High School Football Games coming up for Guilford County this week:FOX 8 on Dudley QB Hendon Hooker suspended one game/Ejection reduced to a Disqualification:Hooker is Back and can PLAY on Friday

***** Hendon Hooker’s Ejection has been reduced to a Disqualification and now Hooker is Back and can Play quarterback in the Dudley Panthers’ football game at Durham Hillside vs. the Hillside Hornets(3-0), on Friday night….*****
+++++Dudley(3-0) vs. Hillside(3-0) on Friday night…..+++++
Hooker is Back….

from earlier today and updated to current status above…..

This week’s games listed below, but here is the latest from FOX 8 News on the suspension of Dudley HS QB Hendon Hooker….www.myfox8.com
GREENSBORO, N.C. — Last Friday’s Dudley Panthers vs. Davie War Eagles High School Football game had more than just your regular highlights.

In the second quarter with the Dudley High School Panthers in scoring position, quarterback Hendon Hooker ran the ball on first down. After Hooker was tackled on about the 5-yard line the referees threw the yellow flag.

The refs gave Hooker an unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing a punch.

He was ejected and will be suspended for one game for the penalty per NCHSAA rules.

The Dudley Panthers are in the process of appealing the call…..CLICK HERE to check out the video and see what you think….

*****All games scheduled to kickoff at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted….*****

Dudley(3-0) at Durham Hillside(3-0)
Southeast Guilford(2-1) at Northwest Guilford(3-0)
Ragsdale(1-2) at Page(2-1)
High Point Central(1-2) at Grimsley(2-1)
Southwest Guilford(3-0) at Western Guilford(1-2)
Smith(1-2) at Southern Guilford(1-2)
Northern Guilford(0-2) at Burlington Williams(3-0)
Northeast Guilford(0-3) at Rockingham County(0-3)
Reidsville(3-0) at High Point Andrews(0-2)
Eastern Guilford(3-0) OFF
High Point Christian Academy(2-0) at Harrells Academy(1-2) 7pm
Bishop McGuinness(1-2) at Kestrel Heights(1-1) in Raleigh 7pm


  1. The ref clearly had a personal agenda bent on hurting Dudley. Eject the QB for pushing his own teammate’s hand away and the ejection carries a stiffer penalty than a DQ; GTFOOH! Now folks can understand why Kaepernick and others are doing what they are doing! Absolutely ridiculous!

  2. Who is he trying to punch? His teammates hand? No way that’s a flag, let alone an ejection. Not even a Dudley fan. SMH

  3. I gotta say, in looking at the Fox 8 highlight, it’s hard to see how that could possibly warrant even a penalty, much less a game suspension. It does look to me like he’s just knocking his teammate’s hand out of the way.

  4. In reviewing that video, it really makes me second guess all that you hear about Dudley. Do people really wrongly accuse them of things because of their past reputation? Clearly, he did not deserve a penalty and even if the ref thought he did something wrong, it should NOT have been an ejection. Although Hooker & Dudley are our rivals, fair is fair and the truth should be the truth. Reverse the call. It’s kids that work hard and come to play on Friday nights. Come on adults

  5. Watching that video on the expanded screen, it looks like Hendon Hooker is pushing his teammate’s knee…

    Anyone else agree???

    Does not look like a punch at all and not sure if he ever makes contact with the Davie player and again to me, it looks like he pushed his teammate’s knee since he(Hendon) was on the ground…

    See what you see, is he pushing his teammate’s knee or what?????

  6. Just a drop-in note on Durham Hillside….

    from WRALSportsFan.com at http://www.wralsportsfan.com:

    DURHAM, N.C. — Hillside (3-0) upended Southern Durham (1-2) Monday night, 7-3, the first victory for the Hornets over its crosstown rival in two seasons.

    Hornets’ junior running back Tyhijar Green scored from 36-yards out as the clock expired in the third quarter to give Hillside the game-winning score.

    CLICK HERE to

  7. Not sure if that’s true. I don’t know them, but watching the Dudley QB from afar, he seems to be a good kid. I’ve seen him play basketball and football since his younger days and has always been composed and handles himself well. Not a Dudley fan, but that call was unwarranted. Wish them the best

  8. I definitely do not see what the refs were seeing. Definitely do not see any kind of punch being through. Seems like the refs were probably expecting for whatever reason and had a hair trigger on that flag. I hate it for Hooker. That kind of thing creates a bad perception. @NorthernDad, I have heard good things about him too. Hopefully he will bounce back and have a great game this Friday and put this behind him.

