Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 09/02/16

Game of the Week Stream 1: Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White
Game of the Week Stream 2: Northeast Guilford at Ragsdale with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 12 – 10:30 PM

Dudley (3-0) – 32
Davie County (2-1) – 6

Northern Guilford (0-2) – 20
Northwest Guilford (3-0) – 47

Page (2-1) – 65
High Point Central (1-2) – 20

Southern Guilford (1-2) – 0
Southeast Guilford (2-1) – 20

Southwest Guilford (3-0) – 23
Ledford (1-2) – 10

Smith (1-2) – 26
Western Guilford (1-2) – 24

Northeast Guilford (0-3) – 0
Ragsdale (1-2) – 34

Alleghany (3-0) – 56
Bishop McGuinness (1-2) – 34

East Forsyth (3-0) – 23
West Forsyth (2-1) – 10

Matthews Butler (2-1) – 34
Western Alamance (2-1) – 7

Morehead – 0
Reidsville – 63

Williams – 41
Cummings – 0

Mt. Tabor – 42
Carver – 6

Glenn – 47
WS Atkins – 0

Walkertown – 7
RJ Reynolds – 49

Eastern Alamance – 26
Southern Alamance – 14

North Davidson – 35
Asheboro – 14

Parland – 40
WS Prep – 8

FINAL – Overtime
McMichael – 7
Martinsville – 14

Eastern Randolph – 21
Rockingham County – 15

High Point Christian Academy (2-0)
Wake Christian (2-0)

East Montgomery

High Point Andrews (0-1)
Raleigh Ravenscroft (1-1)

Raleigh Athens Drive (0-2)
Grimsley (1-1)


Southwest Randolph

FINAL (Thursday Game)
Raleigh Broughton (2-1) – 0
Eastern Guilford (3-0) – 33

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  1. Who is #7 on NW? Basketball can be a one man team but I don’t see how football can fall into the same category. Obviously the NW offense is rolling but I have not heard anything about it’s defense which has controlled the other side of the ball for 3 games this season.

  2. Congratulations to Jared Rolfes and the NW Vikings. The 7 year drought is over.

  3. Tre Turner has only been playing football for only one year. He has more college scholarship offers than career games played and just recently picked up one from Ole Miss. Trust me, northwest has more than Hennigan

  4. NG lead at half. Lead in 3rd. Then Rolfes had to change his game plan and nobody except Thomas did anything noteworthy. 5 TDs in 2nd half to pull away. Everyone on the team choked tonight until Thomas took over deep in the 3rd. The talent level on NWG is head and shoulders above NG. Congrats to Thomas Hennigan for single handedly dominating a bottom of the barrel, rebuilding, unathletic, very young Nighthawk team. I predict another 2nd round exit for Rolfes and his gang this season. I also predict next year’s Nighthawk team will wipe the floor with NW.

  5. Dudley lost its QB in the first quarter. Richard Monroe aka Quad came in and played well throwing 2 td passes. The first td pass was on his first snap going for mearly 80 yards.

  6. Man i just watched the refs try to take the game from Dudley.. penalty after penalty even a muffed punt was called down.. an with all that an a 7-6 score in the 2nd i watched hooker have to big runs to get his team in the red zone an on the next play he gets kicked out the game just sad.. but with all that i seen them score 25 unanswered points with a back up QB throwing 2 td passes.. page take notes your still not on our level

  7. Just worry about trying to win a game this year, or at least try to make on close. May not even make the playoffs. Unless Rosco comes back Northern will never be the same. Northern wouldn’t have even scored without number 2. Who mysteriously is a transfer from Southern Durham. I wonder who he is living with?

  8. Not sure who the backup QB is for Dudley that came in when Hooker got ejected. But, he looked real good! Dudley never missed a beat.

  9. Thanks High school he looked pretty good. When a kid can come off the bench and the offense can still move the FB as if Hooker was still the QB. That’s impressive! Dudley’s got something special going on!

  10. Hey there Haters! Call it what you want we will dominate everyone we play this year! Next team getting the beat down is SE Guilford! You say we are nothing but Hennigan. Well we went into a game against Smith without him and our other 3 best players and still dominated. NW will win the PT4A this year bet on it. Hennigan for Player of the year! Rolfes for Coach of the year!

  11. Dboyz……sadly, not many fans understand the rules of football. They only THINK they do. Officials don’t rob, or try to steal games. When the team you support has multiple penalties, just be man enough to admit, that your team had a bad night in the……violation of rules department!!!

  12. So im sitting here reading all these comments, and im like dag…why dudes hating each other so much!!?? Everybody hating on Northern and NW, i mean, i know their fans arent known for being the nicest but cmon, why kick a squad when they are down or when a squad is having success! Then I scroll down and dboyz coming for the Page squad like Page has been talking trash or something! Lol why is everyone so bitter?? Just play ball, or watch the game, support your squad and keep it moving! I used to teach at Page and ive done their hype video/pictures so thats the team i naturally root for and support, but i still got love for all these young men playing ball. Why is nobody taking the high road? Maybe im in the minority (shrugs)

  13. The Nighthawks have gone from a well coached, prepared team in years past to quite the opposite in less than 6 months time. The real fault lies w admin who could not get the hiring process in order. It is a shame for the boys.

  14. Man the refs clearly didn’t know what was going on out there last night that was the worst piece of officiating I’ve ever seen in my life. There were two fumbles clearly he was not down but they still gave it to Davie County. Those two Phantom calls said it was pass interference when it wasa tipped pass.

  15. Glad to see Page playing great! Also, glad Northwest finally beat NG. Have a good Saturday watching College football.

  16. The question for Dudley becomes Hendon Hooker was ejected from last night’s game at Davie County and now with the ejection does he now have to sit out the next game, next Friday night at Durham Hillside????

