New High School Football Polls with Dudley at #2, Page at #7 and Eastern Guilford tying to break through/ get in

The new Baker’s Dozen/Top 13 High School Football Polls are in/out from the site and you can CLICK HERE to see all of the polls and all of the teams from our area that got in there in the Baker’s Dozen for this week….

Here is just a sampling of who is in for this week….
#2 Dudley
#7 Page
#8 East Forsyth
#12 Davie County

#4 Western Alamance
#9 Eastern Alamance
+++++Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford and Ledford all got votes for the 3-A Poll…+++++

#4 Reidsville


  1. How is Davie County ranked behind Page if it scored over 30 points? How is Dudley ranked second? Davie County should at least be ranked #6 in the state since it beat Page. Dudley dismantled Davie County and Richmond, and had a close call to a great Hillside team who would beat Page convincingly.

    I believe many in the state think Page will win October 28th. The News and Record thinks Page has a shot. Again, this is not a movie; Dudley is more focused. The Panthers pull their starters earlier; they have the more disciplined coaching staff. I do not see Dudley players making plays and a coach tossing them in the air. October 28th…

  2. Ted,

    You have yet again showed your ignorance by saying Hillside would beat Page easily. You have no facts whatsoever in your statement to even begin to back it up. It is your opinion which means absolutely nothing just like my opinion wouldn’t matter. The problem everybody has with you on this website is you always give an opinion instead of facts. Hope your Dudley panthers win the state because if they don’t, you will have alot of crow to eat since you been saying they are number 1 team all year. And you must be scared of Page because you can’t post a single thing on this website without mentioning Alma Pinnix. Why can’t you give credit where credit is due. Page has made 2 championship appearances in the big boy 4AA in the last 5 years with one win and one lost. How many has Dudley been in? I believe 1 we ith a win. That means they have gotten beat 4 times before making it to championship. They both have great programs and have represented Guilford County well over the years. How about growing up and quit talking about a program that has been very successful. You only continue to make yourself look clueless about high school football.

  3. If GCS would stop kids from transfering.Dudley would not be winning all there games. They get all the best talent. Its not hard to win with the best players at every position.

  4. @ G man
    People like you are the reason things are the way they are. If you are good you can develop your talent not get it dropped in your hands every year.

  5. Dudley has beaten Page three years in a row. That is what matters at the moment.

    About transferring: Page has at least 10 players who do not live in the district. They are on “special assignment.”

    Victim, I am not. Dudley is the best. If Dudley had open district, then students would not attend Page. Well, certain types would not. Page has not scored more than 7 on Dudley since 2012. The Pirates may score more than 7 this season.

  6. @Ted Roe

    The problem isn’t Page. The problem is a rigged system (thank you, Amos Quick & Co.) that says kids who are in the Academy at Smith and attend classes on Smith’s campus can’t compete for Smith, but kids who are in the Early College at A&T and don’t take classes on Lincoln Street can compete for Dudley. That and the fact that some schools in Guilford County have no magnets, no academies and no “special assignments” (Eastern, Southeast, Northeast, High Point Central, Ragsdale and, until recently, Western) in which to stash athletes. That’s not a level playing field.

    And what about the kids (all three or four of them) who actually live in Dudley’s attendance zone who aren’t playing because some kid from High Point who should be at another school or some kid who transferred in during the season took their position? Is that fair to the kids who actually SHOULD be playing for Dudley? Or are they the “certain types” you referenced?

    You’re right that a lot of athletes would still go to Dudley if there was open enrollment, at least for football although not so much for many of the other sports in which Dudley is a joke. But a lot of kids might go to other schools, too, who are not currently allowed to do so. Let everybody take kids from anywhere in the county, even though some of those kids don’t even attend any classes at those schools like Early College at A&T feeding into Dudley or don’t let anybody do it, whether it’s Page, Dudley, Northern or any other school.

    Or is letting kids play football and basketball for Dudley without attending any classes there part of some kind of reparations for segregation? If so, the irony there is that some of the schools that are at a huge competitive disadvantage now (Smith, for example) have teams that are made up entirely of African-American student-athletes. When are those kids going to get a level playing field? Or are those also the “certain types” of kids you referenced?

  7. @Level Playing Field

    WAIT A MINUTE! The system is rigged? So because there are several schools in the district that have academies, IB Programs and special assignments- Dudley is at fault? It JUST CANNOT be possible that an African American boy that happens to also love sports does not value an excellent education? Of course only the white, Asian, or other students that happen to choose those schools, but are not ATHLETIC at all can have a choice in Guilford County without ANYONE saying anything. While Dudley was the first in the district to offer the program, it definitely did not do it for athletic reasons! No one seemed to care about any African American boys going to these other schools in GCS for academic reasons…

    Dudley just happens to consistently be good. Not always championship level, just good.

