High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Names, Numbers and notable notes from Friday night’s games

Let’s hit the field spinning this morning with all of the names, numbers, notes and even key links we can find to last night’s games….
Just a little outside the area starter and CLICK HERE for the post on Matthews Butler over Western Alamance last night at Elon and next Friday night in a very big game for the State 4-AA’s, Richmond County at Butler is coming up….Good piece on Butler coach Brian Hales and in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area last night, James Hurney, the son of former Carolina Panthers GM Marty Hurney, had three picks/INT’s for Charlotte Catholic….Plus Charlotte Independence, a one time 4-A state powerhouse has begun the season at (0-3)…..+++++Be sure to check out the photo of the Butler stadium and press box in the background behind Coach Hales, might different that what you would expect…+++++

*****On to those Numbers and Numbers from last night’s games…..*****

369:Peter Ingle(Bishop McGuinness) with 369 passing yards and 5 TD’s, going 26-40 in a loss to Alleghany…
241:Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) with 241 total yards and 5 TD’s on 162 rush, 71 yards receiving and 8 yards passing for NWG in their historic win over Northern Guilford HS…
232:Myron ‘MJ’ Frazier(Northern Guilford HS) had 232 yards on the ground on 26 carries, with 2 TD’s for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks….
238:Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) goes for 238 yards with 196 passing(10-14) and 42 rushing yards with one TD toss…
219:Ben Babcock(Bishop McGuinness) had 219 receiving yards on 14 receptions with 3 TD catches…
210:Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale HS) ran for 201 yards on 24 carries and 4 touchdowns in the Tigers 41-0 victory over the Northeast Guilford Rams…
162:Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) had 106 passing yards with 1 going for a touchdown and then JR also rushed for 56 yards in the SWG Cowboys win over Ledford…
149:Javon Leake(Page HS) with 149 total touchdown yards and that is just the TD yardage Leake gained on 5 Total Touchdowns for the night in the Page Pirates victory at High Point Central/Simeon Stadium, in High Point….The 5 TD’s for Leake and they said it could have been six, is very big and he might be in line for “The Sawyer” next week..Next week for Leake???….One of the strongest points/parts of Leake’s game are his punt returns…
100:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS) caught 4 passes good for 100 yards and 1 TD vs. NG….
More names, notes and numbers are heading your way and set to come down the chute….
9:Thomas Murray(Page HS) goes 9-9 on PAT kicks and he had to kick off at least 10 times last night in Page vs. HP Central and Murray must be busy soaking his foot this morning….
87:Bryson Jumper(Southwest Guilford HS) with 87 yards rushing and one TD last night for the Cowboys….
86:Chad Stephens(Southeast Guilford HS) ran for 86 yards and one TD on a wet track last night at SEG and Stephens is a pure “power back” and to me, he and SEG teammate Tre Love, give the Falcons a great 1-2 “Power Back Punch”…..
86:Will Jones(Page HS) Jones had at least 86 yards of TD passing yardage on TD throws to Ronald Polite…Not sure of WJ’s total passing yards, but Jones moved the cones on Friday night….
60:Andrell Edwards(Southern Guilford HS) running for 60 yards on 15 carries….
3:Dudley Panthers Passing(Dudley HS) you don’t see this all that often, where the Dudley Panthers throw for three TD’s in a football game, but they had two TD passes from backup QB Richard ‘Quad’ Monroe and one TD throw from starter Hendon Hooker…Thomas King, DC Crossen and Ezra Perkins on the receiving end of those TD tosses….Two TD runs for Dudley RB Rush-Foxworth…
+++++Dudley Defense whining with leaders Nigel Peele and Patrick Conner on the prowl:Nigel Peele LB 7 solo tackle and 11 assists total 18 tackles and 1 sack…..Patrick Connor LB 5 solo tackle and 10 assists total 15 tackles…..+++++
3:Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) with 2 TD’s running the ball and 1 TD passing the ball in the EG Wildcats 33-0 shutout win over Raleigh Broughton on Thursday night….

This week’s links…
CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera at the News and Record on Northern Guilford-Northwest Guilford game…
CLICK HERE for Tim Nash(News and Record) on Page at High Point Central…
CLICK HERE for Kegan Lowe at the Winston-Salem Journal on Dudley at Davie County with breakdown on Hendon Hooker ejection….
CLICK HERE on Jay Spivey from the Winston-Salem Journal on the East Forsyth-West Forsyth game and it was a real good at West, in Clemmons and how did it rain in Clemmons for this game, we got strong rain and wind during our game at Southeast Guilford and we heard not a drop of rain fell in Western Guilford County on Friday night, ie Northern at Northwest Guilford….

