Looking at #’s going into Saturday’s NCHSAA Football Games:Championship Saturday Preview

The QB from Cape Fear is impressive and will be facing Dudley on Saturday…
Justice Galloway-Valazquez 161-281/2,365 yards with 26 TD passes/57.3%/6 INT’s
224 Carries for 1,913 yards and 26 more TD’s…Valazquez with 4,278 Total Yards and responsible for 52 TD’s..Cape Fear QB is 6’2/230 and reminds many of a younger version of JaMarcus Russell, who was at LSU in college…
QB rating for Galloway-Valazquez is 106.8….

Hendon Hooker from Dudley with 2,514 passing yards going 125-204 good for 61.3% and 25 TD’s and 4 INT’s and Hooker with 135 carries for 1,147 yards and 24 TD’s to make for 3,572 yards and responsible for 49 TD’s…Hendon Hooker QB rating is strong at 134.1…..

Will Jones from Page going 206-368 passing for 3,109 yards and 38 TD’s with 7 INT’s..Jones has run for 599 yards on 97 carries good for 11 TD’s…Jones with 3,708 Total Yards and responsible for 49 TD’s, just like Hooker…

Wake Forest QB Chris James was 57-121(47%) for 1,155 yards with 15 TD’s and 11 INT’s….82.8 QB Rating for James and 110.4 QB Rating for Will Jones of Page…

Some of the RB’s you will see and hear about on Saturday include, Javon Leake from Page, with 1,643 yards on 198 carries and good for 29 TD’s, 126.4 yards per game, 8.3 yards per carry and he had 9 100-yard games on the season…Page’s #2 RB was Paige, Kiandre Paige with 553 yards and 4 TD’s….Maybe he was option #3, with Will Jones rushing for his 599 yards, but it all adds up to a successful mix for the Pirates…

Wake Forest counters with Devon Lawrence with 1,458 yards on 207 carries and 23 TD’s with an average of 7 yards per carry and 112 yards per game…Lawrence also caught 8 passes for 215 more yards and 2 TD’s.
Wake Forest also runs Marquis Dunn, who had 1,228 yards on 119 carries with 18 TD’s and an average of 10.3 yards per carry and he added 208 yards on 10 receptions for 4 more TD’s…

For Page their top receiver by far is Ronald Polite with 89 receptions for 1,389 yards and 22 TD’s, going for 92.6 yards per game…
Page has Naseem Alston with 548 yards and 4 TD’s, Nic Baker has 403 yards and 5 TD’s, while Asaad Alston adds 292 yards and 1 TD…
Wake Forest top receiver is Gunnar Carrigan with 14 receptions, good for 228 yards and 3 TD’s…

Dudley on the ground is led by Ezra Perkins with 1,410 yards on 163 carries and adds up to 8 TD’s and Perkins has 1,600 total yards when you add in his reception yards…
Hendon Hooker is right behind Perkins in rushing yards with his 1,147 yards on 135 carries and 24 TD’s, while Zariek Rush has run for 1,089 yards and 9 TD’s on 102 carries and Rush has a total of 1,146 yards, plus Thomas Young runs for 446 and caught passes good for 661 yards and his total is at 1,107 yards and 13 total TD’s for Thomas(Young)…
John Zellous, for Dudley, has 31 receptions for 561 yards and 6 TD’s, Nigel Fitzgerald adds in 357 yards on 22 catches good for 4 TD’s and Kayvon Brown had 344 yards on 20 receptions and 2 TD’s for the Dudley Panthers…

For the Cape Fear Colts and I keep wanting to call these guys the Cape Fear Crocs, like the old Cape Fear Crocs, of the South Atlantic Baseball League, but any way to go along with Justice Galloway-Valazquez and his 1,913 yards rushing, they have Earlee Melvin, who has run the ball 97 times for 922 yards and 15 TD’s and he averages 9.5 yards per carry…For Cape Fear in the receiving department, their top man is AJ Baldwin, who has 1,013 yards on 53 receptions and that is good for 14 TD’s…

The Top Five Dudley tacklers include Nigel Peele, who has 171 tackles and 101 of them are solo tackles and he has 11 1/2 sacks…Patrick Conner has put in 155 tackles and that includes 2 picks and he took one of those back, for Pick Six…Up next you have Awstyn Williams with 95 tackles and he as 20 sacks….Brion Seagraves has 94 tackles and 5 Interceptions…Fifth on the tackles list would be Myles Berry with 74 and that is your Top Five Tacklers, but Berry is followed very closely by Reggie Robertson with 73, Jalen Clinard with 72 and then comes Myles White, with 61 tackles….

The Eastern Guilford offense rolls like this with a very good QB-combo on the season showing Dominique Graves with 1,620 yards on 105-160 passing for 16 TD’s and just 4 picks, plus he hit on 65.6% of his passes and had a QB rating of 121.9…Bryant Barr threw for 563 yards on 30-49 passing, good for 61.2%, with 7 TD’s and 3 INT’s and Barr’s QB rating was 115.1…Barr ran for 940 yards on 95 carries to lead the EG runners and the senior QB/RB/DB scored 12 TD’s on the ground and ran for 9.9 yards per carry…
Zion Walker carried the ball 136 times for 650 yards and 8 TD’s, while junior QB Dominique Graves ran for 500 yards and 9 TD’s, plus James Artis hit for 191 yards on 10 carries and 3 TD’s….

