Looking toward that All-County High School Football Team for 2016

It looks very much like the Player of the Year in Guilford County will be decided on the field this Friday night when Dudley visits Page at Marion Kirby Stadium….Looks like it will come down to Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS), Javon Leake(Page HS) and Will Jones(Page HS) and everyone will get a chance to make a statement for their cause, on Friday night…..

If you are working on picking an All-Guilford County High School Football Team for 2016 you have to have both Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) and Will Jones(Page HS) at QB, at least that is the way we see it right now….

Runningbacks if you are looking at two, you have to have Javon Leake(Page HS) and Chavis Little(High Point Central HS)…Wide receivers we like Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS), Nic Cheeley(Eastern Guilford HS) and Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) and with the numbers that he has put up, Curt Ervin from High Point Central HS gets a big argument on his behalf too….The thing hurting Central’s reps is the team’s rep at (3-6) overall….And you could almost put Thomas Hennigan into his own category as an Athlete only….

You got the QB/QB’s, the RB’s and WR’s and then on the offensive line you have to look at Bryson Speas from Dudley, Dacquori Wilson from Dudley, Spencer Clapp from Eastern Guilford and Clapp might get perks from being on both sides of the line for EG, we looking closely too at Nick Mackovic, the center from Page for one of these spots and the other offensive lineman, the jury is still out on them/him….

Seems like a lot of Dudley, Page and Eastern Guilford and with the three teams being a combined 27-1, I guess so…..

On defense, you have to have Awstyn Williams from Dudley up front, Tyler DeBerry from Page, Tre Love from Southeast Guilford….We may need a fourth DL up here and we are still open for suggestions….Could also look toward Clapp from EG if we were to move him over full time to the defensive side of the ball and also a look toward Amin Elamrani(Northeast Guilford HS) with 2 defensive fumbles returned for TD’s this year and if you move Zach Tyler down into the line from LB, you could give him a look from Northwest Guilford HS….Still looking at a lot and going for quality calls here, even if it limits the number of schools of choice and sends the bacon to just a few schools, on this squad, you want the very best, so here they are and you can send yours in here….

With the linebackers you need to have both Nigel Peele and Patrick Conner from Dudley on here, plus Kyin Howard from Eastern Guilford and we have been following Jaylen Covington, from Southwest Guilford very closely this year….Alan Tisdale, from Page a very good one too, but he has been banged up part of this season…Tisdale plays like a LB/DB hybrid-style….

DB’s again Dudley has two of the best around in Brion Seagraves and Myles White and you put in Bryant Barr from Eastern Guilford and Brelin Faison-Walden from Grimsley and that might just be your four right there….Faison-Walden, another DB/LB hybrid-type player…

The kicker/punter right off the bat, I am going with Thomas Murray of Page and Cody Creed from Northwest Guilford has had a successful season too, but we lean strong toward Murray right now….If I am taking two return-men, I will go with Javon Leake on punts and with Nile Harris(Grimsley HS) on kickoffs right now and with Harris, you might also want to study Justin Guy from Southeast Guilford at that spot….

As for the big game on Friday, we are taking Dudley and for the JV game on Thursday, we are taking Page…..Have not seen the Dudley JV play this year and we are sure that they will be fired up at home, but Page has that trio Page, Davis and King and they can do their thing…

In the varsity game with Page vs. Dudley/Dudley vs. Page, I would say like many others are probably saying that the ‘Dudley D’ will be the key and for both teams, play-calling will be crucial….Can be no playing around with the play-calling in this game and some of the things that you have used in the past and it goes for both teams, you can’t use them this time around…Play-calling and with the downs and distance and the time of the game for a certain call, will be Crucial and if it went that way, that would be Krucial with a capital K…..Any way, picking Page in the JV game and Dudley in the varsity game and let’s go varsity with the score of Dudley 27, Page 14….Just thoughts and not a bad idea to be game-planning this early in the week, on a big week like this one….

Way too much copy for you to read here today and I need to hit the streets and leave some of this typing behind, and get up off of my be-hind….


  1. don’t forget about do-it-all DJ Crossen for Dudley. kid is special, he has scored at receiver, corner, punt return and kickoff return. he can flat out fly.

  2. Yes, you have to figure where to put Crossen, on the defense maybe as the Athlete…

    Maybe Crossen as the Athlete on the Defensive side of the ball and Hennigan as the Athlete on the Offensive side of the ball….

    I have some of the All-State Teams over the Years have like an Athlete listed for Offense and an Athlete listed for Defense….

    Crossen deserves that type of consideration and so does Hennigan…

    What about the Siler kid from Southern Guilford as a D-Lineman??? Saw his name on Joe Sirera’s list of Players to Watch this Week today at N&R on-line…..

    We will take other suggestions, glad to get the feedback and the positive comments and Ronald Polite, the WR from Page is another player to watch for this week and do we look at him as an All-Guilford County receiver???