*****The question for Dudley becomes Hendon Hooker was ejected from last night’s game at Davie County and now with the ejection does he now have to sit out the next game, next Friday night at Durham Hillside????

Does this go down as an ejection or a disqualification and if it was a clear ejection Hendon might have to sit out the Durham Hillside game….

Usually in the case of an ejection no matter at what point of the game the ejection comes, and this one for Hendon came early in the game at Davie County, with the ejection, you have to sit out the following game too and that would make Hendon Hooker unavailable for next Friday’s game at Hillside….

Richard/Quad Monroe stepped up and stepped in and he did a great job in leading Dudley to win over Davie County last night and now Monroe may be called upon again to lead the Panthers next Friday at Hillside…

Hillside lost their QB from last year’s team Chauncey Caldwell to Mallard Creek and Dudley may have lost their’s too, we will just have to wait and see how the NCHSAA rules on this one….

This would seem to be the “Next Big Thing” on the Panthers’ plate as the work to stay Unbeaten and remain #1 in the County and in the 336….NWG and Page are coming on strong…*****

$$$$$ Here is what I have been able to pull out of the book so far on the Hendon Hooker situation as it applies to next week and his availability for the Durham Hillside game:

A coach has the ability to send tape of the penalty/ejection to NCHSAA and an ejection “can” be overturned to a DQ.

A DQ is for that game in which the DQ occurred. An ejection is for the game it occurred and the next game.

Many counties have a policy of an additional week tacked on. Not sure of Guilford County’s stance on this.$$$$$


  1. This is an objective perspective from the games I have witnessed when teams from Guilford County play teams from the Forsyth and surrounding areas: the team with the most black athletes gets flagged the most.

    I recommend that all people with children at an early age move their child or children closer to East Greensboro so that their sons can receive knowledge of the game and a higher football IQ than other programs. Watching Page now does not change that it is a large version of Lewis Recreation Center and Mendenhall Middle School. As long as two people can carry the team, the fans and citizens of Northern Greensboro perceive it as a winning model. Hope the state places them back in the East.

  2. Teddyroe, hope your words are not insinuating that referees are targeting Afro-American kids. If so will you and other people please stop playing the race card in every situation. You said in your observation, which means it is your opinion and you have no facts. Maybe if everyone would read articles from Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson we could help fight the racism you are blaming from your statement “teams with the most black athletes get flagged the most.” I doubt very seriously the officiating crew has time or even the thought of counting which team has the most Afro-Americans on their team. Give it a rest. With accusations you are saying, you are part of problems not solutions.

  3. Numbers on Hendon Hooker and Richard Monroe came straight from the News and Record report…That is all we had to go by there…Dudley defensive numbers for Peele and Conner coming in from Dudley Defense…

  4. Nonsense, please email what Uncle Richard Sherman said. I posted my email. Post yours so we can dialogue. Stop hiding behind a nickname too. Probably one of those RINOs supporting Trump in the election like the rest of the pro-white liberals aka Republicans.


  5. TedRoe, no need for me to email you what as you said “uncle Richard Sherman” said because you and the rest of the peole like you have your minds made up. I am white but I have more black friends that you can imagine and some of them very very close since kindergarten but they are not like you. You stero-typed Richard Sherman like he was as people you call them Uncle Toms just because he has the right ideal on how we as a nation can come together and you don’t agree. I will be voting for Trump, doesn’t make me or any othet rep or demo bad. I guess you will be voting for someone who continues to lie and allow american soldiers both white and black to die because she was not doing her job.Like I said earlier, just like people who have your veiws, you are part of problem intead of part of solution. Next you will be blaming white people or black people you want to label “uncle Toms” for blacks getting killed by other blacks on a weekly basis in places like Chicago. We can come together as a nation and rise above the racial issues that exist but it will not happen as long as people like you keep the veiws you have.

  6. Dudley does not get a fair shake. Page did not get a fair shake against Davie County. Last season, East Forysth played Page and Mallard Creek. In both games, they were the least penalized team, and they were given two turnovers against Page that were clearly incorrect.

    As for you having black friends, I could care less. I’m not a libtard whatsoever, but I can discern a pro-white liberal when I read his/her comments. No black victims here by the way. Just an unabashed man who speaks the truths. Please look at the Dudley situation occurring at the moment. Do you need more evidence? I can gather ten more pieces.

  7. In my opinion, Page never gets a fair shake! Page always has to beat the team there playing and the refs. I guess it stems from being so successful for so long. I don’t think it has nothing to do with who has the most black players though. Also, I do believe Dudley gets treated differently to a certain point. Dudley used to be real undisciplined as a team but that all changed when Stephen Davis became the head coach. Honestly, I wish Davis was the head coach of Page but just my opinion. BTW, Class of 1989 Page High School.

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