Game Report on SWG-Page Boys Basketball:Kameon Langley’s Double Double sparks 5 C’boys in Double Figures(Kam, Kobe, Keyshaun Langley, plus B. Lamberth and C. Martin chartin’ the hits)

Southwest Guilford 83, Page 51

The Cowboys returned home to welcome the Pirates of Page High School. Southwest comes into tonight on a 5 game winning streak, while the Pirates are coming off a hard fought victory over High Point Central. Southwest was looking to remain unbeaten at home and the Pirates wanted to stay in the win column.

Tonight’s tilt started off with the Cowboys forcing a turnover and getting a basket on the other end. The Pirates countered and the ball game was tied 2-2. Southwest took the overall momentum from there with their defensive pressure and knocking down a 3-pointer to take the lead for the night at 5-2 at the 6:05 mark. The Pirates only managed a single free-throw in response, and in a blink it was 11-3. The ball started rolling for the hosts as they kept the motor running, forcing the tempo to the tune of 22-9 as the opening frame closed.

The second quarter opened with a Cowboy 7-2 spurt, and by the 5:50 mark it was 31-13 causing a Pirate timeout. Page kept fighting and didn’t let the game get fully away, but a late three pointer in the final seconds of the half closed the second quarter at 47-24.

The third quarter was a much better showing by the Cowboys as they began to up the tempo and pressure. Solid team defense and team offense led to quick takeaways, and even easier offensive looks. After trading baskets, the Cowboys went on a 10-0 run until the 2:04 mark, when the Pirates finally got another basket. After the dust settled, the Cowboys had the 67-33 lead.

The final quarter had the Cowboys’ bench slowly start pulling further away, peaking at 79-40 at the 3:00 mark. From there the Pirates gritted the rest of the game out, and the final tally was 83-51.

The Cowboys move to 7-1 on the season. The Pirates were led by Tylan Tatum with 12 points. Southwest placed 5 guys in double figures: Keyshaun Langley (17, 3 Rebs, 3 Blks, 3 Stls, 2 Asts), Kobe Langley (12, 5 Asts, 4 Stls), Brandon Lamberth (1, 2 Rebs, 2 Stls, Ast), Kameron Langley (10, 11 Asts, 5 Rebs, 4 Asts), and Christian Martin (10, 2 Stls, 2 Rebs).

It was a solid team win for the Cowboys who hit the road next Tuesday to face off against the Dudley Panthers again.

                 1st  2nd  3rd 4th   Final
Page             09   15   09   18   51
Southwest        22   25   20   16   83

Page (3-4)
Elijah Short 7
Parris Wright 11
Jordan Smith 6
Tylan Tatum 12
Sam Floyd 2
Nate Duggins 3
Emmanual Jatto 6
Terrell Davis 2
Trent McIntyre 2

Southwest (7-1)
Paul Bullock 5, Stl
Keyshaun Langley 17
Dezmond Woods 3, Reb
Kobe Langley 12
Jamel Carter 2, Reb, Ast
Christian Martin 10
Jayden Turner 2, Stl
Ty Radford 5, 4 Asts, 2 Rebs
Jalen Snipes 4 Rebs
Kameron Langley 10
Cooper Cunningham 2, Reb
Brandon Lamberth 11
Joel Pettiford 4, 2 Rebs

Courtesy of SWG assistant coach Greg Vlazny