  3. Northeast DB Desmond Overton and D-End Brevin Allen have had huge seasons on both sides of the ball and should be considered, these kids can flat out ball. Overton has 5 or 6 interceptions and Allen makes tackles all over the field and has great hands at the tight end position.

  4. I was thinking heavy about Brevin Allen(NEG) but popped in Amin Elamrani(NEG) with the two TD’s on ‘D’ instead and I think both of those came in the same game…

    Overton has had a very good year and I have been reading where he is among the state’s leaders with the picks at right around 5….Not sure whose spot Overton would take with the 4 DB’s that are back there right now Seagraves, Myles White, Bryant Barr and Brelin Faison-Walden….Barr plays both ways, but he is a big-play defender just like he is a big play man on offense…Lots of talent to look at and we may have to be thinking about adding more space for more players or looking at two teams of offensive and defensive players….

    If you had to choose today, and you don’t but if you did, even before Friday night’s game has been played and we know the outcome, “Who Would You Choose as the ‘Player of the Year’ in Guilford County” and are you with us on the three names; Hooker, Leake and Jones that we have in the running?????

  5. Yes, I had mentioned Siler in an earlier pop/post comment and might be one of those that we need to be bringing in here…

    Our official team will come out in early to Mid-November, but now is the time to start making your wish list for the early Christmas postings/All-Star Team…

  6. While the Vikings haven’t had the season they wanted, you might want to look at that Northwest Guilford offensive line for that fifth spot. They have had tons of games with over 300+ yard rushing, even with all the skill players hurt. Scary to think about how bad things might be if those guys weren’t getting it done on the ground every week.

  7. Throw a few of those Northwest Guilford offensive linemen’s names out there for us and who should get the biggest nod off of that line for a top spot???

    If anybody wants to retweet the headline/title for this post feel free, it might be good to get that extra push….

  8. Counsel is right. No. 71 for Northwest is a beast. I think his last name is Ashcroft or Ashley or something like that. He is 6’4″ 270, and has been destroying people all year (at least all of the home games). Whenever they need yards, they run behind that guy. Not sure why they didn’t just ground and pound the whole time Hennigan was out. I expect we’ll see him on Saturdays when he is done there. Kid even looks like a college lineman already-has a ridiculous mane of hair. Think an offensive line version of Clay Matthews.

  9. I looked him up on MaxPreps. Isaiah Ashley. Only a junior. Watch out if this kid is still growing.

  10. I’m sorry, but Faison-Walden has to be the most overrated player in Guilford County history. I predict he will never see the field at Penn State. If he is truly good enough to play at a Power 5 conference traditional power, he should be doing more than he’s currently doing at Grimsley. And the fact that there are TWO Grimsley players on this list is laughable. I love me my Whirlies, but have you watched a game this year? For all the hype surrounding the new coaching staff, it has been the same old, same old. No way there are two all-county caliber players on the field for that team.

  11. Lest my comment about Brelin be deemed to be a “personal attack” on a player, let me say that he is a great kid and is definitely talented. Obviously talented enough that PSU decided to give him a scholly. But I was really hoping to see more from him this season. You see the impact a player like Hennigan has at Northwest and you wonder why Brelin can’t do the same at Grimsley. Maybe it’s just that he literally has nothing else around him.

  12. I decided to stay up waaaay too late last night watching the World Series and looking into offensive lineman around the county and watching MaxPreps videos. Those two Dudley guys are definitely solid. I would put Ashley and a couple of his teammates up against them though.

  13. WhirlieGirl, your comments are laughable! Brelin will be fine at the next level. He will continue to develop and be a solid player in college. As far as things being the same, you haven’t been to a game. Things are not even close to the same. Attitude, belief, work ethic, discipline, not even remotely the same. Nothing changes overnight. You will see!

  14. The Ashley kid at Northwest interestingly enough played his first two years at Grimsley, he could have certainly helped the Whirlies! As far as who is the player of the year , that’s a tough one, I am sure whomever has the best game between Dudley vs Page will win it, probably Hendon Hooker or Leake with Will Jones a strong contender as well! Needless to say, we have some great talent in the area!

  15. I was at the Page game this year and last year. Grimsley was more competitive last year in that game. As for improved work ethic, discipline, etc., I am not embedded in the locker room so if you tell me those things have changed, I’ll take your word for it. They certainly couldn’t have gotten worse from where they were in recent years. I am a Grimsley alum and parent and miss the days when I could look forward to going to Jamieson on a Friday night to see my Whirlies win. I hope you are correct that things are moving in the right direction. I also hope you are correct about Brelin being a solid college player-as I noted, he’s a great kid.

  16. Dudley-Page is this week and we’re arguing about 3-6 Grimsley?? Let’s get back on topic. Will Jones is a stud. Dudley has almost too many studs to list. I agree with Andy on Hennigan being the offensive “Athlete.” He can do ALOT of things and NW struggled mightily when he was out. Haven’t paid much attention to the Vikings O-line, but a 6′-4″ 270 lbs junior should probably be getting some pub just for being that massive at 16 years old. If that kid can move even a little bit, he should be getting some looks from local colleges. Anyone know if he’s matched up against any of the DLs that Andy mentions? Would be curios to know who won those individual battles. Go Page!!!!

