Greensboro Day Upper School Fall 2016 Sports Award Recognition

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized during the Upper School Sports Award ceremony on Thursday, November 3.

Varsity Field Hockey
Coaches Award: Florie Markwell ‘17
Best Defensive Player: Stephanie Kesselring ‘17
Best Offensive Player: Kristen Rosenbower ‘17

Varsity Cross Country
Coaches Award: Hugh Walton ‘18, Logan Forbis ‘19
Team MVP: Levi Smith ‘18, Courtney Sanders ‘21, Brooke Sanders ‘19
All-Conference: Brooke Sanders ‘19, Courtney Sanders ‘21, Anna Marie Harding ‘21

Varsity Girls Golf
Coaches Award: Caroline Gramig ‘19
MVP: Taylor Bair ‘17
All-Conference: Taylor Bair ‘17, Sarah Price ‘18

Junior Varsity Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Phoebe Stevens ‘19
MVP: Justice Gardner ‘19

Varsity Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Nyia McCree ‘17
Most Improved Player: Whitney Forbis ‘17
Coaches Award: Georgia Gillette ‘17

Varsity Girls’ Tennis
Coaches Award: Lauren Whitley ‘18
Most Improved Player: Olivia Shoener ‘18
MVP: Tenley Parr ‘21
Carlton Harris Award: Clarke Phillips ‘18
All- Conference: Olivia Shoener ‘18, Tenley Parr ‘21, Helen Noone ‘19, Caroline Doss ‘20, Clarke Phillips ‘18

Junior Varsity Soccer
Coaches Award: Ian McIvor ‘18
Most Improved: Ryan Green ‘21
Defensive Player of the Year: Nathan Gauss ‘18

Varsity Soccer
Best Offensive Player: Tristan Lee ‘19
Best Defensive Player: Luke Steen ‘17
MVP: Zach Shue ‘17
All-Conference: Zach Shue ‘17, Luke Steen ‘17, Tristan Lee ‘19, Killian Brady ‘18