    Does this go down as an ejection or a disqualification and if it was a clear ejection Hendon might have to sit out the Durham Hillside game….

    Usually in the case of an ejection no matter at what point of the game the ejection comes, and this one for Hendon came early in the game at Davie County, with the ejection, you have to sit out the following game too and that would make Hendon Hooker unavailable for next Friday’s game at Hillside….

    Richard/Quad Monroe stepped up and stepped in and he did a great job in leading Dudley to the win over Davie County last night and now Monroe may be called upon again to lead the Panthers next Friday at Hillside…

    Hillside lost their QB from last year’s team Chauncey Caldwell to Mallard Creek and Dudley may have lost their’s too, we will just have to wait and see how the NCHSAA rules on this one….

    I trust the knowledge and input we get from the Pigskin Ump and maybe he has some insight on this one for us….

    J.P. Mundy was at the game for the N&R and he may have the key to what might be about to happen next….

    This would seem to be the “Next Big Thing” on the Panthers’ plate as they work to stay Unbeaten and remain #1 in the County and in the 336….NWG and Page are coming on strong…

    Pigskin Ump and J.P. Mundy if you are out there and have some light on this subject, shed it our way….

  17. If I am the new principal, I am picking up the AD and we are driving to Black Dog Farm in SC to beg the Ol Ball Coach to come out of retirement. I am sure he could rally some of the old staff back together to get us back on the right track. We miss you Johnny.

  18. There is so much more than meets the eye going on at Northern. Johnny Roscoe built and ran that program at Northern. No disrespect to anyone but the AD and the new coaching staff do not have experience to build a “so so” team into a great one. Roscoe and his staff understood how to build relationships with those young men. Much like Jared Rolfes is doing at NW. It is showing you care about them by building those fundamental relationships. Now Northern Varsity looks like a JV team without the powerful coaching experience that the ole ball coach had. Hopeful that with time Westberg and his VERY young coaching staff can turn it around. RIP NIghthawk Dynasty

  19. Here is what I have been able to pull out of the book so far on the Hendon Hooker situation as it applies to next week and his availability for the Durham Hillside game:

    A coach has the ability to send tape of the penalty/ejection to NCHSAA and an ejection “can” be overturned to a DQ.

    A DQ is for that game in which the DQ occurred. An ejection is for the game it occurred and the next game.

    Many counties have a policy of an additional week tacked on. Not sure of Guilford County’s stance on this.

  20. The ejection was totally un-called for as Hendon’s a great kid, comes from a good family and has never been the type to do what those refs were suggesting. That “officiating” last night was absolutely ridiculous but i’m digressing here. Hopefully this will be reversed once Chapel Hill has a chance to review the tape.

    ‘pigskinump’, have a lifetime of seats sir; there are dirty cops, religious figures, attorneys and yes, even sports officials.

  21. Had a similar incident in high school where officials said I threw a punch during a basketball game. Obviously I didn’t but was ejected for the remainder of that game and two additional games. So if Hooker was indeed ejected he’ll be missing two games unless it is overturned.

  22. Right now Northern is having/trying to build their program with a lot of new people on hand trying to do it and that is not easy and it will take a lot of hard work to get it done and it may take a few years…

    It is what it is…

    After Northeast Guilford lost Coach Tommy Pursley they have been trying/digging from square one/Ground Zero since the day Coach Pursley stepped down….Tough on the new coaches and sometimes it is like pants, you have to go through several pairs until you find the right fit and until then, It is what it is….

    Ragsdale has been in a big rebuilding mode and it will be a whole new world when Coach Norwood steps away from the Tigers’ program…

    There is no perfect blueprint, if there were we would be coaching somewhere other than from the PC(as in the Personal Computer) Headquarters…..

  23. God help any coach who has the balls to step into Roscoe’s shoes. He was the only coach who could put our snooty, pushy, no-it-all, helicopter parents in their place. It’s absolutely disgusting sitting in the stands listening to these idiots make comments about the coaching. Rolfes was as vanilla as a coach could be with his play calling at NG as our OC. His play calling costs us a win against Crest in the semis. His first couple of years at NW were rocky as well. Now, they are loaded with talent and they got beat thru almost 3 qtrs of fb last nite before NG’s wheels fell off due to injuries and some questionable coaching decisions. Last nite was progress for NG in my opinion. I never expected Westberg to fill Roscoe’s shoes. I only expect baby steps. We have a very young, inexperienced team with a new coaching staff. Let’s give it a few years to develop before the implosion talk starts. Our kids can still have a great experience without winning a conference title or a state title. Being part of a rebuilt can often times be very rewarding in and of itself. Let the Vikings bask in their glory. They’ve sucked for so many years. This is their pinnacle. So much that they are in denial that last night was no big deal except for the fact that if not for a couple key injuries and an ejection, the momentum might have just carried forward from the 1st half to yet another NG victory over NW.

  24. With the talent NW has there is no way they should have been in a fight with Northern in the 3rd quarter. NW is overrated people and it showed last night! Rolfes is the most arrogant cocky coach I’ve ever witnessed! He talks trash on twitter and the News-Record like a little kid.

  25. Time to pack it in and hit the sack on the comments for today….Will look to unpack tomorrow…

    I read up on Coach Rolfes at Twitter and all I saw was a dedicated coach who was training his team for “Nighthawk Down” and NWG beat the Nighthawks and the mission was accomplished…

    NWG and Coach Rolfes had a goal and they worked hard and they attained their goal and that is how sports works and there is nothing wrong with that…

    No for NWG it is on to their next goal and that will be next week’s game…

    Northern is mad because they lost and they should be mad, that is how sports works too, no team accepts losing, they go out and do something about it….

    Unpack on Sunday…..

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