Sarah Platek, Fastest Female Distance Runner in Guilford County High School history, headed to Duke on scholarship:Eddie Wooten(N&R) breaks it down/tells us how

Sarah Platek, the fastest female distance runner in Guilford County High School history is taking her talents in the 1,500 meters, the Mile, 3,000 meters, the two mile and 5,000 meters cross country running to the Duke Blue Devils of the Atlantic Coast Conference….Sarah is the lead runner for the Ragsdale Tigers and soon she will be flying down the trail for Duke….

Eddie Wooten, of the News and Record, takes us on the “Sarah Platek Journey” and tells us how she ended up on that journey and how big “The Journey” has become and how it might continue to grow, at Duke….

Sarah Platek, when healthy, one of the top high school female distance runners in the United States…If you remember the days of Liana Blue, with the Blue and White at Northeast Guilford High School, you will want to/have to read more about Sarah Platek and “what makes Sarah run/tick”…..

CLICK HERE for Sarah Platek at the News and Record and recorded for the Record by Eddie Wooten….

Release sent to us by Brian Herndon, Athletic Director, at Ragsdale High School…..