Game Report on Greensboro Day School-Southwest Guilford Boys Basketball:Low-scoring game, but Bengals get past Cowboys(Moorman with 19/Dillard 13 lead GDS…Keyshaun Langley with 14 for SWG)

Final:Greensboro Day School 59, Southwest Guilford 54

The Cowboys hit the road again to face off against the private school powerhouse Greensboro Day School. The game was held at a neutral sight at RJ Reynolds High School. It was standing room only in the gym to watch this highly anticipated match-up. Both teams are coming off of convincing wins from this past Tuesday.

The Bengals have 6 games under their belts, while tonight marked only Southwest’s second contest on the young season.

The Cowboys started the game off behind the 8 ball with a pregame technical foul. The Bengals made one of the two freebies before keeping possession. Southwest responded with a made 3 pointer giving them a 3-1 lead. Greensboro Day responded with a 3 point basket of their own and then continues to score until it was 8-3. The Cowboys fought back until it was 11-10 at the 3:50 mark. The two clubs traded baskets as the opening frame ended with the Bengals leading 19-15.

The slow pace of the Bengals controlled the tempo of the game as the speed screeched to a sloppy halt as the turnovers and ice cold shooting plagued Southwest throughout the first half as the opening frame closed with the Bengals up 31-21.

The abysmal shooting for the Cowboys continued in the third frame as the margin started to build up to as many as 15. By the end of it though, the frame turned into a stale mate thanks to a quick 5-0 spurt making it 43-33.

The Cowboys made a good fight in the last stanza. Southwest chipped away making the closing minutes intense. Thanks to finally making some shots and forcing turnovers, the Cowboys made it 57-54 with 42.5 left to play. That was as close as it would be as Southwest couldn’t convert anymore as the final horn sounded with the Bengals holding on for a 59-54 victory.

Southwest couldn’t overcome shooting 26% from the floor as well as an uncharacteristically high amount of turnovers. The Cowboys were led by Keyshaun Langley with 15, and 4 Asts. The Bengals were paced by JP Moorman with 19. The Cowboys fall to 1-1 and will host Northeast Guilford at 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

                 1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
GDS               19   12   12   16   59
Southwest         15   06   12   21   54

GDS (7-0)
Will Dillard 13
Solomon Smith 11
John Newman 7
JP Moorman 19
Alex Michael 5
Jordan Perkins 4

Southwest 1-1 (0-0)
Keyshaun Langley 14
Dezmond Woods 2, 4 Rebs
Kobe Langley 5, 4 Rebs, 3 Stls, 2 Asts
Christian Martin 4, 8 Rebs
Ty Radford 2, 2 Rebs
Kameron Langley 10, 4 Rebs, 2 Asts
Cooper Cunningham 4, 2 Rebs
Brandon Lamberth 9, 8 Rebs

Thanks to SWG assistant coach Greg Vlazny for this Game Report….


  1. One of the worse games I’ve seen the Boys play. Too much one on one play!! And I’m sure they missed at least 15-20+ freethrows!! A good learning took to show them they can’t beat good teams playing like that. On to the next game!!

  2. The game showed that defense matters. GDS wins so many games by taking other teams out of what they want to do. They also play very physical from the paint to the perimeter. SW has great guards but they are not very physical. I think that is why the SW guards missed so many shots. There isn’t anyone else in Guilford Co that SW will face that can play that level of defense. NW tries to trap and play physical. That was a problem for SW last year but I don’t think NW will have the same results this year. The GDS experience is levels above NW and SW still made it a close game. SW will not lose a conference game this year or to any other public school.

  3. GDS is the better team, and their defense is what sets them apart. But, I was a bit surprised that GDS appeared to lose their composure a bit against the SW pressure in the 2nd half, particularly in the 4th quarter. They took several quick shots that really surprised me. GDS was a bit hampered by foul trouble, and their PG fouling out with several minutes to play was big. To SW’s credit, they continued to battle even when they fell way behind in the 3rd, and a few more made FT’s could have put the pressure on GDS with more time left. I think SW is probably the most talented group overall in the PT4A (but don’t know much about what Glenn and EF have coming back), but it will be interesting to see how they develop over the season. The key to the SW/NW matchup may be how much the bench from either team can play. Both teams will have very good starting 5’s. Plus, I suspect that this year SW will be the team that uses pressure more than NW. Should be fun; last night’s game was.

  4. Exactly NWG FAN….those two or three games will be GREAT as always!! When SWG plays Trinity Christian that will be another good one!! A lot of good Bball games in the area this year!!

  5. SW will likely crush NW. NW is not challenging their team with their non conference schedule. SW is playing teams such as GDS and Trinity Christian. SW will be tested and NW will still be wondering. SW added a few players to their bench but I don’t think NW has added any significant players beyond their first 6 players.

  6. Trinity Christian???? C’mon. SW may be better this year, time will tell. It won’t have anything to do with playing Trinity Christian.

  7. Not sure that current AAU coaches are allowed to coach in Guilford County as head coaches but will keep on checking…

    If I was a school SRO it is may understanding that I could coach in Guilford County as this would still be considered to ba a Guilford County employee…That one are that would still come under that rule, but it is still my understanding that you can not coach AAU teams and still be a head coach in Guilford County….

  8. Andy –

    Don’t know the specifics with basketball, but in other sports you are allowed to be a head coach and coach travel teams as well. At the beginning of the year when you sign your documentation with the state, you have to reveal the teams that you coached during the summer and any high school athletes that you had access to during the summer.

  9. Yes on the public school level I would think it would be impossible to coach on the public school level and coach an AAU team, due to the perceived advantage that would give a basketball coach if he was coaching at the given school…

    You take the public school job as a head basketball coach and you give up your right to coach AAU and I would think that would be year-round coaching AAU as well as the Summer…The AAU job would be over the school job would be your major focus…

    Not how how the status would apply toward the assistant coaches….

    Not sure how all of this would work for baseball, but I believe were are primarily on the subject of basketball here….

  10. Considering Guilford Co does not really allow you to switch district schools, these rules against coaches coaching AAU and high school seem out of date. All of this was due to one coach at Northern 10 years ago. The Northern issue was more of a problem the Adm not checking and verifying their residential paperwork. Good coaches are good coaches and good players want to play at a school with good coaches and not the P.E. teacher that does not fully appreciate or understand the game. This is one of the main reasons that good players continue to leave the public schools for private school programs. High school players only get 4 years to prove themselves to college recruiters. You don’t want to get stuck with a bad coach that does not share your vision of playing at the next level. Look at how many programs around Guilford Co have lost and can’t keep good players. There use to be 4 or 5 public schools each year worth seeing. Now I only see 1 or 2 on any given year.

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