    So, any other kid that goes to Grimsley for the IB program,(that happens to have a sub level team) or Smith for the academy, Early College at GTCC or “Special Assignment” at Page is justified?) Just because these Dudley boys have an opportunity to excel academically, take college level courses as Freshmen, as SOON as they get in the Academy, be finished with their high school courses by the end of their Jr Year and begin to take college courses on a local campus their Senior Year, & Graduate from High School with at least 30 hrs before they even go off to college…they are CHEATING?!! Please. The rigor of The Academy at Dudley couldn’t be done by many regular students, let alone those that spend several hours practicing and playing each week.

    At The Dudley Academy and Early College at A&T, these boys get insight into who they really are and a confidence that they may not get at other schools. IT’S A CHOICE. Other minorities just don’t want their sons to attend a predominately black school. But if if black parent chooses it, they OBVIOUSLY are only doing it for athletic reasons. wow.

    One gentleman from SE High put his white son in the Academy at Dudley, he said it was the best decision he ever made. We don’t hear a peep about that—-because he’s not a premier athlete.

    This community did not give two cents about Dudley when they were going to tear the building down, had poor test scores, etc.

    They have excellent coaches, discipline, STUDENTS & STUDENT-ATHLETES!

    And further more, the playing field hasn’t been level for these type of people for generations. So just take the wins with the losses. Dudley will do the same. People here have a choice, non athletes and athletes. Students first.

  8. Dudley will smash Page 45-14 next week. And don’t give me that crap about big boy 4a. You play who is in front of you. Wait did Dudley not smash a big 4a already this year? The same will happen in next week

  9. How many of these Kids in reference that are going to Dudley for the “Academy” and not just for football so we all say actually go to college and finish with 4 year degrees? If that is the main goal right ? How many of those kids besides a select few do we hear about? Guilford county should adopt the same system that is in Forsyth county and that’s open enrollment.

  10. All of the kids from The Academy go to college. How many kids from the other schools go and finish with 4 year degrees? Research other kids in the district other than athletes…all are equally important.

    So you penalize a kid because they can play sports? Not just play a flute, or just read books all of the time? That is ridiculous.

    And I agree, they Guilford county should do the same as Forsyth county. Open enrollment works in many counties successfully.

    Nobody says a thing about those non athletic kids that choose schools out of district for whatever reason they have.

  11. The issue here is not non-athletes. The issue clearly here is the “Academy” being used to bring in top athletes around the county. So this is the question I pose. If the “Academy” is just all about academics then why not allow the athletes to go there, however they must play sports in their “Home District?” What is the problem with that, the same way the Academy at Smith works as well as others.

  12. @The Real

    It was the first school of that nature in the district. So it acted as any other school does in that if you attend the school, you can participate in any activity at the school you attend, with your peers. Andrews was in the same time frame, and it has the same policy. So, it was the “pilot” program.

    Not sure why the other schools of choice, chose not to adapt the same policy. No fault of Dudley. Those others came after and perhaps people like yourself did not want their child to “have” to play at an Academy, IB program, or school of choice—-therefore the policy only applied to the initial program.

    In addition, the issue includes non-athletes due to the fact that just because someone has a talent different from another should not exclude them from the right to a certain type of education.

    No child left behind.

  13. The Academy is used to bring in good football players plan and simple. Don’t fool yourself. I know a player right now starting at Dudley that could not make the grade at another school. He transfered and has started for the last two years. So don’t give me this hog wash about this Academy and academies. GCS is letting other schools athletic programs die out. A few football teams have 26 – 28 players because there players are playing across town.

  14. You can’t just attend the Academy. You have to have the academic prerequisites to get in. So don’t come with that nonsense. And one player with whatever his situation is does not dictate the program. And how do you know that player is in the Academy or just at the school?
    Even so, don’t short change the other guys. All black families don’t just believe that sports is their only avenue. And some kids just have that particular talent. I bet you weren’t saying that with Northern and Kowalski, or more recently the football team at Northern that had several players that lived elsewhere. Or any other team for that matter. If Dudley had a losing tradition, nobody would say anything.

    GCS cannot dictate where

  15. As I stated before @IAgree my question was not answered by you in no way. Just more excuses as to why Dudley and the academy is the “Exception” school. If it is academics that is fine I would never argue that. Education is the most important piece in all of this. However as I stated if Dudley “Academy” is important not just for athletics, allow any kid/parent to enroll or whatever. But the RULE should be you still have to play athletics at your HOME SCHOOL based on the address given for eligibility. Then see how many so called “Student-Athletes stay at the “ACADEMY” GCS allows this exception only for Dudley why is not allowed by other academies around the county.

  16. –GCS cannot dictate where people live.

    Neighborhoods thrive with young families or growing families, thus goes the high school. Or they may have aging families and neighborhoods, so there are not as many youth in the community to populate that school.

  17. @The Real
    No excuse given. That’s just the way it is. Dudley started with the specialty schools. Period. Who says the RULE should be play at your home school?
    I think it is ideal for you to play at the school where you take your classes and work with your peers everyday.

    Why go to a school, stay there all day, but leave to go to another for extra curricular activities? It’s more sensible to play where you learn. They attend school there everyday, so it is their HOME SCHOOL.

    So, Dudley was the initial rule, not the exception.

