Coach Fritz Hessenthaler out as head football coach at Southeast Guilford after 14 seasons:Record of 100-72

CLICK HERE for the full report from the News and Record and here is the text that Coach Fritz sent to the N&R:

“I have been blindsided by my firing! I am truly grateful for the 14 years as head football coach here at Southeast Guilford. I am very proud of the accomplishments we have had together as a program. I want to thank the community, my current and former players, my assistant coaches who swung the axe with me every day, the countless number of wonderful colleagues I have worked with over the years, the collegiate coaches who have helped me place so many football players in the college ranks and, most importantly, my wife and three daughters. I have been blessed in many ways in my life! Being the head football coach at Southeast was one of those many blessings. I am proud of the 100 wins that we have accumulated over the past 14 years, along with the 12 playoff appearances. However, I think I am most proud of the school record-setting 35 wins in a four-year period over the last four years. #kilestrong”

Coach Fritz was 100-72 at Southeast Guilford and his teams went (42-40) in conference play…Coach Fritz was the head coach of the Southeast Guilford Falcons for 14 seasons/years…

*****We enjoyed working with Coach Fritz over the years and he was tough, but he was fair and he was always in control of his program and you knew where you stood with Coach Walter ‘Fritz’ Hessenthaler…..Coach Fritz was a leader and he taught his young men/his troops to do things the right way….Coach Fritz will be missed for sure and all Coach Fritz ever asked for was for his program to receive fair treatment and for his players to be on an equal playing field/ground with the other teams in the county…Good luck to Coach Fritz and we look forward to seeing him coaching again with another team next season/next year…If Coach Fritz is not a head coach next season, he would make some team a great/super offensive or defensive line coach….A very good line coach for any high school team, Coach Fritz Hessenthaler and I think he could probably coach softball too….

Coach Fritz gone as the head football coach for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and we will be interested in seeing what the next move will be for Southeast Guilford, as they prepare to hire their next football coach….*****