Middle School Football Today Scores coming in on 10/12/16:Still looking for Score from Lincoln-Hairston game

$$$$$ We can sure use more of those Middle School Football Finals from today’s action, on a beautiful Wednesday around the County…..$$$$$
Bonus-sphere scoring with JV Soccer Final:Asheboro 7, Western Guilford 0…..Varsity Soccer Final:Asheboro 4, Western Guilford 0

All of the Middle School Football Games in the County today…..
Hairston Middle School won their game vs. Lincoln, but we are still looking for that Final Score….
Ferndale Middle School 10, Welborn Middle School 6
Aycock Middle School 48, Allen Middle School 8
Southern Guilford Middle School 42, Northeast Guilford Middle School 16
Kiser 17, Guilford 0…..See much more on this game down below the game listings…..
Southeast Guilford 7, Mendenhall 6
Southwest Guilford 34, Northwest Guilford 0
Jamestown 36, Kernodle 0
Northern Guilford 35, Jackson 0
Monday:Southeast Guilford 34, Jamestown 22

Middle School Football Final from Jamieson Stadium:
Kiser 17, Guilford Middle 0
6:14 remaining in the first quarter and Camden Allison takes off on a 46-yard run for a Kiser Tiger touchdown and the extra point kick was no good due to 12 men on the field for Kiser, but the retry was good on a two-point conversion pass play from Adam Lance to Logan Bender…Logan Bender showed some very good pass receiving skills for Kiser all afternoon long….
After the two-point conversion play, Kiser 8, Guilford 0

No more scoring from either team in the first half and at the half, Kiser leads Guilford, 8-0….
Halftime:Kiser 8, Guilford 0

No scoring in the 3rd Quarter and at the end of three periods, Kiser still leads Guilford, 8-0…
End of the 3rd Quarter:Kiser 8, Guilford 0

In the 4th Quarter with 6:39 left in the contest Kiser earns a safety when the Guilford Tigers’ QB is wrapped up in the End Zone by Chymaron Davis and give the two to Davis, when the Guilford Tiger throws the ball out of the End Zone, when in the grasp of Davis…..
Score now moves to 10-0 Kiser up and on top….

On the ensuing kickoff which Guilford elects to kick after being assessed the safety, they can choose to kick off or to punt to Guilford after the safety and Guilford chooses to kickoff and it backfires when Noah Meza runs the ball all the way back, 67 yards for Kiser Tiger kickoff return for a touchdown….Hayden Cochran’s kick is good and with the successful extra point kick, Kiser takes a commanding lead of 17-0, with just 6:20 now remaining in the football game….Kiser put 10 points on the scoreboard in just 19 seconds and the Kiser Tigers had now taken over this Middle School football game and they would win the game with the final
Final:Kiser 17, Guilford 0

*****Thanks to Coach Whitehart, Coach Edwards and the other leaders on the Kiser Tigers’ sideline today and for their help in recalling many of the names that could not be detected over the public address system…*****
+++++Good help and assistance over along that Kiser sideline today.+++++

This is second time that we have seen Guilford Middle this season and the Guilford Tigers are not a bad team….QB has good speed and a good/strong arm, but Guilford was looking for and hoping for the big play today and they just could not seem to find that big play….Did run a real nice double-reverse in the first half for very good first down yardage and they stopped Kiser cold at the 1-yard line in the 4th quarter and they(Guilford) recovered the fumbled football at the one and took over possession from there and with their backs up against the Whirlie Wall at the back of their own end zone, that is when Kiser forced the safety and put Guilford into a real tough spot at that stage of the game…QB set up in the gun and standing back in his own end zone and the Kiser Tigers came after and took down the Guilford Tigers’ QB….All will learn from that series of events…..

The Middle School Football season is just getting started good and then again it will be over before you know it…..

We do have a few more weeks of Middle School Football still out in front of us and hope to as many more games as we can and still looking forward to that Southwest Guilford Middle at Jamestown Middle game coming up in a few weeks…..

Hunting for and searching for more Middle School Football games and those finals today….We will lay them out for you at the top so, they don’t get lost in the shuffle…….


  1. Southeast defeated Jamestown on Monday 34-22 and defeated Mendenhall today 7-6. Great wins for the Falcons. Playing 2 football games in 3 days is tough!

  2. Southwest guliford had a very strong win against northwest guliford. Southwest came out on top 34-0 with a great performance from a very good duo QB #5 Devin flowers and #2 Caleb curtian. Watch out for these two later this year and at the next level final, as well as a good performance by northwest”s QB #15 kid can run. Final: 34-0 southwest guliford

  3. Southeast now 4-0. Hey Andy, sorry the Falcons spoiled that SW matchup. They were up 34 to 6 in their win against Jamestown.

  4. Haha. SW is defensively sound letting up 12 defensive points and 6 on special teams. Their front 5, linebackers and secondary are a problem for all offensives. Cowboys are 4-0 stay tuned for the matchup in 2 weeks against Jamestown a very anticipated rilavry game

  5. Southwest, Mendenhall, and SEG all have success as middle school programs. Why doesn’t that success translate into championships for their high schools? As a product of Lincoln and Hairston, I enjoy their glorious years as Panthers.

  6. @ Ted Roe, how many of those Panthers are from Hairston and Lincoln? Think of how talented SW could be this year if Hooker was a Cowboy!

  7. I saw Flowers last week and he is going to be a good one for SWG down the road…

    If Dave Beasley is still coaching SEG then they are going to be real good…He has been with that Southeast Guilford Middle program for a long time and has had very good results over the years…

    Wondering if Coach Curt Switalski is still with Jamestown….Jamestown might be down this year….Read at one point this season, the starting QB for Jamestown last year, Devan Boykin was starting for the Ragsdale Tigers varsity, as a 9th grader…

    If you know of other scores, send them our way and get out there and support your Middle School teams on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and support your JV Football teams tomorrow/Thursday nights….

  8. Northern Middle 35
    Jackson 0

    First win on the season for the Nighthawks and I believe the JV and Varsity also got their first wins on the season recently versus Rockingham. Things are looking a little better out here in the country. 🙂

  9. Jamestown defeated Kernodle last night 36-0 to remain undefeated in conference play with their only loss coming at SE in a game that they had the lead at first but then some mistakes snowballed. The shutout of Kernodle was their third one of the season out of four games.Andy, Jamestown is just fine!

  10. Yes that 34-8 must have been early score from that game, but 34-22 has been adjusted and added…

    We may have to go make some phone calls and get on the h horn with Ayock, NEG, Lincoln and Welborn and see what happened over there yesterday…

    We were looking for the NEG score from Coach Suggs out that way, but he might be running for Mayor of McLeansville if the NEG JV team keeps winning and he was probably busy….

  11. Yes that 34-8 must have an been early score from that game, but 34-22 has been adjusted and added…

    We may have to go make some phone calls and get on the h horn with Ayock, NEG, Lincoln and Welborn and see what happened over there yesterday…

    We were looking for the NEG score from Coach Suggs out that way, but he might be running for Mayor of McLeansville if the NEG JV team keeps winning and he was probably busy….

  12. Monday score is misleading. SE starters left the game. The tigers scored twice in the 4th.

  13. Got all of the games from Wednesday in here, just need that Hairston-Lincoln final score to top it all off…


  14. @Please:

    Southwest Guilford…ooookkkkaaaayyyy

    Coaching does impact the level of play from the athletes on the field. He is a nice guy and wonderful father.

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