  18. You take who you have on your team on Friday night and you play with those guys and the best team on that given night wins and there is not too much you can do to change that method…We have been sitting around talking about all of these special programs and advantages for years…How did our local team beat the other local team and then win it all in 2011 and then our other local team beat that other local team in 2013 and won it all…Those were good days, good teams and a boatload of good kids….

    The field is where the game is decided and if you are undermanned or understaffed, you have to come up with a better game plan on that night to beat your opponent and the better part of your preparation work had better be done before you arrive at the stadium…

    We have some quality teams in this town/county and Eastern Guilford is doing pretty good with what they have and showing it can be done to the tune of (8-0) and there is one thing that is for certain when it comes to these games:
    That Dudley at Page game is going to be a BIG ONE….

    Might want to get your tickets early for that game and be ready for a good one and the defenses will determine the outcome of that game next Friday night…

    Bottom line on most ends is that it is good to see our teams doing well and good to see them excel on the field and in the boardroom…

  19. Dudley once had an “Open School” along with an Academy dating back to the 1980s. No complaints during the Kirby years when Page dominated the city. Now Dudley reigns supreme and “cheating” arises. Some starters for Page, 5, do not live in Page’s district. I do not see any Dudley fans complaining. Why? October 28th will have the same outcome as the last three years. Page may score more than 7, but moral victories do not count in any sport.

    Sadly, former players have tried to return and contribute to Page’s football team in some capacities, but the AD and HC deny them. The lacrosse cross is also the offensive line coach. The wide receivers coach and defensive back staff did not play those positions in high school or college. Page solely wins on having the largest district with some of the best athletes. The punter in high school and college is the defensive back and special teams coach. The safeties coach was a high school running back…I find this comical.

  20. I know SEG has NO reason to complain about kids leaving to go play at Dudley and other schools.They want to play for exciting teams that showcase talent. They want to play for a program that develops them and tries to get them college scholarships. For some kids that might be their only chance at college. Football is a team sport, but a kid or parent should not be called selfish for trying to give themselves every chance to be successful and possibly get seen by colleges. I’m just saying.

  21. Nobody complained when then Greensboro Public Schools re-zoned several neighborhoods to Page that traditionally feeded Dudley and yes, Dudley had the Open School and the Science and Math Academy during some of the Kirby years. Dudley certainly was not competing for football titles during those years.


  22. I see Ted Roe doesn’t want to talk about Dudley exiting earlir than Page last year. Typical for trash talkers. Never talk about facts. Why his talk is jibberish and irrelevant.

  23. From what we have seen over the years there has always been a good friendship and good relationships with the Dudley and Page coaches…

    The fans may not get along well, but the coaches do and should continue to do so…

    Coach Davis at Dudley was an assistant at Page and Coach Kirby helped him get started in the football business along with Coach Victor Floyd, formerly at Dudley…

    Coach Antonio Kirkpatrick, now on the staff again at Dudley was one of the best QB’s to ever come out of Page and Coach Ken Page, who was at Page for many years, finished up his high school coaching career at Dudley, after coming over from Page HS…

    Page has sent some very good coaches over to Dudley and that has been a plus for Dudley, to have these fine coaches come their way….

    Lots of respect between these two coaching staffs and football teams and rightfully so…

    Work to keep your comments on the right side of the line, with the game now just a little more than a week away and the fans are getting restless…

    Make sure you set the right example for your kids/players…

    +++++Another thing to remind the players/kids/young men is that Dudley has Grimsley and Page has Smith Friday on their schedules..Key games and everything is key at this stage of the season and you can take nothing for granted…One huge thing too is you want to carry every single player healthy into the game on the 28th…*****

  24. Tired of nonsense: Dudley has beaten Page three years in a row. This year will make four. Let’s focus on that fact. Davie County defeated Page; Dudley held Davie County to 2 FGs. Page loses again. That is life. No victims here because my parents ensured I attended a school where students did not read “Sam I Am” books in the 12th grade. In the words of Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, “No sirrrrrrrrrrr”

    Joe Sirera and other media outlets want Page to beat Dudley. I know they do. They may score more. Again, the moral victory may take place, but Dudley is number 1 for a reason.

  25. Andy Durham:

    The state needs numbers at the games. Page had more fans than Mallard Creek because all knew Page would lose badly. This year Page will be placed in the East and go far in the playoffs. Dudley will draw and get the harder bracket. Again, Dudley prevails. Regardless, Dudley will beat Page convincingly, and the bloggers who hide behind false names will say “Dudley cheats.”

    We will check the facts and we will also keep the blasting of our coaches off of this site as much as we possibly can and we have had to take out/delete parts of that here…

    If there are wrong/bad feelings among fans towards schools and coaches find ways to express yourself about those elsewhere…

    This discussion is starting to sound too much like the presidential debates….

    Too many bad/hard feelings from schools/fans in Guilford County toward other schools/fans in Guilford County…

    Let’see if we can enjoy the games and talking about the games and get past the other drawbacks…

    Is it really that bad out there”

    I don’t think so….

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