Got any thoughts on Peyton Manning and HGH? How about these thoughts from TheLeadSports

from TheLeadSports:

The NFL’s HGH test has caught zero players in two years.

You could inject HGH while reading this, get blood drawn tomorrow morning, and there’s a high likelihood the National Football League’s test would come back negative.

Roger Goodell wants players juicing. He wants the biggest, strongest, fastest products on the field. It came as no surprise that the NFL completely exonerated Peyton Manning and concluded that performance enhancing substances never synthesized in his blood cells.

We didn’t expect, nor want, the NFL to come down hard on Papa John Pey — the Al Jazeera secret recording was BS journalism, and the average fan deserves to believe Manning didn’t partially rely on human growth hormone to recover from his devastating neck injury — but let’s be real: a vast majority of NFL players use HGH.

Did the growth hormone delivered to Ashley Manning go into her body? Or Peyton’s? If Manning used HGH to recover from his third neck procedure in an effort to extend his football career another 2-3 seasons, we don’t blame him. His career didn’t deserve to be tarnished, but neither did the other quarterback vilified for under-inflated footballs that weren’t actually under-inflated…

from TheLeadSports