  17. If you are such a proud Grimsley alum you wouldn’t be on here being negative. You would find a way to be supportive and uplifting for the kids of Grimsley that read this website. People like you have been one of the main problems at Grimsley the past few years. As I noted, things are changing though. You should just stay quiet and sit back and watch.

  18. I saw Brelin Faison-Walden play for the first time last Friday night and he showed me some first class moves on defense coming in off of the edge to attack the Dudley QB and the backfield…He has some possibilities and the speed he showed on his attack is what impressed me…

    Harris might be a long-shot but it is time we start taking a closer look at him…Had some solid games on returns earlier this season and that might be his strength, in that specialty area, on returns….

    This is where we start to discover these kids and the fun part will be seeing how much the younger players, the juniors and etc., improve between now and next year….

    High Point Central is (3-6) just like Grimsley and they have three young men that have really stood out on offense and that would be QB Larry McLean, RB Chavis Little and WR Curt Ervin….McLean won’t be your All-County QB, but he has put up numbers that rival/stack up there with Hendon Hooker and Will Jones and the HP Central problem is that their defense has let them down….

  19. I don’t know which of the other guys Ashley has played against, but HP Central has a stud DE who is going to ECU or Wake. He went up against Ashley the first play of the game, and then spent the rest of the game avoiding him.

    I watched video of the Northwest-Grimsley game and the speed of the kid going to Penn St. stood out. Doesn’t matter what the rest of the team looks like-the big time college programs see speed like that and they think they can develop the rest.

  20. As far as the Harris kid goes. He is definitely one of the most explosive kids in Guilford County. He has well over 500 yards receiving. And he has only had one touchdown under 63 yards. Oh by the way he plays about 80 plays a game and is the teams leading scorer. Not sure what Whirlie Girl is seeing on Fridays, but this kid is solid and he plays multiple positions. So yeah I would def. keep him on the all county list.

  21. Lincoln Street has produced the Metro 4A Player of the Year on Defense and Offense. Dudley’s starters have only finished an entire game once, and that was against Hillside. I do not know what these fanatics are discussing. Page leaves starters in up by 42 points. I wonder if any of the players will remain in the game when Dudley score 49 Friday.

    Hendon Hooker
    DJ Crossen/Awstyn Williams

    Lincoln Street…

  22. Teddy,Teddy,Teddy,

    Still so opiniated. Do you understand the concept of everyone has their own opinion. To hear you talk on here every week Dudley is better than any college or professional team out there, but have won only 1, thats right 1, champioship in last 5 years. What happened other 4 Teddy. Please do us all a favor and disappear off this board. You almost never give anyone or any team credit besides Panthers. Andy you should rid the board of this very biased clown.

  23. Tired of Nonsense:
    You are most definitely a Republican aka Pro-white liberal. You are the type of Trump supporter who cannot handle the fact that the folks on Alma Pinnix will lose 4 years in a row. In the 21st century, Dudley has won more state championships than Page. Can we please argue about the 2000s and the 2010s? Page fans enjoy the past. I should argue, “Dudley won championships during Jim Crow.”

    Some should love Page as I love Dudley. And no, I will not give any team in the state any praise because I did not attend any other school besides Dudley. I was too gifted of an African-American student to sit in “Sam I Am” English Courses.

    Nonsensical Trump Supporter, read my comments and weep. In fact, read the scoreboard Thursday and Friday then weep.

  24. That Ashley kid from NW is really a beast. He is so big, but also so fast. Heck he seems to be getting up the field on every play to block linebackers and safeties it is something else. I think he does have a real future at the next level.

  25. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy,

    As usual from people like you who are Killary or stupid Obama supporters are tied up with your lies or your typical liberal ways of living in a world where you talk about what sounds good to you all or what fits your arguement. Well I am not a Page fan either but I give credit where it is due. But since I am a alumni of Butler let me inform you of your total ignorance. I am pretty sure my school has dominated in the wins and Champioships in the 21st century along with Mallard Creek so why don’t you get some more “players” from other areas in the county with your so called academy and move up to big boy 4AA FOOTBALL so we can wipe the Panthers like we do other teams we play. So typical of people living in their own little world. And please don’t mention Richmond County, they have not been revelent in playoffs for years. You better hope your panthers win it all because just like your politicians you support, you talk a good game until what you say isn’t really what ends up happening. Go Trump. Make America Great Again.

  26. Myles White of Dudley is doing it this year. His punts are on point and he plays that cornerback position tightly. He is a very strong part of the DBOYZ Defense.

  27. Hey Teddy,

    Who is weeping now. Looks like your little kittens are not as good as those boys over at Alma Pinnix. You are a joke hahahahahahaha. Can’t wait to hear your excuses on game. Just like a typical dumacrat who can’t face when they are WRONG!!!!! GO PIRATES.

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