High School Football Playoffs will start one week later this year/season due to Hurricane Matthew:OFF week for most playoff-bound teams on November 11

*****Round One for the NCHSAA Football Playoffs will now get rolling/started on November 18 and most of our Triad/Guilford County teams will finish up the regular season on November 4 and then rest or be OFF on Friday night November 11 and they will finish up and not know who they will play for at least one more/another week, due the seeding of the NCHSAA Football Teams that will take place on November 12…..
*****NC-SC Shrine Bowl game set for December 17 and see more about that game below too…..*****
(They may have to move the Shrine Bowl Game to December 24 at 9am in the morning and play it up under a Christmas Tree.)
+++++The Shriners do a great job and does the NCHSAA and it is much easier to sit back and talk about this situation, than it is making the decisions that dictate change….+++++

Football – Sites TBD
Seeding: November 12th (changed from November 5th)
First Round: November 18th
Second Round: November 25th
Third Round: December 2nd
Regionals: December 9th
State Championships: December 16th & 17th (changed from December 9th & 10th)

CHAPEL HILL – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors and Commissioner Que Tucker have made the difficult decision to move playoff dates following historic flooding in many parts of eastern North Carolina.

“The logistics of moving the fall championships dates, especially this close to the events are complex; however, we must do everything in our power to do what is best for our student-athletes in the state,” said Commissioner Que Tucker. “Keeping our young people safe as we try to minimize risk of injury must be paramount in our decisions.”

State Football Title Game Sites courtesy of Don Hines site at www.ncpiedmontsports.com:
*****With the Championship games now set for December 17 with the 4-A’s and the 4-AA teams, the NC-SC Shrine Bowl game is set for the same day and if say Dudley or Page is in a NCHSAA Championship Game on the 17th then that means Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) and Will Jones(Page HS) would not be able to play in the Shrine Bowl Game and currently, they are the only two QB’s set on the North Carolina Roster….Makes for some interesting changes….

2016 NCHSAA Football Championship Sites
2A, 4A or 4AA N.C. State’s Carter-Finley Stadium
Saturday, Dec. 17

2AA, 3A or 3AA, Wake Forest’s BB&T Stadium
Saturday, Dec. 17

For 1A and 1AA, North Carolina’s Kenan Stadium
Saturday, Dec. 17

At least one of those title games will be played
Friday, Dec. 16


  1. Oh man, I’ve got a headache and it’s not going to stop for the next couple of months!!!

  2. Would it not be possible to play the SB game on Fri. night Dec. 23. That would be like a normal Fri. night HS FB game.?

  3. Has the Shrine Bowl ever changed their dates? This would prohibit NC and SC selected players from playing. Those kids worked hard to get there. We’d hate to see them miss this opportunity.

  4. for years the Shrine bowl was played the same weekend as the NC state championships. But it was a week after SC played theirs. Lots of really good NC players never played in the Shrine Bowl because they were playing in the state championship instead.

  5. Reports are that SC has also rescheduled their State Championship games due to their schedule being adjusted due to the hurricane delaying their regular season. With that said, I wonder if the Shrine Bowl should adjust with the times? Otherwise, the turnout and support may not be what they expect. It is a fundraiser, so one would think that they want as much money as possible. Hopefully, they change the date too.

  6. Crazy is as Crazy does and here is that score from last Friday night with Coach Tommy Pursley’s Tuscola team falling to the Pisgah Bears…

    Pisgah 23, Tuscola 20 OT

    Coach Pursley, the football leader at Northeast Guilford for many years….TUS now (7-1) and the Bears are (8-0)….

  7. As a person who has family in the flooded areas of Eastern NC, NCHSAA is ensuring it profits from all teams participating in games. Instead of schools donating to the NCHSAA and it distributing funds, the paid staff for NCHSAA should donate a percentage of its income to schools in Eastern NC.

    Local businesses are asking that patrons donate to the hurricane relief fund. The damage is over 1.5B. I find it ludicrous and disingenuous for all to operate under the guise of “caring for the athletes.” Football is the money sport.

  8. The Shrine Bowl will keep its same schedule as we move forward for this years game. We have to many contractual agreements to move our date. Hotel alone is a 6 figure cost for us every year. It will be a tougher than normal year for us, but we will persevere!!

    If you have further questions, ask them here and I’ll gladly answer them! Thanks Andy for your support and help!!

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