Updates page for scores and other news/info:Robert Stutts reporting today on the road into Forsyth County

Final score from that JV Football game from last Thursday night:
Northwest Guilford 44, High Point Central 14
Official Final Score from the Varsity football game on Friday night:
Just got a new and more logical score on SEG-Smith….
Southeast Guilford 35, Smith 18
High School Soccer for Monday:
Courtesy of Robert Stutts, Western Guilford High School Sports Bus Driver:
North Forsyth JV 3, Western Guilford 0
Varsity Men’s Soccer:North Forsyth 4, Western Guilford 1

+++++Question came up late last week about getting some of the Middle School Football Players interviewed and we will work on that for the upcoming weeks and hope to get maybe a word or two at the end of some of the key games that we hope to be attending….+++++
*****Middle School Football Today/Monday:
Hairston @ Welborn*****


  1. Both the Smith and Southeast Guilford sites at MaxPreps have the game listed as a 71-12 Final…

    I heard from a coach by phone on Saturday and he said the final was 71-12 Southeast…

    Will do some more checking….

    Picked up a News and Record from Saturday and they don’t have it in there…

    I will check a full scoreboard from some other sources and see if I get that 71-12 again from maybe Raleigh, Burlington or Charlotte…

    Will be checking one…..Remember how they did it with the Bingo winners, “Checking One”, as in one winner….

  2. SE beat Smith 35-18. Woulda been 38-12, but the fg attempt was blocked and returned for a touchdown making the score 35-18.

  3. There’s a big game tomorrow 10/18 as Southeast Middle goes against Eastern Middle in a game that could decide the conference. Southeast features a strong eighth grade class that has a group of kids that have won league titles at every level of youth football. They also have two USA Football U15 members in Derron McQuitty and Octavious Benton.

  4. Went by both the Southeast Guilford and Ben L. Smith Maxpreps sites and score now reads, 35-18 SEG the winner, at both sites…

    Kind of wild how they had that 71-12 up there earlier this morning and then we put up that here and action takes place for the correction and that is a good thing, when all becomes right at the site and in the sight of readers….

    When something shows up here and changes need to occur, you will see change on most days…

    I now have to talk to that very reliable coach that I spoke to on Saturday afternoon and find out who told him the score was 71-12 SEG….

    Good to see and good to see change where needed…

    Just don’t want to see any of those anti-GOP cocktails coming through our windows….

    Saw another interesting note today, that for the first time in 25 years, the Charlotte Observer will not endorse Pat McCrory in his run for office this November…First times he got the endorsements as he ran for Mayor of Charlotte and the most recent time, four years ago, when Pat McCrory ran for governor and won in his first attempt to hold the state’s highest office…

    Pat McCrory, a former Ragsdale Tiger and at one time, one of the fastest kids to come out of Jamestown and now he is running a race of different sorts….

  5. There is one Middle School Game today and that is
    Hairston @ Welborn….

    Full schedule tomorrow and we will have that posted here at the site on Tuesday…

    Early dismissal on Wednesday again this week and that is why most of the games have been moved up to Tuesday and Monday, as is the case with:Hairston @ Welborn…

  6. Pat McCrory, a former Ragsdale Tiger and at one time,

    “one of the fastest kids to come out of Jamestown”

    He played tennis. Now I’ve heard everything

  7. Heard he was a pretty fast runner back in Middle School/Junior High and on that tennis court, he did move well and you should have seen him coming off of that back line attacking those drop volley moves….

    They say he looked like a young Vitas Gerulaitis or a Guillermo Vilas….I have heard both comparisons(And the names sound a bit alike) and not sure which one really fits in this case….

  8. Governor McCrory also was some sort of night time runner in Jamestown when he and his friends used to chase the fictitious ghost Lydia up by the old bridge in Jamestown…

    No inappropriate contact with the governor and the ghost, but Mr. McCrory and his high school/junior high school friends could really run when they were chasing that ghost Lydia, but those young men could “Really Fly”, when the ghost started chasing them back down High Point Road headed toward Greensboro and on through Sedgefield….

    And you know what they say about those ghosts and I have heard it around Halloween time, many times over the years, “When it comes to ghosts, I’d rather see than be one”….
    (Or was that old story teller talking about Purple Cows?)…

    We will have to do more research on all of this, but sure makes for a very good after evening meal topic….

    Governor McCrory vs. Roy Cooper in a foot race and I will take the Governor by a hair….And after the race Roy will start making excuses that the race was rigged and I will be sure to ask Roy Cooper, “Fixed Roy?”……”Fixed Roy?”…..

  9. Crazy is as Crazy does, but here is the score that NCPreps is still showing on the SEG-Smith game:
    Southeast Guilford 71, Ben Smith 12

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