Middle School Basketball Scores from the Thursday afternoon/evening games:Finals coming in and looking for More/Send us your Scores

Looking at more scores/Finals coming in and coming our way…..
Mendenhall Middle boys 58, Jamestown Middle 40

Eastern Guilford Middle Girls 43, Northeast Guilford 15
Diamond Monroe 27 points for Eastern Guilford
Northeast Guilford Middle boys 41, Eastern Guilford 38

Finals from Northwest Middle School
Girls:Northwest Guilford Middle 31, Kernodle Middle 21( NWG still undefeated).
Boys:Northwest Guilford over Kernodle in OT….Looking for that score, from that boy’s Overtime game….

Finals from Kiser Middle School:
Boys:Kiser Middle 50, Jackson Middle School 32
End of 1st Q:Kiser 20, Jackson 0…Halftime:Kiser 33, Jackson 10…End of 3rd Q:Kiser 44, Jackson 16
Kiser led in scoring by Tyler Griffin with 16 points and the BIG man, #30 Travis Shaw had 7 and Shaw is bigger than D.J. Reader was in middle school.
Jackson led in scoring by Jabar Whited with 16 points…
Girls:Kiser 56, Jackson 9
End of 1st Q:Kiser 27, Jackson 2…Halftime:Kiser 42, Jackson 6…End of 3rd Q:Kiser 50, Jackson 8…
Kiser led in scoring by Destiny Tisdale with 24 points and Katie Jones with 23 points…Jackson led by Chelsey Eden with 9 points….


  1. Andy Travis Shaw also got an invite to the youth pro bowl in Orlando next week for the top 70 youth football players 12u in the country and yea he’s only 12. Congrats to Big Trav

  2. That is one BIG 12 year-old and I do think he is even bigger than D.J. Reader was at the same age and when D.J. was over at Kiser and I hope I am right in saying that D.J. attended Kiser….

    Travis Shaw is a BIG one and he has good hands and feet and good body control for a kid his age and size.

    He does a good job on the basketball floor…

    Good luck to him in Orlando….

  3. Andy, I think it would be nice if they had a tournament for all the tournament Champions from all conferences and they would meet up and play in a who run Guilford County tournament. I would love to see a SWG and EG match up for girls and a Mendenhall and Aycock for the boys.

  4. Eastern Middle Girls win 43-15 over Northeast led by Diamond Monroe 27 points. Basketball fan Mendenhall and Aycock plays each other either end of this month or in February.

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