Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 09/16/16

Game of the Week Stream 1: Fayetteville Pine Forest at Dudley with Andy Durham and Dennis White
Game of the Week Stream 2: Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 9 – 10:50 PM – ALL FINALS – Goodnight!

Fayetteville Pine Forest (4-0) – 7
Dudley (4-0) – 35

WS Reagan (2-3) – 7
Page (4-1) – 49

Southwest Guilford (5-0) – 55
Southern Alamance (1-4) – 7

Eastern Guilford (4-0) – 28
Northeast Guilford (1-4) – 14

Grimsley (2-3) – 6
East Forsyth (5-0) – 46

Reidsville (5-0) – 45
Northern Guilford (0-4) – 28

Ragsdale (1-4) – 21
Southern Guilford (3-2) – 24

High Point Central (2-3) – 8
West Forsyth (2-3) – 35

Western Guilford (1-4) – 9
Hillsborough Orange (5-0) – 39

Burlington Cummings (0-5) – 0
High Point Andrews (1-3) – 44

First Assembly of Concord (4-1) – 0
High Point Christian Academy (4-0) – 52

South Stokes (2-3) – 50
Bishop McGuinness (2-3) – 26

Burlington Williams (4-1) – 7
Western Alamance (4-1) – 40

Matthews Butler (4-1) – 21
Hough (3-2) – 10

Mallard Creek (3-1) – 6
South Pointe, SC (4-1) – 17

Graham – 42
Central Davidson – 12

East Davidson – 35
Wheatmore – 13

McMichael – 24
Rockingham – 16

Glenn – 34
RJ Reynolds – 20

Eastern Alamance – 54
Morehead – 14

Mt. Tabor – 52
North Forsyth – 6

North Surry – 33
Atkins – 0

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  1. Dudley will be the new number one team in the state since Mallard Creek lost to South Pointe. Congratulations to the Panthers on their continued success. I do not know how parents can allow their sons to play football for other coaches in Greensboro.

  2. How Bout them SW Cowboys Baby!!!!!
    Cowboys are now 5-0. Coach Rainey has got
    Theses guys firing on ALL cylinders .
    Congrats Cowboys Keep it Going

  3. Ted Roe what did you mean when you said “I do not know how parents allow their sons to play for other coaches.”

    Well unless you know, like, you LIVE IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

    You’re not suggesting that coaches RECRUIT high school players. Like maybe a certain school whose name rhymes with SCHMORTHERN.

  4. Page has five to six players that do not live in the district. Grimsley does too. Let’s not mention Northern and Northwest, which both teams import teams from around the state. Nevertheless, we can make this about putting positive men of the same-race and same sexual orientation in the lives of good student-athletes because that is imperative too.

    Do I need to name names from certain football regimes where the race of the coaching staff did not and do not match the player demographic, yet the school is churning out a poor male product in society? I can name players who are gang members now that once played on a state championship team in 2011. Let’s not do this. I am someone with more Guilford County sports knowledge than the operators and contributors of this blog. If any typos, please charge them to my smart device

  5. Hey Teddy Bear, you want a graham cracker for knowing more about teenage kids living situations? or do you want a trophy for having unlimited high school sports knowledge? Sounds like you need a life Buddy Roe

  6. Ted your work is to drag people down and we are working to build them up, two totally different approaches and as far as you knowing more than we do about the local sports than we do, I better not go there, because I need to have a clean slate as I hit my local house of worship on Sunday….

  7. Mr Teddie Row Row His Own Boat…….. My son plays for Page! We don’t live in the Page district. He is in the fantastic Page IB program. And I VERY proud that he plays for Coach G. and his outstanding staff.

    And what the hell does the race of a coach and his staff have to do with anything????? Bud, stop tooting your own horn, cause you are SO off key!!!

  8. And I am sure that every player in the program Teddy is supporting lives within that district…NOT! And I guess those other programs don’t get credit for NOT having a year’s worth of wins taken away because they failed to follow a rule that was a point of emphasis at the pre-season meetings. Yep those are the type of people I want influencing my kids. Give me a break Teddy!

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