High School Basketball Tonight in and around Guilford County

All games at 6pm unless otherwise noted….Here you go, there may be more, but we tracked the N&R and MaxPreps and came up with these games….

Trinity School from Australia at Northwest Guilford 7pm…NWG(4-0)
Grimsley at Western Guilford…Girls:GRIM(0-6)/WG(0-6)…Boys:WG(3-3)/GRIM(1-5)
Ragsdale at Southeast Guilford…Girls:RAGS:(5-2)/SEG(2-3)…Boys:RAGS(3-4)/SEG(0-4)
High Point Central at High Point Andrews…Girls:HPC(3-1)/HPA(2-1)…Boys:HPA(3-1)/HPC(2-1)
Western Alamance at Northern GuiLford…Girls:NG(5-0)/WA(0-2)…Boys:NG(3-2)
Salisbury at Smith…Girls:Smith(4-1)/SALS(3-1)…Boys:Smith(6-1)/SALS(3-10
Northeast Guilford at Bartlett Yancey…Girls:NEG(5-2)/BY(5-2)…Boys:NEG(3-4)/BY(2-5)
Southern Guilford at Trinity…Girls:SG(2-3)/TRIN(0-7)…Boys:SG(2-2)/TRIN(5-3)
Greensboro Day School at Raleigh Ravenscroft 6:15pm…Boys:GDS(11-0)/RAVS(6-2)….Looks like Boys Only here…
Wesleyan Christian Academy at North Raleigh Christian…Girls:WES(4-3)/NRC(2-3)…Boys:WES(6-1)/NRC(1-6)
Walkertown at Bishop McGuinness 6:15pm…Girls:Bishop(0-4)/WALK(1-7)…Boys:Bishop(2-0)/WALK(2-4)
Rockingham County at Morehead…Girls:ROCK(7-0)/MORE(1-4)…Boys:ROCK(2-3)/MORE(1-4)
Gaston Day at Westchester Country Day….Boys:WCD(0-5)/GAS(6-2)…Girls:GAS(0-6)/WES(0-1)
Northwest Guilford Girls are in the She Got Game Classic in Washington, D.C. today and tomorrow/Saturday…NWG(3-1)


  1. Great to see NW girl’s playing in a big tournament in DC. I wish more of the local teams had a chance to do this. Great experience for the kids.

  2. I thought coach Miller and Freddie were going to communicate better with you Andy.
    GDS girls play Ravenscroft at 530.
    Thank you for being at providence day game. It appears that’s the only way you will get updates for the girls program.

  3. Andy,

    Would you happen to have an answer to Falcon1’s question?????? You have have coaches in guilford county and surrounding counties that can do just as good of a job running a program as a desired faculty employee. I am curious to know how Bradford at Ragsdale was able to get that position and he doesn’t teach.

  4. Falcons1 Bradford is a former AAU coach and his daughter is on the team. I don’t know what else you want

  5. I don’t know if anybody could do as good a job as Ben has done….

    He has turned this program up and turned it around…

    Just look where Ragsdale was last year and where they are now….No disrespect toward the former coach, but Ben has this bunch winning….

    Similar story seems to be going on over at HP Central with their new coach, Coach Taylor I think it is…

    Sometimes you need some new blood and it seems like Ben Bradford has his girls playing winning basketball…

    I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no way RAGSDALE AD Brian Herndon would do anything underhanded…

    Mr. Herndon is a class act and he does what is best for his school and his school is Ragsdale….

    On the GDS girls note, I was posting it as MaxPreps had it listed and they didn’t have the GDS girls playing again until December 26….

  6. Andy,

    Is it or is it not GCS policy that the coach has to be an employee/faculty of GCS? There have been several coaches that are just as qualified or more qualified as Bradord (not taking anything away from what he is doing-however several girls on team are in his organization) that schools will not hire because they do not work for GCS. Sounds like a double standard with this hiring. On the positive side you would see less kids leaving their district to play sports if GCS got qualified coaches to coach at some schools.