  9. I agree with everyone, Hendon clearly didn’t throw a punch. The suspension should be lifted, i don’t know what the ref was looking at. The ref that made the call should be suspended. Lol

  10. Cooking on Twitter(Joe Sirera):

    @DBoyzFootball AD Art Wade confirms @HenBoss2’s ejection was reduced to a disqualification. He can play Friday at Durham Hillside. #HSXtra

  11. Anyone that roots for the Dudley Panthers has come to know and expect this kind of treatment every Friday. We at Dudley know we’re everybody’s playoff game. We’ve won more playoff games per year than most teams win all year and this year will be the same. Currently we’re ranked Statewide behind Mallard Creek who’s #10 in the Country. As a 4A perennial playoff contender we just play football. So why are we #2 to East Forsyth?

  12. Let me start this by saying I’m not a Dudley fan nor will I ever be. Just want you guys to know I’m not a homer who has emotions caught up in this situation.

    This is what really upsets me with HS refs. I know most do a decent job and try to do the right thing. Some are out there and try to use the position to be power happy. I’ve asked a simple question once in a calm voice during a game (who was the foul on sir?) His response….If you ask me another question youre out of here Coach.

    These Refs work full-time jobs and most don’t practice their craft or watch enough film to be qualified to do this job. You have players and coaches that work at this all year round and during the season coaches work 50-60 hours plus and players work all week as well. Then you have a guy who comes in for 2 hrs on a Friday night and holds the power to kick a kid out of 1/4th or his senior year off a piss poor call? I’m sorry but thats BS! I’m glad it was overturned. On top of that they are giving these refs even more power now. They are telling Refs zero tolerance now. It’s almost like these refs go in looking for a reason to throw a flag and toss someone instead of letting kids decide the outcome of the game! This game is an emotional game where a lot of hitting happens. Sometimes it goes a little after the whistle. That is why they have a 15yard personal foul. If they push a player or talk a little after the play throw the flag not the kid. Trust me a 15 yard penalty and a warning is enough cause at this level the Head Coach will more than likely go off and pull the kid for bone head plays like that.


    After my rant Now for Hooker….That entire officiating crew needs to be suspended for 3 games and fined IMO for getting that call so wrong wrong! There are 9 refs on the field….Someone should have said “really tossing him for that”? “15 yards and a warning should do guys”. I also think If a ref can hold that much power and cost a kid a once in a lifetime game of his senior career off a Crap call like that they should get his suspension for getting it wrong!

  13. @GreagTatum

    Because every poll is different and voted on by different reporters. Also, East Forsyth is a good Football team.

    Now looking at both teams bodies of work…

    Dudley beat two really bad teams in Carver (who just lost to Tabor by 42 or so) so you can’t say Carver is the Carver of the past and Ragsdale (who was almost shut out by Grimsley) then you played a good Davie team that will probably finish 3rd or 4th in their conference behind North Davidson, West Forsyth, Mt Tabor then don’t forget about Reagan.

    East Forsyth beat a good Mt Tabor team that seems to be back as a contender in the CPC after a couple down years, a Reynolds team thats not very good but was good enough to be in a tight game against Top 10 N&R SW Guilford. Then just beat Top 25 4AA team in the State West Forsyth in which West only had 144 yards all night according to the Winston Salem Journal.

    What I’m getting at is both teams are really good. You could basically flip a coin and choose which team is one and which team is two. East Forsyth was really close to going small 4A last year. I hope they do so we could possibly see a Dudley v East Forsyth 3rd or 4th rd playoff game. Talk about a crowd!! That game could easily sell out NC A&T stadium!!!

  14. Just so you know Football fan and Tatum. I think NW Guilford is the best team in the Triad this year! Their offense is unstoppable with Hennigan at QB,WR,RB. Hennigan is going to be the Triad Player of the Year and win NW their first Conference Title since 2013!


    Oh yeah, and that was a bad call on Dudley QB. Ref should be suspended 1 game just like the kid. BS CALL!

    GO VIKINGS! lol

  15. To Former Football Coach………sir there has NEVER been 9 officials on a football field. NEVER!!! 7 for NCAA and NFL, only 5 for high school.

  16. Regarding Triad Player of the Year, it should DEFINATELY be Hooker from Dudley. The kid has played only 2 quarters of every game he’s been in this year, with yards passing and throwing at the top vs those that played the whole game.

