UNC Football team and junior LB hit with rape allegations and this one does not look like it will go away(Comments from Larry Fedora, Delaney Robinson and Denise Branch)

UNC sophomore Delaney Robinson alleges she was raped by UNC junior reserve football linebacker Allen Artis….Alcohol was involved in the assault which is said to have taken place back on Valentine’s Day of this year…Serious charges, but they are currently misdemeanor charges and as the case currently stands, Artis could not be charged with a felony warrant, due to the way the laws are set up, but UNC coach Larry Fedora spoke out quickly and gave his thoughts on the charges…

from the Associated Press and by way of the News and Record(Greensboro) at www.greensboro.com:

“We are aware of the misdemeanor charges against Allen Artis,” UNC football coach Larry Fedora said in statement Tuesday evening. “I cannot comment on either the allegation or the investigative process. We take these matters very seriously and are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities.”

Delaney Robinson said she is scheduled to graduate in 2019 and will not transfer to another school.

“I love this university. It’s my home,” Robinson said.

But there is a culture of sexual assault at UNC that has to change, Robinson said.

“It’s a problem. It happens a lot. It’s not a rarity,” Robinson said.

Moreover, Robinson’s attacker was treated as if he were the victim, Robinson’s attorney Denise Branch suggested.

“The university has done nothing. In fact, they treated her (Robinson) like the suspect,” Branch said. “The University of North Carolina Department of Public Safety probed into my client’s past. They asked her insulting questions and treated her as though she had done something wrong.”

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