Middle School Football Finals Today in Guilford County with the Wednesday in the Middle Roundup:SEG, Allen Jay and SWG all going to (7-0)

Wednesday Finals from our Middle School Road Trip today and the Roundups are below the scoreboard….
Jamestown 28, Mendenhall 20
Southeast Guilford 50, Southern Guilford 25
SEG finished the season at (7-0)….SEG Falcons go Undefeated….
Guilford Middle 46, Allen Middle 32
Northwest Guilford Middle 30, Kernodle Middle 24

Tuesday Finals:
Southwest Guilford 52, Northern Guilford 24
Allen Jay 27, Welborn 6

Allen Jay(7-0)

Finals from today’s games and we made three stops along the way and found ‘No Go’ for Jackson at Kiser, due to be played at Grimsley and they may have played this game on Tuesday, as several teams got a head start and played their games a day early…
But after exiting Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium parking lot we made our way out to Western Guilford, where the Guilford Tigers defeated the Allen Vikings, 46-32 and #10, the Guilford Tigers QB had a big day running the ball, as he was all over the place with his runs and he scored at least 3 TD’s on the afternoon…Guilford’s running back/return man, #3, ran an Allen Vikings kickoff back 70 yards for a Tigers’ score and when we got to the Doug Henderson Stadium, Allen was leading the game, 20-8, but Guilford got it going and Tigers never looked back cutting the lead again to 20-16, Allen, before the Tigers moved on top 24-20, right before halftime…Allen jumped back in front of Guilford, 26-24 early in the third quarter, but Guilford re-gained the lead 32-26 on the 70-yard TD on the kickoff return by #3 and the Tigers went on to win inside Doug Henderson Stadium, on the Joe Robinson, right beside the Bill Hollifield and Charlie Griffin Rock, 46-32 was your final and this was the finale of the season for these two teams….
Northwest Guilford got past Kernodle, 30-24, at our next stop of the night/afternoon….The NWG Middle School Vikings scored a touchdown and added teh two-point conversion with just 26 seconds left in the game to pull out the victory at home today, inside R.L./Roscoe Billings Stadium, on the Northwest Guilford High School campus….When Northwest Middle went up 30-24, after being down 24-22 prior to the go-ahead TD and conversion, Kernodle still had one more chance/opportunity with just a few seconds remaining, but the Kernodle Cougars couldn’t find the victory in the jaws of defeat and the Vikings took this one home, at home tonight…

Today/Wednesday November 2
Eastern Guilford @ Northeast Guilford
Lincoln @ Penn Griffin
Ferndale @ Hairston
Aycock – Open

*****All games, including make-ups, must be completed by November 9th.*****

16 thoughts on “Middle School Football Finals Today in Guilford County with the Wednesday in the Middle Roundup:SEG, Allen Jay and SWG all going to (7-0)

  1. You really missed a treat not making it to Southeast Middle game. They had a group of dynamic backs and that #4 had an amazing performance tallying close to 300 yds from scrimmage and four tds. No disrespect to other teams but these boys deserved a little love and attention

  2. Was at the SE SG game and yes #4 is good just please to his parents get him outta that district, to many talents get overlooked hint: Academy!!! JUST MY THOUGHTS!!! Also #8 for SG is a big play threat had an injury late in game wish him well.

  3. Pirate alum, your are correct Southeast High School does suppress a lot of talent simply with the offense that they run. It’s a travesty IMO. An outright disservice to the kids on that team.

    A Bit Disappointed, I agree with you. How does one of the three undefeated teams in the county not get a visit or any significant coverage??? On top of that they had two kids make the USA Football National team this year (#4 being one and #22). That alone should warrant some monitoring. Odd………….

  4. We made multiple stops yesterday in an effort to try and grab as many scores as possible…The three stops were set up along the same route and it made it possible to hit all three of them in a two-hour span…For some reason, Kiser did not play yesterday at Grimsley, as scheduled, but we did get to take in Guilford-Allen and Northwest-Kernodle…

    Saw Southeast last year at Mendenhall and may have seen them at Kernodle too, but based upon what I have seen this year, Southwest Guilford is the top team I have seen so far and their QB Devan Flowers would be the top player that I have seen so far and that is just me, but that is how I have seen it up to this point…

    We are supposed to have Aycock at SWG next week and that ought to be a real good game, since from what we hear, Aycock has a very strong football team…

    We will see SEG at Dudley in Varsity action tomorrow night and East Forsyth at Northwest Guilford in the JV’s tonight…

    All SEG Falcons fans need to be over at Dudley tomorrow/Friday night supporting their team and the fans from Northwest and East need to turn out tonight at Billings Stadium(NWG) to show their support on the last JV Football night of the season…

    If you don’t support your teams at all levels, you have no room to talk….We are here hoping to roll with the Youth(Pee Wee, Mite and Midgets) and they have their Championships this Saturday at Jaycee Park, then on to the Middle School football, JV on Thursday, Varsity on Friday, College on Saturday and our pros on Sunday like D.J. Reader, David Amerson, Marcus Gilchrist and Eric Ebron, who are all active this season…

    Last Friday night we saw a 23-22 game at Page with Dudley and then on Saturday a 42-41 game with Bridgewater over Guilford at Guilford…Some good games on the menu this week as well…..