    Yes, Hennigan is doing a great job helping to turn NW around or bring them up, but Hooker has consistently been an integral part of a continuous winning team since his freshman year. Dudley did not lose a game from his freshman year to the loss vs Richmond his Jr Year.

    Hooker- Player of the Year (unless they lose here on out).

    Hennigan should be all conference, etc. thus far.

    And about East Forsyth being ranked #1—-why are they even in the rankings for Gbo N&R? Winston Salem Journal never includes Greensboro schools in their rankings. Only those in the conference with East Forsyth, like NW, Glenn (kville). Why do we include them? Never understood that. Unless we’re evaluating the entire western division of the state. Of course I’d like to keep up with all Triad teams, but rankings should be different unless were ranking the ENTIRE Triad.

  17. Here’s a few thoughts….

    1. BTW Fan, The Winston Salem Journal does keep up with Guilford County Schools but only teams in the Piedmont Triad 4A Conference. The sames as the N&R does with the PT4A. NW Guilford is ranked 6th and SW Guilford is ranked 10th in their Coaches poll. Why would you not want Forsyth Schools in the N&R poll when they play so many GCS?

    2. No way Hooker is player of the year over Hennigan as of right now. Yes Hooker is a bigger recruit. You take Hooker out of the line up and Dudley still rolls. You take Hennigan out of the lineup and NW doesn’t have anything. Hennigan is on track right now to score over 40 TDs this season. He should be #1 in the voting. Hooker Conference player of the year…..Hennigan Triad Player of the year! It’s not an award based on last year or what they’ll do in college its about this year and Hennigans numbers are off the chart. If your coaches decide to bench you QB after the 2nd Qtr because you’re blowing a team out thats not the Player of the years problem. If Alabama took Henry out of the game in the 2nd qtr he probably wouldnt have won the Heisman last year. Blame the coaches when Hooker doesn’t have the Stats that Hennigan has in November.

    3. Its not too early to talk about it….Its almost like the Heisman watch. It gives us football fans something else to argue about.

  18. Thomas Hennigan NW Guilford Stats – 2 Games

    Passing – 1-1 53 yards TD

    Rushing – 23 carries, 311 Yards, 35 yard Lng, 7 TDs

    Receiving – 7 Catches 155 Yards, 48 Yard Lng, 2 TDs

    Hooker Stats Dudley HS – 3 Games

    Passing 23-32, 404 Yards, 84 Lng, 2 TD’s

    Rushing – 21 Carries ,180 Yds, 23 Lng, 4 TDs

    Just from numbers alone Hennigan is the player of the year as of right now and it’s not even close. The RB at HPC has better numbers than Hooker right now. So if we are going on field production lets do it. If its about who’s the most popular and who’s going to the bigger college then don’t call it the player of the year.

  19. So NW can’t win without Hennigan? So the qb that has all the yards passing to Tre Turner accounts for nothing? Please. Because Hooker can’t throw to himself to include receiving yards, I venture to say Hooker still would be Triad player of the year. The final yardage should not be the only thing that one takes into account for POY. How can he be the #1 QB in the state but only conference player of the year? Time will tell. Let’s just watch. Wishing all the boys the best.

  20. NW Guilford’s Hennigan is the best player in the area and NW Guilford is the best team in the area nuff said! Hennigan will lead NWG to a lot of first ever’s this year! It was our first time ever beating NG. It will be our first time going undefeated in the Regular season too. We will also win the Piedmont Triad 4A for the first time since 2013 and give Rolfes his first ever Conference title. If we go East in the playoffs it could be our first State title game showing as well. People say I’m being unrealistic I think you all are selling the Vikings short. We have the most explosive offense in the area. NW Vikings will also have the player of the year in the Triad! GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!

  21. People can hate on Rolfes all they want but he is one of the best young coaches in the State! Now that he has his staff in place instead of Woodruff’s staff he’s showing that. I’m not saying Woodruff’s staff was bad by no means they were his guys and built a great program but when he left they were not Rolfes guys. They were loyal to him and its tough to get a staff to gel when they have two different visions for the program. Now that his staff is in place look for more Conference titles like Woodruff won and more more Big time players and more winning seasons for NW.

  22. As a big fan and booster that has raised and given a lot of money to the football program I hope NW wins all their games this year as always. Lets tell the truth though people…The one I want and many others like me want is East Forsyth! Payback is coming East!!!

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