What’s the Fort Wayne kid doing carrying around a Bottle of Bleach and then drinking the Bleach???(Fort Wayne upsets Indiana)

The kid from Fort Wayne is carrying around a bottle of bleach with him at the Fort Wayne-Indiana Hoosiers game and then when Fort Wayne upsets Indiana, the kid looks to opening the bottle up, as in taking off the cap and turning up the Bottle of Bleach and drinking the bleach…

Was there really bleach in that bottle, or was that an empty good luck Bleach Bottle that had nothing in it????

Who knows, but it makes it look like the kid was crazy and he was drinking bleach, after Fort Wayne upset Indiana….
71-68 Fort Wayne over #3 in the nation, Indiana….The Mastodons upset the Hoosiers…

Click the Video Below and show what you know and let us know/show what you think?????