    If we ranked the Guilford County Middle School teams for this season, you would have to have Southeast, Southwest, Allen Jay and Aycock in that Top Five, along with the next best representative….

  5. As a SEG Varsity father with a son on middle school team:
    I hear ya guys. Great job McQuitty and the boys. My son would be a senior when these guys are sophomores so yes I hate to see the talent leave.

    By the way, Dudley has an outstanding freshman playing. Super smart, great athlete, great young man, flew the coup to play at Dudley.Not mad,just saying. Good luck to him. Good talent gone to another school.

    Not only a disservice to the boys: Football is the only sport that really makes high schools any money. Most other sports break even or cost the schools. Talent and offense fills the stands.

  6. Andy Durham, so you are saying that you saw SEGM play Kernodle and you didn’t have a write-up on it??? BTW, that was probably their worst played game of the year, yet they won it going away. That speaks to the level of talent that they had. If one part had a slow night the other part made up for it. A true team effort.

    Either way, if you aren’t sold on the talent at SEGM just ask the PLAYERS at Jamestown Middle or better yet ask Devan Flowers (excellent player). He knows and has played against A LOT of the kids on the SEGM team. I’m SURE that he would have vouched for them. 😮 Actually, there are players at Mendenhall, Eastern, Southern, Northeast, Aycock, and Guilford that have played with and know many of the kids that played on the SEGM team this year that can vouch for the talent at SEGM………

  7. Yes, what and all I am saying is that I was at the SEG-Mendenhall game last year and pretty sure we did a write-up on it and if I get some extra time, I will go back and look it up..

    Several of the kids on the SEG team played in special football events last year and we posted all the info about those events and about the selections for the SEG kids…

    Pretty sure those events were down in Florida..

    We have given the local kids a lot of pub here and I feel like we have done our job and maybe a little bit more to go with it too…

    But as I learned a long time ago, you are only as good as your last stop or last report, so what ever we did or I did is history now and have to go to work to today to exceed what we did in the past and do more…

    When you raise the bar up high, you have to keep on shooting higher….I would tell the kids that..You can not rest on what you did or accomplished yesterday, you have to go out and re-prove what you did before and do it better/im-prove…

    Baseball is so tough like that because when you play every day you never have time to enjoy the game you just won or played…

    I told a coach one day, can’t we just re-wind the tape and play it over again and relish the moment of success…

    The coach told me, the moment is over and what you did yesterday is in the past and past history….

    We all work hard and we seek praise and recognition, but it is short-lived…

    Got to get back to grind, or maybe back to the millstone, but there is ONE saving grace…

    An extra hour of sleep for everyone this Saturday night…..

    You can not use it until then, but you do get to rest easy late-night Saturday and into the early part of Sunday morning….

    Lots of talk on my part, but hey if we don’t give you some feedback, then the music will die….

    Keep it coming and like the man or the little boy said, “Don’t Stop Believing and Don’t Stop Running”….

    And for now, I have to run….Our job is to put people on the map and the map is calling…..As Bill Goldberg used to say, “Who’s Next?”….

    Well Bill, we are fixin’ to find out…..

  8. You not going to brag on your team today Coach Switalksi? Any other time you win, you can tell every single stat of each player.

  9. First of all the name is Switalski, not how you spelled it, even though it’s written correctly right there on your screen for you. Second of all, I don’t list every single stat of players. I may point out who had a good game but I have not even done that this year, check it out before you try to get on me for something ridiculous. I only posted the score this morning because that’s all the time I had and I saw it wasn’t listed yet. But since you asked, Caiden Knox had 3 td’s for Jamestown and the defense stopped a potential game tying drive by Mendenhall in the last 2 minutes in what was a great game by both teams, with no personal fouls for late hits or unsportsmanlike penalties on either team. Imagine that.

  10. You haven’t done it this season? Here you go lying again. Didn’t you learn from last week? You need help.

  11. See the thing is I know what I have posted as I double checked before I wrote. As John Wayne would say “don’t much like being called a liar son.” I am not lying, but you may be. As far as needing hel,p it may be you who needs it especially with spelling, even when the correct word is right there. Have a nice day!

  12. You stuck on talking about a spelling error and you just made a grammatical error. Come on man! Take another L son…

  13. First of all, you called me a liar when I had checked my facts and was correct so in effect you were lying. Secondly, I have had a good relationship over the years with people from SW. Thirdly you told me to take another L, so with that in mind I feel the need to post that our football record vs. SW over the years is 13-2 and our wrestling record is 16-2. Fourthly, I fixed my error within seconds of posting unlike you. Fifthly, you like to call names behind a pseudonym. Finally, and then I’m done responding to this foolishness. No team over 18 years of me coaching 3 sports has ever been complained by another school or been reprimanded by my admin for their behavior. Again, have a nice day!

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