  7. Rags Fan/parent….This question keeps coming up about Ben Bradford. Nothing was wrong with the decision of hiring this coach. He is very qualified as a coach. I see the change he has made to this basketball program :team ball and winning mentality… I thank Ragsdale for making the best decision ever for the girls basketball team. It is legal to hire a coach that is not a teacher. Schools do it all the time. Why is this even a question? Team doing a wonderful job. AAU has nothing to do with it… But I will say he has won AAU Nationals and his record speaks for itself….The girls will stay and not move to go to other programs in other school. Im sure that is what people wanted… Just sit back and watch our program grow. We will work hard as a team to take this program to another level and girls go to Big Colleges…. We keep it positive over here…. Ragdsale Mom……

  8. I hope to see Brian Herndon this coming Tuesday and will ask him more about the current situation and I feel certain he will assure what I already know…

    All was handled properly at Ragsdale and with the heart and soul by which Brian Herndon, the Ragsdale AD operates, I know he has the Tigers in the right hands/the right leadership is on board, in Jamestown.

  9. Cherie said,

    Right if Ragsdale was loosing nobody would care. Mr. Herndon did do what was right and by the books… People just dont like it when they know they up against the best coach and know his wonderful record. This AD and coach is loyal to these girls and want the best for the Ragsdale program. We not the only school to get a new coach. Stop trying to down what Ragsdale trying to do to make things better. Nobody has done nothing wrong… please know your rules and regulations before trying to insinuate things. Enough already. If it wasn’t right he wouldn’t be coaching.. Start another conversation about how to better your own program…. Thank you and AGAIN WE KEEP IT POSITIVE OVER HERE. … Ragsdale Mom……

  10. Andy,

    You keep avoiding the Stan K policy that was implemented(still in effect) by Moe Green and GCS! Back in 2009 there were Numerous faculty coaches calling for this policy, including Ragsdale’s Shoemaker… How does a. Out here policy be ignored?

  11. Sorry auto correct.. How does a County policy…

    All AD’s should be well aware of this policy.

  12. The coaches have to be approved by the County before they can be hired, the AD’s can not go around the County and hire the coaches on their own..

    Policy has been followed or the coach/coaches would not be on staff…

    Guilford County teams are winning and let’s hear for Guilford County…Good to see our football teams winning and going for NCHSAA Titles and good to see our basketball teams coming around…

    Guidelines have been followed and miscarriage of justice must be taken before the Guilford County Schools board of governors and the Guilford County Schools/GCS AD….

    Wait a minute these coaches should not be allowed to coach…Say what? They have been hired and the County hired them, and I didn’t write the songs or the rules…

    If there is anything new being allowed or if there are issues that are being skirted around, it is news to me…

    Not everyone that is posting here is on the inside…

    We must follow what the GCS set before us and maintain our policies as they have laid them out…

    If there is ignorance it is not our fault, it is coming from Raleigh, I guess….

    Hope our teams keep on winning….I heard last week that Piedmont Classical School would be in this year’s Haeco Tournament, but that is not true…Ragsdale is still in and we wish them well…

    For Greensboro Day I do need to check that web site GreensboroDay.org more often….You bring up an excellent point…

    Hope all have a good day and support our local teams, they NEED YOU….

  13. Cherie…. Thank you Andy. People will continue to think negative..The job was posted.If you wanted it and missed it then your loss… Focus on your own school things are correct over here at Ragsdale…. Case closed… New subject please….

  14. Andy,

    Will you still see the Ragsdale AD today? There needs to be some clarification on this issue…

  15. To Vikes11… There is no issue. The Ragsdale AD went through the proper channels…Let it Go. .Everything is legal….Thank you and have a nice day.

  16. First, DC tourney wasn’t big, meaning big time competition. Second, im sure most teams would love to travel and play outside of the area, but not all teams are as privileged as NW it seems. Third, knowing and hearing, very few if any of the kids had a “great time”. Someone in drinking the kool aid.

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