should expect this update from you after every game this season. Each update email should include your stats from last game, highlights or cut ups of the better plays that you had, and include any other “FYI” info for the coach to keep up with.

You can be preparing these emails during the summer. Gather the emails of all of the coaches that you met this summer, and any from the past that have shown you interest. This is your marketing opportunity. You want them to know who you are and what you can do.

I can tell you that not every coach is going to respond to each email update. But they are watching and reading what you send. Put it in their hands. Let them know what you can do, give them that chance to reach out and say they want you to come play on their college team.

From these updates, I have seen guys earn scholarships anywhere from The University of Virginia (D1) to last minute walk on opportunities at Methodist University(D3). These are meant to show a coach your character and abilities.