Isaiah Finerty led the EG Wildcat receivers with 764 yards on 31 receptions and that was good for 9 touchdowns, then Nic Cheeley hauled in 21 passes for 441 yards and 5 more TD’s and then you had Zaccheus Milton with 25 catches and 251 yards and 3 TD’s and finally, James Artis grabbed 14 passes for 251 yards and 4 more TD’s…And there are your EG Wildcat #’s, going into Saturday’s big game with Weddington….

The Weddington Warriors, Eastern Guilford’s opponent on Saturday at BB&T Field, in Winston-Salem, is a very balanced team with their QB David Bayha throwing for 2,135 yards on 144-240 passing with 21 TD’s and 11 INT’s, good for 60% of his passes and a QB rating of 99.2….152.5 yards a game passing for Bayha and he did not have a receiver catch for more than 400 yards, but he had a bunch of guys, catching a bunch of passes, for yards that were spread around and around….
James Shipley led the way with 414 yards on 25 receptions and he had 5 TD’s and then Joey Hobbs was next in the long line of receivers with 404 yards on 22 catches, good for 6 TD’s….Richard Laughlin added 402 yards, with 31 passes coming in his way and he scored 2 TD’s and the Warriors had about 6-7 more kids with close to 200 yards receiving and it was spread around…

The Weddington running corp was led by big Denzel Patton, a 5’11/230 RB/DT, who ran for 805 yards on 93 carries with 10 TD’s…Patton got help from Wil Brunson with 579 yards on 104 carries and Wil saw the end zone 6 times in 2016….

And there is your numbers preview for the games coming up on Saturday…Hoping to see more preview news from Wyatt Smith and Kris Walser over the next couple of days….

We have laid it out here for you, now it is time for you all to graze….


  1. JGV of Cape Fear is gonna be in big trouble against a tough D from DHS! Dudley by 3 TDs!
    Pirates offense clicking and D has been stellar! Pirates by 2TDs
    E.G. Has a tough one against Marvin Ridge. They shld pull it out in another close one.

  2. Thank you again Andy. This is a monumental weekend for Guilford County. Usurping the 704 area as the best football in the state is incredible. I will say their sports writers truly believe injustices were done in the bracketing.
    Watched the Wake Forest and Middle Creek game last night. I have low expectations for WF. If Smith HS or Grimsley were placed in the RDU area, both would win 8 to 9 games annually.

    Eastern Guilford has phenomenal athletes. Weddington may have experience, but heart and determination lie with EG.

  3. We will have GreensboroSports Radio broadcast coverage of all three games on Saturday…

    Dennis with us in Raleigh for the Page-Wake Forest game and then the Dudley-Cape Fear game to follow on GreensboroSports Radio, plus we will have Kris Walser, along with Coach Daryl Steele and Donnie Strader in Winston-Salem for Eastern Guilford-Weddington, on GreensboroSports Radio 2…

    Be sure to keep it on GreensboroSports Radio 1 and GreensboroSports Radio 2 on Saturday, beginning around 2:30pm…

  4. You can watch all of our area teams on Time Warner Cable with the games running live…

    Many of the games on Channel 323, but here you go with more info than you probably need to know, but heck we are all about informing and here it tis, for Brother Tisdale and all those who were wondering….


    UNC Chapel Hill Site: Talent: Paul Doherty, Ethan Horton, Taylor Cunningham

    2016 1AA Football State Championships
    Fri., Dec. 16 @ 7:30 p.m. – UNC Chapel Hill
    West Montgomery vs Wallace-Rose Hill
    TWCSC 323

    2016 1A Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 11:00 a.m. – UNC Chapel Hill
    Murphy vs Plymouth
    TWCS Overflow 325

    Wake Forest University Site: Talent: Patrick Johnson, Peter Montemurno, Evan Budrovich

    2016 3A Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 11:00 a.m. – Wake Forest Univ.
    South Point vs Rocky Mount
    TWCS Overflow 324

    2016 3AA Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 3:00 p.m. – Wake Forest Univ.
    Weddington vs Eastern Guilford
    TWCS Overflow 324

    2016 2A Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 7:00 p.m. – Wake Forest Univ.
    Reidsville vs John A. Holmes (Edenton)
    TWCS Overflow 324

    NC State Site: Talent: Chris Edwards, Jay Sonnhalter, Shantel Jordan

    2016 2AA Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 11:00 a.m. – NCSU
    Shelby vs Northside-Jacksonville
    TWCSC 323

    2016 4AA Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 3:00 p.m. – NCSU
    Page vs Wake Forest
    TWCSC 323

    2016 4A Football State Championships
    Sat., Dec. 17 @ 7:00 p.m. – NCSU
    Dudley vs Cape Fear
    TWCSC 323

  5. So proud of these kids representing Guilford Co. From all of us fans, coaches and parents… bring it home boys! Exciting time for sports fans in Guilford co, basketball will have 4 strong teams and baseball with have 2 or 3 strong title contenders as well.

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