The Importance of the First Step:from Coach Jimmy Lamour with Lamour Training Systems

The importance of the first step
(from Coach Jimmy Lamour with Lamour Training Systems)

The first is what sets up the every sprint regardless of the distance. However, it is critical when we are talking about running a successful 40 yard dash. I have watched and coached thousands of sprinters and everyone that had a good sprint started well. They are some key components to look for in the first step that I wanted to discuss. This time of year is when we start receiving the most inquiries about athletes that want to prepare for their summer camps. Let’s look at what makes a good first step.

Photo Courtesy of High Point University Performance Lab

1. Good head position from ear to hip
2. Arms firing in front of the face
3. Ankles flexed to create stiffness for power into the ground
4. Relaxed coming out of the blocks
5. Pushing off of both feet
6. Hold the breath in to create stability
7. Fully Extending the hips at the start of the movement
8. Solid Strength foundation to be able to move the body from a dead stop
9. Good shin angle
10. Good posture

Jimmy Lamour is a former Guilford College in Greensboro, NC All South Defensive Back. He set the record for interception return yards at the school. Upon Graduation, he tested numerous philosophies on strength and speed through seminars, self-study, conversation with renowned strength coaches, and training of hundreds of athletes. This led him to develop the 4.30 40 Speed System a system that helped him improve his 40 yard dash from a 4.66 to a 4.30, which gave way to many professional football workouts. He later developed Lamour Training Systems with the help of his lovely wife Charlene to help athletes improve their performance and receive knowledge he missed out on as a child. He continues to consult with several division 1, prep schools, and high school coaches. LTS has helped many football athletes play at the D1, D2, and D3 levels. He believes that his passion to see young men become all God intended them to be and provide knowledge of the defensive back position which will allow young athletes under the tutelage of Pick 6 Academy to flourish. He is currently certified as a Youth Fitness specialist, 7on7 Performance Director, and High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist.He is also a PowerPlus Mouthguard Ambassador. Also, Coach Lamour is a devout Christian. He has two children Camdon (19) and Micah (12).Sign up for his newsletter to receive his free speed report at on For more information, call 336-257-9151