High School Basketball Saturday Morning Rewind:13’s on the 13th, 29 for a Freshman, 9th Grade night moves, plus names and numbers from Friday night’s games

A couple of things that hit me early, as we look back and rewind Friday night are:
Page Pirates 9th grade team 60 and WS Carver 36 and that is the first thing I saw when I entered into the Mac Morris Gym at Page High School on Friday night/Friday the 13th…The rewind us takes back to the early 1990’s and Kevin McCoy was playing high school basketball for the Greensboro Day School Bengals and last night there was his young son, playing for the 9th grade team at Page High School…

Then in the girl’s game at Page, the Pirates topped the Dudley Panthers 57-44 and for Page you had a freshman, Reagan Kargo, hitting for 29 points to lead her team to victory, and I’m sure Ronald would be proud and the Page girls look and yes it is still early, they look to be the team to beat in the Metro 4-A girls action this season…Page off to their (2-0) start in conference play…Have beaten Dudley and SEG…Smith up next week…

From the boys game at Page last night, with Dudley over the Pirates, 64-62, I told someone during and after the game, with it being Friday the 13th, it was only fitting that both teams missed at least 13 free throws and that was the case and few more to go with that and that was a big part of the game coming off of the snow week…The missed free throws…

Joe Sirera has the official numbers for us from this post on the game, at the New and Record on-line….

Both teams missed numerous free throws that could have made the outcome very different. Page (7-7, 0-2 Metro 4-A) was 16-of-30 from the line, while Dudley was 16-for-34.….*****Page misses 14 free throws and Dudley misses 18 free throws and still ekes out the win.*****

For the full rewind on last night’s game from Joe Sirera at the News and Record, CLICK HERE….Lynn Hey had some good photos on last night’s games as well over at the N&R….

Dudley boys off to a (3-0) start in Metro 4-A play and not a bad way to start things off for first-year head coach, Kenneth Ferguson….

One more point on that Dudley-Page boys game and then we will be be moving on….Dudley needed somebody to emerge last night with Hendon Hooker moving on up to Virginia Tech for college football early and I would have to say that Nigel Fitzgerald and Dewayne ‘D.J.’ Crossen did a good job of crossing over into that boundary and filling that void last night, for Dudley at Page…Fitzgerald with 14 and Crossen with 10 points last night…Here is what Coach Ferguson was telling Joe Sirera about Crossen after the game:
D.J. Crossen blocked Brandon Talton’s( driving shot and the Panthers’ Josh Hopkins was fouled after controlling the rebound with 2.6 seconds to play.+++++Crossen’s block was “huge,” Dudley coach Kenneth Ferguson said. “D.J. played very big. His athleticism is key for us.”+++++(Steal came for Page from Brandon Talton and the shot came from Jahlen King.)

Why so much early in the Rewind on Page and Dudley??? We were at that game last night and broadcasting and you can hear the game back there now, both boys and girls games, at GreensboroSports Radio….And for those that might have missed that shameless plug, that was and is, GreensboroSports Radio….

More names and numbers coming up as we build the Saturday Morning Rewind on this Saturday morning….
Before returning to the numbers, here are a few games that will be played Today/Saturday January 14:
Hoop Cities Invitational at WS Prep…..Dudley vs. Middlesburg, Virginia 2:30pm and Southwest Guilford vs. Trinity Christian of Fayetteville 7:30pm
Morehead at Eastern Guilford 4:30pm
Northwest Guilford vs. Northside(Roanoke, Virginia) in the Butch Harmon Classic in Roanoke, VA.
Looks like Dudley, SWG and NWG all boys games and EG will be JV, Girls and Boys Varsity…

Some of the key girls numbers we are grabbing going 13 points or better….
29:Reagan Kargo(Page HS)
26:Symphony Jackson(Smith HS)
21:Emily Elliot(Bishop McGuinness)
20:Kristen Roberts(Southern Guilford HS)
19:Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
18:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford HS)
18:Faith Price(Southwest Guilford HS)
16:Teara Johnson(Dudley HS)
16:Harmony Fletcher(Smith HS)
16:Tya Morrison(Northeast Guilford HS)
16:Ariyah Wheless(Southern Guilford HS)
13:Jamaya Blanks(Western Guilford HS)
13:Bridgett Simmons(Bishop)

Boys numbers from Friday night with 15 or more, being what can open the door….
33:Grayson Collins(Caldwell Academy)
30:Mac Hughes(Northeast Guilford HS)
23:David Young(Western Guilford HS)
23:Johnny Pagano(Bishop McGuinness)
20:Josh Hopkins(Dudley HS)
20:Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS)
20:Jordan Roberson(East Forsyth)
19:Kobe Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
19:Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS)
19:Garren Dearman(Southern Guilford HS)
18:Tyler Dearman(Southern Guilford HS)
17:Tyrece Cheek(Smith HS)
17:C.J. Cappuccio(Bishop)
16:Jahlen King(Page HS)
16:Zeke Wilkins(Caldwell Academy)

*****A look ahead and we see the Northwest Guilford girls(12-2) vs. WS Atkins(11-3) at the Tony Perrou Classic Tournament on Monday/MLK Day at Southern Alamance HS in Graham…*****


  1. I think the hoop cities tournament is cancelled because of conflict in scheduling after the original date being ppd.

  2. That could be the case, but the word we had last week was it had been postponed and rescheduled for today/January 14…

    Will do a little checking and Vlaz would know….

  3. Checked the SWG Vlaz Post from last night and did not see it mentioned, maybe more on this soon…

  4. Page and Dudley was a great game!
    Set record straight Brandon Talton did get the steal, but he passed it to Jalen King that got blocked not BRANDON TALTON!!!!!

    Brandon’s mom

  5. We added that footnote about the Jahlen King shot….Talton played hard last night and he blocked one shot that they hit him for a foul on, that I called a clean block, but it went the other way…Certain toughness about the Taltons and the Tatums too, and we remember back when Brandon Talton had a relative on the Page girl’s team and I think it was Hannah Talton and it may have been his sister and she was sort of an unsung player too…

    Good comments and reports and keep them coming into the home office here at the site…

    Quite a comeback by Page last night to be down by 15 and to cut the lead to 2 and have a chance to steal a win late….Thought the roof might come off of that place/the Mac Morris Gym last night..

    You could barely hear Dale Holder at times and he had his mic “All the way Turned Up” and was pushing the volume, but it was electric in that gym on Friday the 13th…

    Just a thought, from the if you asked a Page player what would they say department, “Who do you want to beat more, Dudley or Grimsley”?????

  6. Andy

    Brandon Talton has two sisters Brittany Drew (Guilford College) and Hannah Talton!

    Thank you Andy for keeping us posted on all the great things that the kids are doing.

  7. Brittany Drew was a real catch for the Quakers when she landed at Guilford and then the Quakers pulled in Essence Abraham from Dudley after Brittany…Good kids and great guards and the whole group is a group of great and assertive guards…

    On the HP Enterprise, the only problem I have with them is the fact that you have to subscribe to get them(on-line) and it didn’t used to be that way…I used to use them all of the time and they’ve got good sports men over there too…

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